Friday, January 20, 2017

This Tool Makes Reaching Your Savings Goals Completely Effortless

It's already Friday. Where did the week go?  Just 7 days ago, I talked about the launch of Finance Fridays.  I have really high hopes for what will manifest as a result of consistently focusing on our financial health.

My financial journey started many years ago after reading a book that changed my life.  It's called Automatic Millionaire.  The author, David Bach, stressed the importance of saving automatically.  You know how everyone talks about "passive income?"  David is all about passive saving and wealth accumulation.

Once I learned about growing wealthy "automatically," I was sold.  Immediately I set up a draft to pull a set amount from my checking into my savings every payday.  My new savings system worked like a dream.  It's a habit that I've maintained for years.  As a matter of fact, while reviewing my checking acct the other day, I saw an unfamiliar debit for $100.00. After a moment of reflection, I realized that I set up a new reoccurring transfer and pretty much forgot about it.  That's how easy saving money should be.

But I understand that it's hard for some folks.  If you fall into that category, I have some good news.
Thursday, January 19, 2017

Teyana Taylor's Dance Workout with Vogue is a Work of Art

Teyana Taylor is probably on everyone's vision board as body goals ever since her recent appearance in Kanye West's Fade music video.  Most of us were well aware of Teyana's amazing physique and dedication to fitness.  But her collaboration with Kanye really put her on the map.

Teyana gave us so much fitspo that the team at Vogue reached out to her for a fitness video collaboration.  And, of course, the final product is pretty much work of art. When you're the premier source for all things fashion, it's only natural for you to create a workout video complete with embroidered corsets and 18th-century inspiration.

The short film is a visual masterpiece but it also actually has some great workout moves incorporated as well.  Let's discuss.
Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[Notable] The Skin Care Brand that keeps popping up on my Social Media Feed

As you are well aware, I'm constantly on the prowl for new beauty tips and interesting brands.  I've stumbled on so many gems thanks to the generous women who photograph & share their holy grail products.

Yesterday I was scrolling, per usual, when I stumbled upon a reveal of a brand I'd never heard of.  I quickly took a screenshot then moved on.  Hours later, another product from the same company showed up on my feed.

Could this be a mere coincidence? Or was the universe trying to get my attention?
Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Confessions of a Compulsive Snacker + How I overcame it!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a friend's house to for a small gathering.  While there, we chatted about our goals & intentions for the year.  My friend is the perfect hostess who prepared plenty of snacks for her welcomed guests.

The small spread included mini cupcakes, popcorn, and a few other selections.  As we all gathered around to enjoy our mimosas and discuss the year ahead, I reached for a little treat.  Three mini cupcakes later, I moved on to the popcorn.  It was the bagged popcorn that already comes "pre-popped."  To be honest, the popcorn wasn't really all that great. So nobody really ate it......except for me.  They were all perfectly content in simply enjoying each other's company whereas I kept going back for more food.

A short time later, I looked up from my notebook and realized that for the past several minutes, I had been mindlessly eating the popcorn non-stop.  Without thinking, I blurted out to the table that I think I have a problem.
Monday, January 16, 2017

The One Manifestation Technique I'll be Focusing on in 2017

Earlier this month, I urged a friend to watch the Secret Movie for the first time.  She really wants to do big things in 2017 and I figured that watching the Law of Attraction movie was a great place to start.

I too rewatched The Secret (for the millionth time) to see if I could identify one lesson that I'd carry with me in 2017.

As the movie played, I was reminded of the power of thinking positively and focusing on what I wanted to attract.  But there was one concept in particular that resonated with me. And this is what I'll nurture in 2017.
Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Keep It Right & Tight" or How to Indulge in Health Tonics Like A Celebrity

I have this elaborate lifestyle fantasy.  One aspect of my fantasy involves me, opening the fridge, revealing multiple brightly colored bottles filled to the brim with freshly squeezed juices.  Every morning, I'd reach for a health tonic to commemorate the start of my day.

In an effort to infuse my real life with the vision I have in my head, I visited a local juicer and inquired about the price of purchasing a week's worth of vegetable juice.  Much to my dismay, the investment was around $10.00 a bottle.  I could do it as a splurge but having fresh bottled juices on hand all the time wasn't cost effective long-term.

