Thoughts Will Not Become Things Unless You Do This.

One of my favorite, most memorable phrases from The Secret Movie is when Mike Dooley looks directly into the camera and dramatically tells the audience that "thoughts...become...things."  That was one of the most powerful statements I’ve ever heard. It also helped change the paradigm of how I viewed the act of creation.

If one would simply think the right thoughts, they could essentially experience that thought into reality.  I believed Mike 100%, but as time went on, and I practiced the law of attraction for myself, I realized that his statement was only partially correct.

Thoughts aren't a thing.  It’s an opinion or an idea that resides only in the mind. Thoughts don't automatically become things.   If repeated over and over, thoughts become a pattern of thinking. Thought patterns have the potential to influence our actions and that's where the magic happens.

Style Inspo// The Statement Sweater

Over the past few years, we've seen a huge increase in loungewear's popularity.  Back in the day, we'd wear sweats for a lazy weekend at home.  Now sweats are the go-to essential for a casual winter look.  I like being comfy as much as the next person, but for some reason, I just can't fully get into sweats.  

So I'm taking a different approach.  

Instead of loading up on a bunch of sweatshirts, I'll be investing my hard-earned money on a few statement sweaters.

Luxurious & Different // Samaria Leah Shares Her Favorite Body Creme.

With dry air season upon us, all I can think about is how to maintain soft, hydrated skin.  Thankfully, I just so happened to be on Instagram on the day that Samaria Leah shared her favorite body creme.   If you don't know, Samaria is the daughter of LL Cool J.  But she's also a budding entrepreneur who's launched a denim based fashion line.  

Nowadays she mainly posts new releases from her brand, but every so often, she'll drop a gem like the one I'm about to share with you today.

[Add to Cart] Glossier Spark.

Somewhere on my list of to-dos is the intention of compiling a list of my current beauty favorites.  Today, I'm happy to share recent purchases that will certainly make an appearance on that list.  Last year, Glossier announced the release of a couple additions to their beloved Cloud Paint line up.  I couldn't resist myself, I had to give Spark a try.

Over the course of time, I've purchased Cloud Paint in numerous shades.  It feels like I've been on a relentless search for the perfect cheek tint.  I wanted to recreate the look of naturally flushed cheeks but that's not always easy to do on darker skin tones.  

From Capsules to Capfuls// Should We Transition Away from Vitamin Capsules for Greater Results?


Today’s discussion is inspired by an article I published recently.  The topic was about how drinking green tea was shown in studies to promote increased circulation and blood flow to the skin. That discovery was exciting enough but while researching I came across one interesting note made by the researchers that I thought needed to be discussed further.

In the study,  researchers also compared a group that drank green tea in liquid form versus those that took green tea extract in capsules.  As expected the green tea capsule group did not compare with those who drank green tea in liquid form.  Their levels of antioxidants and other active compounds found a  much lower than the green tea drinkers. 

Earlier this week, I was on Amazon checking out reviews of a supplement I was interested in.  This supplement was developed specifically to help promote clarity and mental focus. One of the reviewers stated that they weren't experiencing the same level of results with supplements as they did when taking it in powder form.   

Wet-Skin Moisturizers will Save Our Skin from Winter.

The worst winter experience has to be stepping out of the shower then subsequently experiencing dry skin even though you were emersed in water only minutes before. It never fails, the minute you step out of the shower it’s like a timer goes off in which you have a small window to moisturize your skin otherwise you’ll be dealing with extreme dryness for the remainder of the day.

For some reason, lotions just don’t seem to have the same effect in the winter like when it’s warmer. Their formula seems to thicken as temperatures drop making it more difficult for them the permeate dry skin. 

Thankfully, it seems as if there’s a new answer to our winter dry skin woes. Beauty brands have felt our pain and developed a new line of products made specifically to moisturize post-shower skin.

Ladies, allow me to introduce you to in-shower body conditioners. 

Japanese Towel Method ~ Lose Inches & Improve Posture without Moving A Muscle

One of my intentions for the year is to flatten my midsection. Ideally, I’d like to achieve this result in the simplest way possible. The easier method, the more I'm motivated to get started and stay consistent.

Wouldn’t you know it, I just happened to stumble upon one of the easiest ways to flatten and tone your tummy ever. It’s called the Japanese Towel Method and some claim that it actually works to flatten your stomach without you having to move a muscle.

New Weekend, New Vibes.

Here we are, in the midst of a new weekend. But this isn't just any weekend.  It's the first weekend of 2021.  To commemorate, I'd like to share a lifestyle design ritual I've implemented in the past that I'll be bringing with me into the new year.  

