Leverage. The Key to Your Financial Breakthrough

Now that I've entered a new decade in life, I find myself thinking more about my financial future.  Recently, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a former co-worker which may hold the key to my next breakthrough.

She shared her words of wisdom during a time when her job position was in jeopardy.  After working for the company for nearly a decade, she was about to be fired with very little notice.  Instead of being overcome with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety at the thought of losing her job, she was filled with a sense of peace.  Before her last day, she explained that she was looking forward to having her life back.  When I asked how she was able to be so positive about this transition she said the following "if you have an apple tree, you have to make sure that you plant some of the seeds back in the ground so you can always have more apples."  I knew exactly what she was referring to.  It was an illustration to explain that it was foolish to spend an entire paycheck without setting aside money for the future.

I'm a pretty decent saver.  So I didn't really view her advice as new information. I've always saved a portion of my earnings for a rainy day.  But, then I realized that her planting seeds analogy could have an even more powerful meaning.

Go To Bed Greasy with this and Wake Up with Even Toned Skin

It won't be long until fall arrives again.  Soon we won't have the luxury of high humidity summers to help keep our skin soft and supple.  We'll have to gravitate to oils and other emollients to help seal in moisture.

One of my favorite traditions for fall and winter is to practice the habit of going to bed greasy  to wake up somewhat hydrated.  Going to bed greasy is a foolproof way to keep the skin looking healthy and young. But it's time to level up by using oils that can actually address skin concerns.

Halle Berry's Secret to Eternal Youth is Finally Revealed!

A couple of winters ago, I went public with my newfound love for an up and coming superfood.  Unlike most superfoods on the market, this one isn't an exotic fruit found natively in an exotic jungle.  Arguably, it's one of the most nutrient dense superfoods known to man.

Bone broth has lots to offer from a nutritional support perspective.  What's interesting is how bone broth is emerging as one of the most powerful anti-aging foods available. You'll be hearing a lot more about bone broth now that one of the most beautiful women in the world swears by it as her beauty secret.

[lifestyle design.] How My Friend Quit Her Job and Traveled to 9 Countries in a Year.

A longtime friend and I were catching up one day when she informed me of some exciting news.  Her friend, Kisha, made the life-changing decision to quit her high paying career to travel the world while building her business.  I was overcome with joy after hearing the news.  I had spoken with Kisha a few times and knew of her desire to leave corporate life. 

Once Kisha aid goodbye to her high-level marketing position, she jetted off to Africa.  I assumed that she would only be there for a little while before returning to the states to launch her marketing company.  I was wrong.  Over the course of a year, her getaway turned into an adventure.  I followed along on Instagram as she traveled from country to country meeting fellow entrepreneurs while experiencing the local culture.  The more I followed her journey from afar, the more I wanted to know the intimate details of how to live a life of travel while building a brand.

I felt compelled to reach out to her for an interview after speaking with another woman who expressed an interest in living a similar lifestyle.  I think many of us would like to experience long-term travel at some point. But that type of lifestyle may seem out of reach.  That's exactly why I reached out to Kisha to see what we can learn from her experience. 

Advice from a Millionaire: Create "Unique Emotion" Experiences.

A couple of weekends ago, I invested a little time into watching videos on YouTube that featured wealthy individuals.  I'm not talking about the nouveau-riche that put on the illusion of wealth. I'm talking about people who have experienced true financial success (long-term).

In one video, a guy driving an ultra high-end luxury car was stopped on the street for an impromptu interview to find out what he did for a living.  Interestingly enough, the guy never answered the question.  Instead, he offered his philosophy that may offer us a clue as to what some wealthy people do to attract this type of lifestyle.

Your Exfoliating Acid Toners Are Useless Without These.

If I had to give props to one type of product that has saved my skin this summer, I have to shout out exfoliating acids.  If you have hyperactive skin like me, you're shooting yourself in the foot if you don't have a few acid based products in your arsenal.

In my opinion, the easiest way to incorporate skin beautifying acids into your regimen is acidic toners.  With just a few swipes, you can remove dirt/oils, unclog pores, and help minimize discoloration.

 Glowing skin isn't possible unless exfoliation is part of your routine.   This summer, I relied heavily on acid toners to help keep breakouts at bay. The products I had on deck were decent but I didn't experience their full potential until I paired them with the perfect accessory.

The Brightening Mask That Draya Michelle Recommended to Olivia Culpo

Whenever a random beauty secret is revealed on Instagram, I always grab a quick snapshot to refer to later.  The beauty reveals that get me most excited are the ones that appear to be genuine favorites people swear by.

The one I recently captured is a bit exciting because this influencer, Olivia Culpo, claims that she started using the product thanks to the recommendation of reality star Draya Michelle.  This really peaked my interest. I assume that if Draya is telling others, it's because she's absolutely loving her results.

Always Be Creating // The Mantra That Will Change the Direction of Your Life

I've been practicing the law of attraction for over a decade. Over the course of those 10 years, I've tried out a bunch of different LOA techniques.  Some just seem to work better for me than others.  I'd like to share one of my favorite methods with you today.

The tactic I'm referring to is pretty simple. So simple that it's very easy to forget.  When I do forget to apply this method, I often find that things quickly go south. I clearly recall the first time I ever realized the importance of this technique.  It was during a time when it seemed like everything that could go wrong, was.  For weeks, my mind was consumed with replaying every detail of the undesirable situations that invaded my life.

Then, one day out of the blue.  I decided to try something different.

[Video] The Face Fitness Treatment That Will Keep You Young Forever

You guys know that I'm huge fan of alternative anti-aging treatments.  Too much filler and botox will have the face looking unnatural.  Instead, I prefer to explore options that help preserve the look of youth for as long as possible.

