Fit By Spring! Hack Your Weight Loss with the Workout that Burns More Fat Than Jogging

We're approximately 60 days away from spring.  That's a little over 8 weeks.  And that's just enough time to trim down in time for warmer weather.  I dunno about you but this recent cold spell has been a disaster for my fitness journey.

Cold weather makes me eat more, wear oversized clothes, and move less.  These three ingredients create the perfect environment for extra weight to creep in.  With only 8 weeks left until we're wearing normal clothes again, it's time to ramp up our fat burning.

And I've got the perfect workout to do it.  Before you break out your jogging shoes, I want to remind you there's better workout that's scientifically proven to burn more fat more quickly.

STYLE INSPO | The Perfect Pairing of Formal & Casual Pieces.

I have a soft spot for looks that can be worn almost anywhere.  Recently, I found some wonderful inspiration via @seretix's Instagram. Actually, this look wasn't posted on her feed, it was a simple snapshot shared via a 10-second story.

When you browse her feed, you'll notice that Seretix has an impeccable sense of style.  Dressing well seems to come naturally to her.  While I love every single thing she wears, some of her styling options are more aspirational than wearable.

But as soon as this look appeared on my phone, I instantly wanted to recreate it.

Beet Juice Gives You Glowing Skin. Here's Why.

The other day, an image flashed across my Instagram stories that I immediately screen grabbed.  It featured Kayla Nicole, the fiance of NFL superstar, Travis Kelce.  One thing about this woman is that she has amazing skin.  In most of her stories, she's either sporting no makeup or ultra-natural makeup looks.

Thankfully, I happened to be on Instagram the day that she revealed her number one skin secret.

The Pitfalls of Being an Entrepreneur that No One Talks About.

I'm currently in the early stages of (hopefully) purchasing an investment property.  As a sat across the table from my mortgage advisor, I was told that my 2017 tax returns would be a major factor in whether I qualify to take on the financial burden of yet another mortgage.

Because I'm self-employed, lenders are a bit more cautious to loan me money. While sitting across the table from her, I reflected on my entrepreneurial journey.  Perhaps some of you would like to work for yourself one day.  We sometimes daydream about all the amazing wonders of self-employment. Nowadays, the dream of becoming an entrepreneur is heavily glamourized. But we should also discuss some of the realities of this type of lifestyle.

How to Live Your Best Life while Single.

The article I wrote about friend zoning your suitors received more feedback than I expected.  It seems that some of you are ready to explore the experience of being without a significant other for an extended period of time.

Welcome your new adventure! Being happily single will take your life in an exciting and unexpected direction.   But what should you focus on during this period of "being alone."

Getting Enough Vitamin C Will Give You Best Skin of Your Life!

The other day I was browsing a forum where one of the ladies wanted to share something that she noticed.  To help boost her immune system, and help fight a stubborn cold, she loaded up on her vitamin C intake.

Taking in all of that vitamin C was supposed to help her recover from her cold, but instead, it gave her incredible skin that she had to rave about.

FOUND! The Perfect Pinky Nude Polishes for Brown Skin

Lately, I've been obsessed with finding the perfect pinkish-nude nail polish.  For the past few years, I've pretty much relied on my staple nail polish -- Essie's Sand Tropez.  I own several bottles and I believe everyone should have this color in their collection.

But lately, my eyes have been set on a different shade of nude.  Before we know it, spring will be here.  We must prepare now by finding out perfect pinky nude.

When Will You Learn to Trust Your Intuition?

Just before the new year, I woke up early one morning to a small, still voice.  The voice commanded me to reach out to a contact that I made years ago regarding a potential business partnership.  After our initial meeting, we fell out of touch.

But, for some reason, the voice wanted me to reach out to him again. While in a sleepy haze, I agreed that sending a text to this person was really a good idea.  Do you wanna know what happened next? 

Absolutely nothing.

Once I was fully awake and fell into my daily routine. I somehow talked myself out of taking that action.  Later, I realized that this was a repeated pattern of behavior and if I continued to follow this path, I would be creating self-imposed limits on my life.

Here's why.

Rave| Etude House Collagen Moisture Stick

I'm becoming a huge fan of Etude House's collagen-based hydrating products.  My love affair began when I stumbled their Collagen Lotion Emulsion.  It's a lightweight lotion with super-hydration powers.

From there, I decided to graduate to a richer, thicker formula. So I moved on to their collagen cream.  I purchased this product during the warmer months and found it to be too rich and nourishing.  But, when winter came along, this cream and I became inseparable.  It's rich and creamy yet easily melts into the skin, hydrating it in an instant.

Since I was striking gold with Etude House products, I decided to go through their selection on Amazon to see if I was missing out.  Little did I know that I would soon stumble upon of my favorite purchases yet.

How 2 Minutes A Day + The Compound Effect Will Create Your Ideal Results

One annual tradition that I absolutely hate is when we turn our clocks back in the fall.  Suddenly, hours of sunlight is gone and our day is shortened considerably.  It just feels like I'm robbed of everything I can accomplish in a day.

Fun fact! Did you know that after December 21rst (winter solstice) we have been receiving about two minutes more of sunshine a day? Each day we'll enjoy another minute or two of sunshine than the preceding day.  Before we know it, we'll be experiencing longer days again.

When I first learned of this extra 2 minutes of sunshine a day, it made me think of a success principle that is out here changing lives.

Instagram Beauty Secrets Part 8

It's been a while since I've done an Instagram Beauty Secrets roundup.  One reason for this is because I want to keep the integrity of posts to ensure that these are beauty products that celebrities & Instagrammers actually love.  Nothing #sponsored here.

Let's get started!

