Ritualistic Consistency is they Key For Lasting, Powerful Results.

The other day I stumbled on a video from a woman sharing tips on how she lost a ton of weight.  I'm always curious about people who maintain long-term weight loss because it requires the successful implementation of new habits.  So I watched her video answering questions from her followers about her journey.  

The biggest lesson I got from the video was that, although her excess weight was long gone, she maintained the same habits that lead to her current results. One of her habits was to walk 6 miles a day.  Someone on the live asked how often she took her six-mile walks.  Most people would answer the question by saying 2-3 times a week or whatever.  But instead, she took a minute to think about it and responded by saying that she could only recall two days that she didn't take her 6-mile walk.  

Two days.

She lost nearly 100 pounds, kept it off, and still held on to the habits that created her amazing results.  Her story reminded me of a valuable life lesson.

Fall In Love With the Best Version of Yourself.

Personal development/self-growth requires working on yourself both inside and out.  I've invested years into elevating my mindset around topics like conquering fears, crushing my goals, creating abundance, etc.

I love working on my inner self!

But, when it comes to elevating my physical self, I notice some internal resistance.  I don't place a high priority on looking my best at all times.  The other day I had a conversation with a friend may have changed my mind forever.

I Bought Powdered Hyaluronic Acid! Here's What I'm Gonna Do With It.

I don't know about you guys but I've been enjoying my Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid products.  My skin absolutely looks it's best when well hydrated so I made a commitment to make moisture my first priority.

Hada Labo's products are good but I thought to myself, what would make them even better?

I'll tell you what....more hyaluronic acid!

But how is that even possible?

The Massage Technique That Sculpts Your Body In One Session. (All the Celebrities Are Obsessed)

The other day I just happened to catch an IG story featuring Justine Skye. There she was, laying on a massage bed enjoying a luxurious facial.  That's not too uncommon. It seems that every celebrity has a facialist they gush over.  But Justine was so complimentary about her treatment that I felt compelled to visit her esthetician's page.

It didn't take long to figure out what made this facial so special.  Justine wasn't experiencing any run of the mill skin treatment, she's was enjoying a lymphatic facial and massage from expert Flavia Lanini.  I've never heard of this woman before but it seems like a bunch of Hollywood it girls are huge fans.

So I ask myself, "why is everyone obsessed with Flavia's massages?" The answer to my question might be found in some of the striking before and after pictures on Flavia's feed.  It seems like Flavia has the ability to sculpt the bodies of these models and actresses in one session.  In some of the comparison photos, these ladies appear to look several pounds lighter after a single massage.

How is that even possible?

{summer skin} // Your New, Perfect Blush.

I view summer as a celebration of skin.  After months of layering warm coats and sweaters, we can finally give our skin a chance to shine.  In recent years, summer makeup consisted primarily of using various types of highlighting products.

Highlighters are cool but have you tried complimenting your skin with a product that enhances your soft, feminine features?

Tatiana Elizabeth Reveals Her Current Skin Care Obsession.

Early this morning, I received a notification that Tatiana Elizabeth launched a live video on Instagram.   I haven't been keeping up with her lately so I decided to jump.  She seemed to be on location on a modeling job.  Her makeup was stunning and was flawless.  After giving a few updates on how busy her schedule has been lately, she began answering the flood of questions.

As expected, her viewers noticed her ethereal glow and proceeded to ask her to spill the details.  Typically, Tatiana doesn't go into depth about her skin regimen.  She often responds to skin related questions with a plug for her skin butter line.  But, this morning, she was feeling slightly generous and let us know her current skin care favorite.

This MUA swears by Masking Cocktails to Create Her Perfect Glow.

Every so often, I'll receive a DM from one of you lovelies informing me of an Instagram Beauty secret reveal that I wouldn't want to miss.  Days ago, a reader sent a message after she witnessed the masking routine of a makeup artist known for creating the most beautiful glow on her clients.

The perfect glowy finish is nearly impossible to pull off unless you have an ultra smooth surface.  That's probably why this makeup artist is so serious about her masking routine.  In the stories, she created a "masking cocktail" comprised of two separate clay-based masks.  The moment I saw her mix the two products together, I was instantly inspired to create a masking cocktail of my own.