This ritual was born out of my desire to incorporate an action component to my feel-good routine.  I wanted to really raise my vibration before the start of a new week. The only way to do this was to invest part of the weekend into the deliberate act of creation.  

Drink This Beverage to Increase Blood Flow, Hydration, & Circulation to the Skin.


Green Tea Benefits for the Skin

The other day I talked about how important it is to engage in activities that promote healthy circulation.  Within the context of beauty, I especially believe in maintaining healthy blood flow to the skin. One of the most powerful ways to stimulate circulation is via a relaxing session in the sauna.   

But I know that not everyone has direct access to a sauna so I'm here to bring you a suitable alternative.  

FENTY Beauty released a powder foundation...and I am here for it!

One of the intentions I set at the start of my skin journey was to have skin so flawless that I'd never have to wear full coverage makeup again.  As my skin improved, I found myself reaching for my foundation less and less.  

I viewed this as a huge win but I no longer needed the help of heavy foundations to recreate the look of even skin.  But, instead of forgoing makeup altogether, I turned my attention to power foundations as a suitable alternative.  Powder foundations are great, especially if you're an oily girl.  Instead of covering discoloration, they sort of blur them away. 

I have 6 or so foundations in my rotation, but I only owned a couple powders. One was from Bare Minerals and the other from NYX.   I was pretty happy with the options I had, that is until I learned that Fenty Beauty finally added a powder foundation into their lineup.  I had no choice to buy it, and I'm glad so glad I did because Fenty's Pro Filt'r Powder Foundation is a must-have. 

Biore Added SPF 50 to Hydrating Essence and People Are Saying it's Perfect!


This weekend I went to the local farmer's market to get a little fresh air.  While strolling through the outdoor area, I came across a tiny little booth filled with pastries from a french bakery.  I heard a small voice that whispered "treat yo self" as I looked over the selection of goodies.  After a few moments of contemplation, I gave up and asked the guy, to lead me in the direction of their best-selling item.   He asked me what I liked and I revealed my weakness for almond croissants.  That's when his eyes lit up.  With a huge smile on his face, he advises me to try their chocolate-filled almond croissant because "you get the best of both worlds."

Obviously, I took his advice.   And, let me tell you, that chocolate-almond croissant was the highlight of my entire weekend.  

That story is meant to illustrate my excitement for a recent discovery. It's a beauty product that, like my chocolate-filled croissant, marries two amazing concepts into one holy grail must-have.  

Here's the Best Time of Day to Drink Water for Optimal Weight Loss.

A brand new month awaits us. Have you set your lifestyle goals for the year ahead?  One area where I'd like to focus in 2021 is in maintaining my weight. Thanks to quarantine, I reached peak weight gain in 2020. Thankfully, I was able to shed the extra pounds and eventually reach a milestone that I hadn't experienced in years.

Going forward, I'm striving to maintain a healthy weight without thinking too much about if I'm exceeding my desired caloric intake. Today, I'll share this super-simple tip that's easy to do and has been proven to help promote a healthy weight.

Juice Cleanses are Cool but Infrared Saunas are the Ultimate Health & Beauty Detox


If you've visited this blog before, you know that I'm a fan of infrared saunas.  I've talked at length about my personal sauna experience and that of others.  Lately, I've seen a few people I follow on Instagram share glimpses of them sweating in an infrared sauna.  The frequency with which I am seeing these stories prompted me to ask the there a benefit to sauna during the cold, winter months?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes!  And I'm here to share them with all of you in hopes that you finally treat yourself to this amazing experience. 

Milestone Method of Motivation- The Fool Proof Way of Reaching Your Goals in 2021

 A new year awaits us.  That's another opportunity to strive for our goals.  This week, I spent some time contemplating on some lofty goals that I'd like to achieve in the year ahead.  Setting goals is only half the battle.  Another important aspect of goal achievement is the process of getting there.   

Once upon a time, I attended a personal development seminar that successfully created real-life transformations.  At the end of the seminar, they encouraged us to sign up for another training program that promised even greater results.  To help convince the audience of its effectiveness, they invited past attendees to discuss all the success they achieved as a result of the training.  

Instead of signing up for the next seminar, I paid close attention to the testimonies to see if I could glean any powerful insights.  This was over 5 years ago.  But one goal achievement tip I learned that night has stuck with me ever since.  

Your Favorite Hair Growth Vitamin Might also be Making You Gain Weight

I adore supplements that provide multiple benefits in one formula. I've been really consistent with my vitamin regimen lately because I want to harness their wonderful benefits. Because I'm so focused on the positive aspects of incorporating supplements, I rarely think about the flip side.

Yesterday, I learned of an undesirable possible side effect from one of the most popular beauty vitamins on the market. You and I have taken this vitamin without realizing that it might also be working against your health/fitness goals.




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