Reality Creation // Try The Sensory Enhancement Experience to Supercharge Your Meditation

A couple years back, I tried floatation tanks for the first time.  Before making the decision to take the plunge, I set aside time to check out the potential benefits.  I was most excited about the opportunity to experience complete sensory deprivation.  Because the water temperature is the same as our skin and you're laying in total darkness, you are free for all external stimulation.

This (hopefully) results in the perfect environment to create the ultimate meditative state.  Which allows us to quiet the mind for creative problem-solving or visualization.  Sensory deprivation is awesome. But last night, I created a different type sensory experience that was far more powerful.

Japanese Cotton Squares have Revolutionized My Beauty Routine

Many years ago, I came across the concept of lotion masking while researching Japanese beauty secrets on Youtube. This was well before the current sheet mask craze. The technique was pioneered by beauty expert Chizu Saeki, author of The Japanese Skin Care Revolution.

Th technique is simple, you create do-it-yourself sheet masks using products of your choice and special cotton squares.  At the time, I didn't pay much attention, but I finally purchased the infamous Japanese cotton squares and had a chance to experience them for myself.  Now I regret not getting them sooner and I'll tell you exactly why.

My Doctor asked for my Anti-Aging Secrets. Here they are!

Yesterday, I visited the doctor for a first time in a while. This was just a routine wellness checkup. This year I turned 40 and I realize that I have to take precautions to protect my body against age-related diseases.

After completing my intake form and first-time visitor information, the nurse took me to a room to await the doctor.  A few minute later, the physician walked in.  My first impression of her was that she was younger than expected.  Maybe in her mid 30's.  When she looked at me, she seemed a bit surprised.  After confirming my name, the first words she said to me were "You don't look 40! What are you doing to look like that?  You look like you're 30!"

I smiled graciously at her comment then told her that I write about beauty and anti-aging topics. But since time was limited, I couldn't go into detail about what I think is contributing to my healthy appearance.  Since I'll probably go back to see her again in the future, I thought I'd write the post to refer her to.

Here we go.

How I'll Utilize My Planner to Crush My Goals in 2018!

We're in the final stretch of 2017.  Have you accepted any invites to any end of year vision board parties yet?  One of my friends mentioned hosting one this year and, unlike times past, I noticed a little internal hesitancy.  Don't get me wrong, vision board parties are great, but I feel that most of them aren't as powerful as they could be.

It's exciting to daydream about all the lavish experiences you want to enjoy someday. But how do you transform them into reality?  Vision boards are perfect for inspiration. But once we have a vision in place, we need to utilize tools to make our vision come alive.  The most practical tool available is a planner.

I've used a planner on, and off, for over a decade.  But in 2018, I want to tweak my methodology a bit.  Instead of using it as a time management tool, I want it to be the secret weapon that helps me achieve results like never before.

#ByePores// My DIY at Home Cryofacial Hack is nothing short of Genius.

Not long ago I had the pleasure of experience cryotherapy for the first time.  After the lady at the cryo center explained all the details of the treatment, she asked if I had any questions.  "Yes.....uh, do you do cryo facials also?"  Sadly, they didn't offer cryo facials so I made a mental note to search for spas in my city that offered the service.

Not long after, I watched a beauty video on Youtube from a Victoria's Secret model featuring her celebrity facialist. One of the pre-runway tricks shared was to fill a bucket with ice cubes and splash the ice repeatedly on the face.  The alternative was to purchase a set of super expensive cryo-sticks which are basically hand-held tools that you put in the freezer and place on the skin. They're a decent option, but they cost over $100 and I knew they couldn't create the same impact as ice directly on the skin.

Should I pay $50 or more for a single facial cryo facial session or do I buy the fancy stainless steel ice facial sticks?

The answer is neither! Because I've come up with a nifty little hack so that we all can enjoy cryofacials for just pennies a day.

What I learned from Friend Zoning all of my Suitors.

I don't write a ton on the topic of relationships because of my limited dating experience.  Although my dating life was short-lived, it was very intentional.  Looking back, I think there was value in my dating methodology.

The reason I'm writing about this out now is that I'm hearing more and more women provide dating advice that I experienced first hand.  Basically, my "dating strategy" was to friend zone every one who was interested in me.  Every last one of them. This approach had so many advantages and I'll tell you why.

Planning Financially to Accomplish Everything You Want in the Year Ahead (without budgeting).

As I plan for 2018, my two main intentions include experiencing additional travel along and making various improvements to my home environment.  Accomplishing both in the same year will require a substantial financial investment.  Without a defined plan, the year could slip by without accomplishing exactly what I set out to do. 

That's why I need to devise a plan. A plan that will give purpose and intention to how I spend and allocate my money. Therefore I ensure most, if not all of my goals come to fruition.

Fanny Bourdette-Donon's Beauty Faves + Her Facialist's Secret Weapon for Great Skin

Fanny Bourdette-Donon has been on my radar for quite some time. I think I may have stumbled upon her while looking into reviews and info about Dior's cult product--Lip Glow.  Fanny is a fan of the product. And rightfully so.  That's because Fanny is part of Dior beauty's public relations team.  

As the corporate face of Dior's beauty brand, Fanny knows the importance of putting her best face forward.  The woman has amazing skin.  Naturally, I wanted needed to know the intimate secrets of her beauty routine. It took a while but I think we finally have a glimpse of Fanny's favorite beauty items.

New Year, Who Dis?

Whenever December rolls around, I always make a bold declaration that the upcoming year will be even more incredible than the last.  So far, I've done a pretty decent job at meeting my expectations.


I place much of the credit to my annual end of the year ritual that sets me up for an amazing year ahead.