[Try This] Make Your Own Shimmering Body Oil for Summer.

When Rihanna posted a series of a few short videos on her Instagram promoting the launch of Fenty's Body Lava, everyone was filled with excitement and anticipation of what was to come.  Fenty made a strong entrance into the beauty space with its extensive range of foundations.  No one was ready for the yellowy-shimmery goodness of Fenty's Trophy Wife highlighter.

As Rihanna demonstrated the ease at which she illuminated her skin with the gold liquid, and we were all mesmerized.   Everyone couldn't wait for the launch.  One person, in particular, was so excited to create summer glowy skin that she developed a really cost effective and easy to dupe.

The Facial You Need, Even If You Have Flawless Skin

I've enjoyed various types of facials over the years.  Some were heavily focused on treating and eliminating my acne.  Others were meant to even out skin tone.  I've also experienced anti-aging facials meant to promote & stimulate collagen.

Having problematic skin means always looking for the next best thing.  Well, I'm here to tell you that even though I've tried a bunch of treatments, one stands out as superior.  What I love most about this facial is that it gives amazing results even if your skin is already flawless.

This is the Tea you should be Drinking for the Greatest Anti-Aging Skin Benefits!

One of my intentions for the year was to become a daily tea drinker.  I want to be one of those people who enjoy several cups of tea each day.  Having discovered the numerous benefits of drinking green tea, I decided that becoming an avid tea drinker would benefit me long term.

So far, I'm enjoying my new habit. I have to admit that I skip a few days here and there.  But, I'm ready to take my tea drinking routine way more seriously now that I learned of one type of tea that can help us stay young forever.

Hey! What's New?

One of my other side gigs is coaching others who want to positively impact their lives.  An exercise I like to do is a roleplay where we pretend that I am a close friend who they haven't heard from in a while.

Upon running into each other unexpectedly, I excitedly ask the person to tell me all about what's happened in their lives since we last spoke.  The purpose of this activity is to invite my clients to describe in detail, all of their intended manifestations.  The inspiration for this idea came from my own life experience. After meeting someone I haven't seen in a while, and being asked what' new, I really couldn't come up with any exciting to share.

That's when I came to the realization that I didn't have anything new to talk about because I wasn't up to anything. I was just allowing life to happen.

This "Smell Good" Detox Enhances the Scent of your favorite Fragrances.

As summer quickly approaches, one of the dominant thoughts that pops up in my mind is initiating a pre-summer detox process. Typically, as temperatures rise, our internal processes become more active. We sweat more in an attempt to try to keep cool. Our oil production increases causing a spike in breakouts. I try my best to take a proactive approach an initiate the detox before summer hits. This helps to spare me from unnecessary breakouts.

2018 will be no different! But, this time around, I want to heavily focus on enhancing my natural scent. My motive for this is because I find myself drawn to fragrances with extremely light, exceptionally natural scents. Unlike the fragrances of yesteryear, newly developed perfumes are often light and underwhelming. Like "no makeup, makeup," fragrances of today are designed to simply enhance our natural scent. Best of all, they collaborate with our natural pheromones creating our own alluring smell.

If you'd like to enhance your natural scent, here are some tips to incorporate into your regimen.

Activity Based Eating. The Strategic Approach to Indulging without Gaining Weight.

Working for myself from home has been absolutely amazing.  But, there is one drawback that was kinda unexpected.  If I'm not careful, I can easily pack on pounds that seemingly come out of nowhere. 

To get to the root cause of the issue, I did an experiment where I logged all of my calories and tracked my daily activity. Over time, I noticed patterns forming that served as information that I could use later on.  Once I discovered the pattern, I realized that I could eat pretty much anything I wanted without the fear of putting on too much weight. But this strategy only worked if I applied it strategically.

Recently, I reintroduced this principle in my life again and I quickly lost a couple of pounds.  Since summer is on its way, I thought I share this simple technique with all of you to help you reach your weight goals. 

[A VIBE] How I Manifested Thousands By Focusing on Raising My Vibration

Last month I wrote an article about how feeling amazing helps you to attract amazing results.  I'm happy to report that since publishing the article, I've experienced some wonderful outcomes from my efforts.  Financially, it was my strongest earning month this year and I've also manifested two unexpected, random checks.

Not a bad reward, for only having focused on feeling good.

So now that I'm getting a glimpse of the possibilities of maintaining a high level of vibration. I'm ready to ramp up my efforts even more.  This has now become my top priority.  Let's talk about the multiple ways to I'll supercharge my manifestation.

Move this Skin Product to your Shower for Smoother, Softer Legs.

The other day, I stumbled on a little hack that I just had to share with you guys.  This one of my favorite new beauty hacks because it makes shaving my legs so much more effective.  All I had to do was move one of my favorite skin moisturizing products into the shower.

The product I'm referring to is one of my ride or die winter essentials.  I've never gone without this item since I was first introduced to it by a stewardess with flawless skin.

The Celebrity Beauty Secret for Younger UnderEyes [for only pennies per treatment]

There's a show called Big Brother that provides 24-hour live stream video of the contestants as they compete for a grand prize.  Recently, they launched their first celebrity edition of the show.  The moment I learned of this, the first thought that crossed my mind was that I would learn the beauty secrets of some of the celebrity houseguests.

I didn't watch the live stream as much as I wanted but, of the little I did watch, one thing became extremely clear.  When bored, most of the ladies lounged around with little masks under their eyes.  It was commonplace for them to hydrate their undereyes before every taping of the live show.

I thought it would be a great idea to try this for a little while and see if consistent use of these eye masks could really make a difference.  But I was concerned about the cost.  Since I don't earn millions of dollars a year, I had to come up with a cost-effective way to have ample amounts of under eye sheet masks at my disposal.

