How to prepare for an Amazing Weekend

Happy Friday! The thing about Fridays is that we're always excited when it arrives. And, by Sunday night, we're thinking "where did the weekend go?"  Saturday and Sunday seem to go by so fast.  I think part of the reason is because we unconsciously allow those short 48 hours to slip through our fingers.

One way to make each weekend better than the last is to create a mini ritual to set these two days apart from the rest of the week.  Friday's are the perfect time to kick it off.  Feel free to create your own personal ritual but here are a few suggestions to help jump start your weekend.

Clean your home
The week is usually pretty busy. You get up for work, leave, come home, make dinner and go back to sleep.  There isn't much time to tend to chores and other household responsibilities.  The end result is spending the entire weekend in a messy home. I hated that feeling so I decided to dedicate Friday evenings to cleaning the house.  Basically, I wanted to wake up to a clean and vibrant home on Saturday morning as a jumpstart to my weekend.  Even when I hired a housekeeper, I made sure that we scheduled cleanings on Fridays.  If the Friday night cleaning ritual didn't happen, then I'd have to dedicate part of my Saturdays to housework (not ideal). If you prefer to have a social Friday night, then I suggest you plan some housework on Thursday evening.  Remember that your environment directly impacts your mood so if you want to have an amazing weekend, make sure that your home reflects that.

Plan it.
If you wear a uniform or business appropriate clothing all week, you might be tempted to lounge around in ultra comfy house clothes all weekend. There's nothing wrong with that but keep in mind that dressing your best could alter the course of your weekend.  If you're wearing lounge attire, you're way more likely to spend your weekend on the couch.  Binge watching Netflix becomes the highlight of your weekend and, on Sunday night, you'll wonder how the time flew by so fast.  I'm not saying that you can't relax.  You deserve to unwind after a long week, but, if you're regretting your choices by Sunday evening, try incorporating certain elements into your weekend that make it a bit more interesting.

 Planning your weekend makes it that much easier.  If someone asks me about my plans and I say "nothing yet" chances are, I won't do anything.  When I ask my friend what her weekend plans are, she's already got her agenda lined up.  She's thoughtful about how to spend her time and her life is a reflection of that.  When she looks back at the last three months, she remembers all of the amazing experiences that she experienced on the weekends. Experiences are the spice of life which is why we should all maximize our free time by planning to do something that we love.

Creation Saturdays. 
A former coach of mine suggested that we take Saturday's to do something we really love.  Saturdays should be a day that breaks out of our normal routine. She called it "Amazing Saturdays,"  I like to refer to it as "Creation Saturday."   If you aren't happy at your job, Creation Saturdays is a must.  Essentially, this is where you engage is turning your life into a lifestyle by infusing elements of the things you desire into your current life.  It's all about closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Saturdays are the perfect time to prepare for the life you wish to create.  For me, this meant working hard on my business while incorporating small moments of abundance.  Sometimes I'd start my mornings by heading to the nice part of town and grabbing brunch.  By the time I returned home, I'd be full of inspiration that would fuel my massive action.

Once I heard someone say that receiving inspiration was like inhaling and taking action is like exhaling.  We need to do both to survive.  If you are constantly taking in inspiration following through with action,  you are only inhaling and your dreams will die.  The typical workweek doesn't allow for much time to tend to our goals. Which is why it's even that much more important to make our weekends absolutely amazing.  

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  1. This post was very inspiring and good wakeup call for me, thank you!