I believe that the underlying cause of facial aging is the change that occurs in our facial muscles, bones, and skin.  Unfortunately, most products and procedures on the market only focus on improving the look of the skin.  This approach is a tad bit incomplete because it completely ignores the importance of maintaining a strong foundation to support the skin.

 Until recently, not many people touched on the subject of maintaining a strong facial muscle tone as a solid anti-aging strategy.  But now the news is out and one beauty spa is making it their mission to address facial aging from a fitness perspective.

Kahlana Barfield Revealed the Brand of Her Signature Red Lip

When I first discovered Kahlana a couple of years ago, I had no idea that she was a Beauty Editor at Large for one of the biggest Style Magazines.  Honestly, I thought she was just a woman with amazing style.

The first thing that drew my eye to Kahlana was her bold red lip that was one of the main elements that make up her signature look.  Kahlana's makeup is typically understated. Her skin is flawless so she highlights her favorite feature, her lips, in a stunning red shade.  

Since she' able to wear a red lip so effortlessly,  I always wondered which brand she chose as her holy grail red lipstick.

5 Skin Actives that are Taking My Skin to the Next Level

After sharing an image on my Instagram story of my favorite new skincare accessory, I received messages asking to share details on which actives I've experimented with.  The list is currently a work in progress but so far, I'm happy with the results thus far.

I'm going to continue to experiment with various raw ingredients but these are the one's that are currently in rotation.

The Tiny Beauty Accessory That's Transforming My Skin Routine.

The older I get, the more I realize that I need to stay on top of my skin regimen.  I've decided to really focus on products and ingredients that truly have the ability to impact my skin.  Instead of purchasing a bunch of new products, I've decided to take on a completely different strategy.

Basically, it involves enhancing my current favorite products so they become even more powerful. How do I do that?  With one simple tool that elevates even the most mediocre of skin products.

Frustrated By Lack of Results? Try This.

It's July, which means we're already halfway through the year.  It's also the perfect time to check in and see how we're doing with our goals.  It's been a while since we set our goals back in January, which is why a mid-year check-in is necessary.

I've had several conversations lately with friends and acquaintances who feel unmotivated and lost.  We've all been there.  We feel like our lives aren't moving forward nor it doesn't look like the vision we have for ourselves.

If you find that you're feeling frustrated and unmotivated, here's my suggestion of what you need to do.

Drink Warm Water & Enjoy These Beauty Benefits

This winter I worked really hard to maintain a consistent habit of drink warm tea each morning.  But once warm weather arrived, that routine quickly fell by the wayside.  Lately, I've replaced my morning tea with room temperature water.  So far, this routine has been working out well for me.  But, I've recently learned that there's a way to make my morning water routine even better.

Style Obsession // Put It In Neutral

Summer is an interesting time.  Sometimes the heat is so unbearable that we often sacrifice style for comfort.  The hotter it is outside, the more I dress down.  Dressing down is great but sometimes you still want to look a bit more polished.  I'm putting together ideas on simple, easy to execute looks that seem completely effortless but look well put together.

While looking for inspiration, I found a simple outfit combination that looks great on pretty much everyone.  It's perfect for casual lunches or errand days. All you have to do is follow one simple fashion rule.

Eat Normally, Do This, and Lose Weight

If you've struggled to alter your diet to lose a little bit of weight, I may have some good news for you.  Perhaps you've eaten properly for a short time, then fall into bad habits again.  Maybe your diet consists of sensible meals but you're still not able to drop stubborn pounds.  In either case, maybe your best bet to fat burning is by changing your strategy entirely. 

The Art of Taking Rapid Action to Multiply Your Manifestation.

Every Monday I like to identify a pattern of behavior that no longer serves me.  These are the behaviors that hold me back from reaching my greatest potential.  One negative habit that I've identified is where I take forever to complete tasks on my list.

Part of the reason why I've allowed this habit to exist is because of the lack of consequences attached to my behavior.   I've been told in the past that I'm motivated by the fear of negative consequences and, with no repercussions in place, I've allowed my inaction to flourish.

Actually, the negative consequences exist.  They just haven't reached critical levels yet. Now I have to make a choice.  I can choose to continue as I have in hopes of delaying the inevitable or I can take a proactive approach and alter the outcome of my future starting now.

Fake Flawlessly Dewy Skin with this Simple Trick

Every summer, I make it a priority to do whatever it takes to produce the healthiest looking skin possible.  Unfortunately, the last few months have been a little hectic and I've slipped a little with my established skin habits. So my skin isn't as healthy and dewy looking as I would like.

Summer waits for no one. We still have to attend events, meet friends at outdoor cafes, go on dinner dates, etc.  We need to employ a quick and easy technique that transforms the skin almost instantly.

...and I think I have just the trick.

FOTD // The Sheer Red Lip

I'm very proud to proclaim that I over half a dozen various variations of red lipstick in my collection.  It took forever to find the shades that most complimented my skin but now I'm good.  Since my skin has improved, I love to rock the unexpected red lip with a toned down makeup look.

For summer, I want to adapt the red lip into something that's a bit more wearable on the daily basis.  Summer is all about effortless beauty.  That's why I'm such a huge fan of the sheer red lip.

Skip Your Morning Motivation Routine & Do This Instead

When I first began my personal development journey, one mantra that I kept hearing about over and over was mastering the morning routine.  I've even written about morning rituals a few times on in the past.  Although you can customize a morning routine, most gurus suggest that we include a combination of gratitude, exercise, prayer/meditation and focusing on your daily goals.

I used to execute a rock solid morning routine.  And doing so made such a difference in the direction of my day (and life).  But over time, I wasn't as diligent about enforcing the morning ritual.  And, once you allow the morning ritual to slip through your fingers, a sense of guilt starts to set in. To combat this, I've developed an alternative that may be just as beneficial.