Thankfully, I found the perfect solution.

[A LOOK] The Crop + Skirt Pairing is Everything.

My plan for the next several months is to amass a small collection of statement midi length skirts.  These skirts will, hopefully, take the place of the denim that I typically default to.  I'm a huge fan of skirts but I haven't been intentional in refining my skirt collection. I wasn't really inspired to do so until now.

The "problem" with fuller-length skirts is figuring out how to wear them in a way that's young, fresh and stylish.  Sometimes longer skirts tend to look overly frumpy or outdated.  But, if done right, they can become the critical statement piece in a classic, feminine look.

Let Me Introduce You to My Intense Hair Moisturization Technique

Yesterday, I made a couple of stops to some local beauty supply stores in search of a product or conditioner to help me address my unusually dry hair.  My hair was in need of something special and intense.  A product with the ability to transform it with just one use.

Once I arrived at the second location, I realized that the answer to my ultra dry hair would not be found at any of the stores.  I didn't need another product, I need to refine my technique.  More specifically, a technique I developed a couple of years back when my hair was at its worse.

I'm here to share this intense moisturizing technique with you today.

No Time for the Gym? Try Salma Hayek's Muscle Activation Method.

A few years ago Salma Hayek stated in an interview that she doesn't have much time to work out to maintain her lean figure.  Instead of sweating it out in the gym, she holds her body in a way that "activates her muscles" all day long.

When I first heard of this, my mind immediately wanted to dispell her "fitness secrets" as a big fat lie.  Shortly after giving the interview, a bunch of news outlets published articles to dispell the myth that holding your body a certain way to maintain a toned figure is possible.

Over the years, I've really reflected on what Salma said and now I realize that she may actually be on to something.

How to Take Your Self Care Routine to a Deeper Level.

Self-care is something that I've been very interested in over the past few years.  The idea of treating and nourishing your outer and inner self was just too attractive not to pass up.

I fell in love with the idea of enjoying facials, massages, and various other beauty rituals as a means of taking care of myself.  All of these things are really great. But they fall into the category of what I call "self-care 101." These are the easy activities that we enjoy doing but they only scratch the surface of the layers that make up one's self-care journey. 

Let's talk about some of the not-so-easy self-care activities that are just as important as getting a mani-pedi. 

[Try This] The Simple Mascara Hack that Creates the Lashes of Your Dreams

As a woman with tiny little eyes, I'm forever grateful for the advent of mascara.  Unfortunately for me, simply coating my lashes with mascara doesn't always produce the result I want.  I'm pretty sure that I own over 20 tubes of mascara.  Each one of them promised to give me the appearance of false lashes but many failed to deliver.

Over the years, I picked up a few tips to help improve the end result. Some worked well, others, not so much.  But today, I learned a new trick that made an immediate difference.  Best of all, the solution is absolutely free and takes only a second.

Karrueche Tran Introduced Me to My Newest Favorite Skin Mask

I adore when celebrities give us a glimpse of products they're loving.  Some of them are very generous with sharing some of their #notsponsored favorites.  Karrueche Tran is a favorite on this blog because (1.) she's really into her skin and beauty routine and (2.) she shares what snapshots of the products she loves.

The other day, she shared a simple image of a product with no caption.  As usual, I took a screen shot.  After taking the screenshot, I did something I've never done before.  I immediately went online and purchased without even researching any reviews.

This is My Fool Proof Strategy For Eliminating Bloat

My tummy has always been my problem area.  Not only do I store a lot of belly fat in my midsection, I'm also prone to bloating.  Recently, I decided that I've had enough.  Instead of sitting back and hoping the bloat would go away, I implemented what I call the "bloat protocol" to massively reduce my daily bloating.

My tummy is rarely ever completely flat.  The culprit is a combination of excess belly fat and bloat.  Because I was bloated most of the time, I couldn't accurately assess the amount of belly fat I was dealing with.  In order to get to the truth, I had to eliminate the bloating once and for all.

Here's why you should get into Dry Face Brushing

I'm pretty sure that most, if not all of you have heard of dry skin brushing before.  It's basically a holistic technique where you stroke your body with a huge bristled brush for the purposes of stimulating blood flow while exfoliating the skin.  Sounds good right?

Loads of women utilize their body brushes before jumping in the shower to loosen dirt and hopefully diminish the appearance of cellulite.  Before getting into rebounding, I'd often brush my body to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

Dry brushing the body is cool and all, but I think I've stumbled onto something even better.

Kelly Rowland is Summer Goals. Let's Discuss.

This is the second post in a series where I gush over the effortless glow of a summer muse.  Last time, we analyzed the root cause of Gabrielle Union's summer glow.  Today, we'll rehash what we know of Kelly Rowland's beauty rituals.

The Link Between Taking Probiotics and Healthy Hair Growth

I was scrolling through reviews for a liquid hair supplement the other day.  I then came across a comment that immediately caught my attention.  The reviewer shared her disdain for the product. She then went on to say that taking probiotics and other vitamins gave her better results.

Probiotics? What do probiotics have to do with healthy hair growth?  At first, I thought this woman was sadly mistaken. But then I did some digging and realized that probiotics might play a major role in healthy, shiny hair growth.

This is what will determine if you'll reach your goals

We're nearing the end of the first quarter of the year.  Around this time, I like to take a moment to assess my progress in relation to my goals.  In 2018, I'd like to apply the lessons learned from the goals reached in 2017 along with those that I didn't accomplish.

After taking time to dissect the reasons why some goals happened, while others didn't, I've finally realized the ultimate factor in goal achievement.