What's a girl to do?
Friday, January 13, 2017

[Financial Fridays] The Thought Process that will Supercharge Your Financial Abundance.

This year, I'm developing a habit that I hope will transform my financial life.  The inspiration for this new habit comes from the time that I set an intention to save $10,000 cash.  Once the goal was set, I implemented a system to get me there.   And my consistency really paid off.

The next time I followed a regimented financial plan was when saving for my transition from corporate life into the world of entrepreneurship.  Having a systematic approach to my finances seems to work well for me.  So why not make it a permanent practice?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Only Skin Care Product This Model Swears By!

Early this morning I happened to be on Instagram when suddenly a notification appeared alerting me that one of my "Insta-friends" was broadcasting live.

Instagram live is probably my favorite thing so I always hop on even if I'm not that interested in the topic of conversation.  Almost every time I join a live session, I'm always rewarded with a beauty secret reveal.
This morning model, Imogen Alexandra launched a live session to share her thoughts with her audience of early risers.  She ranted a little about something that had been weighing heavy on her heart.  Once the mini-rant was over, it was time for a quick Q&A.  I sat patiently and waited for someone to inquire about her beauty routine.

Then it happened.
Wednesday, January 11, 2017

[FOTD] The Glossy Nude.

Fall & Winter typically means reaching for darker hued lip colors & shadows.  It's one of those long-standing traditions that have been around forever.  Lately though, I've found myself steering away from ultra matte looks. The brisk air is already hard at work, drying out our skin, why would we want to apply makeup that makes us appear even more dehydrated?

Instead, I'd rather create some balance.  Right now, our oil production is down thanks to cooler temps which means that we can absolutely nail a matte face.  From there, we can really bring our best faces forward by adding strategic "glow points"  in certain areas.  Combined, you create an elevated version of the no-makeup look.
Monday, January 9, 2017

[A Glitch In the Matrix] A.K.A. How To Implement Real Change in Your Life

Last week I wrote an article about the scientific principle that will alter the course of your year (maybe even your life).  Once you understand  how the Law of Inertia works, you can use that information to cause wonderful new outcomes in your life.

I received a comment from a reader who asked if I could expand on the different ways in which a person can implement change in their lives.  That's what we're gonna talk about today.
Sunday, January 8, 2017

[DIY] Sheet Mask In a Bottle for Ultra-Hydrated Skin at All Times

Last week, I felt the urge to apply a sheet mask. Ideally, the mask would saturate my parched skin with intense moisture as I researched random topics on my laptop.  But then I felt a slight sense of unease take over.  After a couple moments of reflection, I realized that what I was feeling was guilt for using the sheet mask then throwing all of that excess product away.

Most often, the sheet mask manufacturers are quite generous with how much product they include in each pouch.  Even after I apply a drippy sheet mask, I still have extra serum sitting at the bottom of the pouch.  In the past, I'd have to reluctantly throw it away.  But today is a new day because the solution to this problem has finally been revealed.
Friday, January 6, 2017

I finally tracked down Karrueche Tran's Facial Mask Made of Gold

My original purpose for following Karrueche Tran on SnapChat was so I could be ready and waiting if she ever decided to spill a beauty secret.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen any reveals taking place.  But, as luck would have it, I happened upon a random pic of Karrueche wearing what appears to be some type of gold facial mask.
With no caption readily available, I had to go on the hunt.  It wasn't long before I  identified the mystery facial mask in question.
Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Highest Antioxidant Food In the World will Also Give You Amazing Hair

When it comes to anti-aging, fighting oxidation should be your number one priority.  Free radicals are the enemy because they promote accelerated aging over time.  Not to mention that certain age-related diseases are also linked to oxidation & free radicals.  Even though oxidation is the devil, it's also a natural by-product of our body's natural functioning.  Just the simple act of breathing creates oxidative stress on our body.

