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Whenever I think about the stuff on my goal list, one thing I have to remind myself is gauge my level of belief. There are things that I say I want, but deep down inside, I'm not clear on how and when it will happen.  Heck I can't even say for certain IF it will happen.

By not working on my belief, I delay progress.  My actions waiver between absolute certainty and giving up.  That's highly ineffective.  So I'm making a shift in mindset to elevate my entire belief system.  Belief is an absolutely necessary component.  It's like the fuel that drives your directly towards your goals.  You can assess your level of belief in something by taking a look at your actions.

When your belief is high, your actions will correlate highly with the result you desire.  The actions you take will appear as if you are preparing for the goal to manifest in your life.  One example that comes to mind is Noah.  When God asked him to build the ark.  Noah believed. As a result, his actions were geared towards preparing for the rains to come.  Belief drive your actions, actions create your result.  Our goal should be to eliminate doubt at all costs.  

Here are some tips on what you can do to build your level of belief.

1] Surround yourself with others doing what you want to do.  Last year, I finally came to the realization that I really didn't belief I was capable of reaching a big goal on my list.  The minute I realized this was the case, I immediately sprang into action to address it.  What did I do?  I went on the hunt to find others who accomplished what I desired.  I watched dozens of hours of video and read a hundred accounts of others traveled the path that I wanted.  I was obsessed.  It didn't take long for my mind to feel comfortable with seeing myself in their position.  Soon my actions shifted to reflect my new belief.  By the end of the year.  My intention was manifested.  

2]  See it.  Create it.  One thing that hinders belief is my difficulty with visualizing.  There's more than one way to visualize something.  The most common is sitting with your eyes closed while creating a picture of the future your want.  Another option is to describe your future outcome in great detail.  I've spend the last several days binge watching episodes of Flipping out Hulu.  The show highlights the business journey of Jeff Lewis a professional house flipper and designer.  The guy has the innate ability to walk into a house (no matter the condition) and visualize a completely different picture than the current reality.  What's impressive is how clearly he can see, and describe, the desired result.  Jeff knows this is an advantage and, at one point mentions, a large percentage of the population doesn't have the ability to visualize which is why he's able to find great deals and turn them into a huge profit.  

3] Certainty Language.  Belief shows up in actions and in language.  Be aware of the type of language you use when you discuss your future outcome.  Stay away from unclear language like "I'd like to,"  "someday..."  etc.  When you talk about your desires, use clear language that demonstrates your complete belief that it will happen.  

4]  Think of past successes.  One technique I've been using a lot lately is thinking about all the goals I've held in the past which are now a reality.  Doing this helped me to remember all the other times I've been in a similar situation of wanting what I now enjoy.  This instantly reduces the amount of anxiety I have regarding my current desires. It reminds me that I am in the midst of "the process" and I adjust my actions to accelerate the process versus feeling bad about the progress made so far.  

5] Gratitude.  Nothing builds belief more than being thankful for what you have.  Quickly, your mind moves from a place of lack (disbelief) to abundance.   Abundance is such a wonderful mindset to have. If you don't firmly believe in your goal, there's underlying resistance.  All that does is slow things down and divert you from the path you set for yourself.  Gratitude makes the entire process of building your belief easy because it helps removes resistance and, without resistance, anything is possible.  

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  1. Amen.... Love your posts. This came right on time, I had been dragging my foot on writing my financial statement and you've given me the extra boost to sort myself out.

    Thanks for the Uk


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