But since we can't just stop breathing, we take a different approach. And that approach involves consuming antioxidants that neutralize those free radicals.  We're pretty familiar with the standard antioxidants on the market like vitamins C & E.  There are also some whole foods known for their antioxidant content.  Health enthusiasts urge us to include blueberries, green tea and leafy greens in our diet.  But no one is talking about the most powerful oxidant fighting food in the world.  This superfood contains far more antioxidants than anything else on the planet.  Nothing compares to its vitamin C content.  You need to know about this!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Project Summer Body is in Full Effect

As you look ahead to 2017, you might be envisioning yourself partaking in an exotic vacation this summer.  You've packed a collection of island wear that flatters your cute figure.   You're overcome by a feeling of pure bliss as you take new experiences, foods and memories that will last a lifetime.  You are excited!  But are you ready?

Every year I typically plan some type of getaway. It never fails, a month or so prior to leaving, I scramble to get my body ready.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes things don't work out the way I imagined.  But either way, I don't enjoy the process of having to work diligently to create short-term results.

This year, it's time to change up the strategy.
Monday, January 2, 2017

Karrueche Tran's Casual Look is Perfect Style Inspiration.

I'm a sucker for simple looks that create maximum impact.  One of my style muses is Karrueche Tran for this very reason.  She's a master at mixing wearable, everyday pieces with designer brands. The end result is pretty effortless and completely flawless.  

Monday Motivation | Don't Expect Anything to Change in 2017 Unless You Apply This Scientific Principle

The New Year is upon us.  I'm sure most of us are still carrying around the feeling of euphoria that fills us this time of year.  We're all excited about about the wonders that await us over the next 12 months. We can't wait to experience new successes unlike anything we've ever had.
Snapshot from a Vision Board creation party I recently attended
What if I told you that this year has a high likelihood of resembling the year before.  Would you be shocked?

I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer but it's better that we talk about this now while the year is still young.  Basically, no matter how positive we feel about '17, it might not be any different than years prior.  Those same big goals might linger on your list for years.  But there's a way to change that.
Friday, December 30, 2016

[Try This] Jazzma Kendrick's 3 Step Glowy Foundation Routine (with video).

I'm aware that I litterally just published a SnapChat Secrets post but I just stumbled upon another beauty routine that's too goo not to share.

I happened to randomly jump on an Instagram Story that contained a great tip on how to create a glowing visage.  The secret was revealed by Jazzma Kendrick, a gorgeous model who made headlines earlier this year for her on and off again relationship with Italian boyfriend Christian Vieri.  She's also been linked to Naomi Campbell's ex billionaire boyfriend.  But we're not here to discuss her love life, we're here to learn her three step foundation routine that gives her this crazy glow.

This 3 Minute Video will show you how to Create Perfect Heatless Waves

I've been taking full advantage of the lower humidity in recent months. This means lots of curly hairstyles that don't require heat to last all day.  Last week, I played around with setting my hair on large drinking straws and loved the result.  That day, I pretty much swore off flexi rods forever!

The next day, a video came into my life that reignited my love for flexi rods again.  Our nasty breakup lasted only 24 hours thanks to fate's divine intervention.
Thursday, December 29, 2016

SnapChat Beauty Secret Roundup!

I remember the good 'ol days of Instagram where celebrities generously offered us glimpses into their personal lives.  Nowadays, Instagram feeds mainly consist of carefully selected images that don't really represent true life.

In the past, one might stumble upon a beauty tip revealed by one of our fave icons.  Once Instagram became a revenue-generating platform, things changed.  Luckily for us, Snapchat is here to save the day.  The nature of the app invites everyone to share what they are doing at that very moment.  As a result, celebrities are back to spilling their secrets.  I've screenshotted a few of these gems as I came across them.  Allow me to share a quick roundup of my favorite beauty secret reveals yet.
Wednesday, December 28, 2016

[Try This] Gabrielle Union's look done by Kim K's MakeUp Artist

I've been on this kick in 2016 where I stalk celebrity makeup artists for glimpses of their favorite technique/product that they swear by.  So far, I've learned a lot of little helpful tips from Beyonce's artist, Sir John.

Recently, I learned of Mario Dedivanovic who responsible for Kim Kardashian's flawless looks.  The minute I found out who he was, I searched for his Instagram.  After a bit a scrolling, I stumbled on a pic that immediately caught my eye.