The Two Products That Got Lori Harvey's Glow Popping Again.

Lori Harvey is one of my favorite muses.  I love how she'll sometimes give us a glimpse into what products she's using to maintain her perfect skin.  Last summer, she shared a couple of IG stories that I quickly captured and filed away for reference.

I nearly forgot about that beauty secret reveal until I came across the lost files today.  In the stories, you see Lori proudly displaying her skin's insane glow.  She then proceeds to give thanks to two products that helped create such a magnificent outcome.

Let's discuss.

Try This // The Foundation Contour (for those of us with two-toned skin).

When contouring gained popularity, I took a look at the technique and decided that contouring wasn't really for me. But, at the same time, I realize that simply applying one shade of foundation over the entire face can sometimes produce a result that's flat and monotone. 

I thought there was no solution to the problem...until now.

Abs Are Made In the Kitchen, but This is the Key to Long-Term Weight Loss.

Losing weight isn't quite as difficult as keeping it off.  When we need to trim off a few pounds, we know what to do.  We modify our diet and the pounds start coming off.  That's because we're creating a calorie deficit.  Meaning that we consume fewer calories than we burn.  Simple enough, right?

Maybe not.

Because often times, the weight we lost months ago starts to creeps back. I've experienced this personally and most others have too. Why? Because long term weight loss is nearly impossible unless one major puzzle piece exists.

My Search for a Holy Grail Skin & Body Exfoliator is Now Complete

What's your definition of a holy grail product? For me, when a product reaches holy grail status, it means this product has met all of your needs. You no longer desire to seek out alternatives to create better results because you found the product of your dreams.

Well, ladies, I have found the exfoliating products of my dreams.  For years I've written about the impact of physical exfoliation and how it holds the key to beautiful skin.

  I've tested a lot of products in search of the one.  Today, I'm here to proclaim that I have indeed found my holy grail exfoliating products.  And life will never be the same.

Habit Swapping. How To Get Rid of Your Negative Habits For Good

Over the years, I've invested quite a bit of mental energy on eliminating bad habits.  I've tried some of the common advice you typically find online. A lot of those techniques haven't produced effective results.  Recently, I was inspired by a brilliant idea that might be the answer to getting rid of bad habits once and for all.

The Easiest Goddess Locs Install Technique That Anyone Can Do

This year I vowed to rely on protective styles all summer to avoid having to battle with the Florida humidity.  The very first style idea that came to mind were goddess locs.  Since I have a mini-getaway coming up soon so I decided that now would be the perfect time to try these silky dreads.

The first thing I did was head to Instagram and search the tag for a local stylist.  I landed on a page and admired the girls work.  Eventually, I clicked the bio link to her website and discovered that these locs could cost me nearly $400.  I understand that braiding styles are a huge time investment, but $400 was a bit pricey.  In actuality, I didn't need a stylist to hand wrap the individual locs. I needed a simple solution that would produce the same results.

And I think I've found it!

Will Smith Put Me On to My Newest Beauty Secret.

As you guys know, I'm a sucker for a beauty secret reveal.  Typically, the tips are coming from Instagram models and pseudo-celebrities. This time I was inspired by A-lister, Will Smith.  When you think of Will Smith, you don't expect him to share his beauty secrets.  You can imagine my surprise when I opened Instagram and saw his recent post from the set of another installment of Bad Boys.

The caption was simple, he explained how keeping his eyes and hands "soft and glowy."  The accompanying image showed Will sitting pretty as he wore undereye sheet masks.  What really caught my attention was gloved hand.  My first thought was "is he wearing a sheet mask for hands?!" 

Indeed he was.  Until that very moment, I had no idea that sheet masks for hands even existed.  As soon as that realization came, I was inspired with an idea of how to do this treatment at home for less.

[Try This.] Making Your Daily Fragrance Last Longer.

Every so often I'll walk by someone who smells absolutely amazing.  I still think about that person moments after we've crossed paths, simply because I was enamored by their scent. I've always wondered if I ever left an impression on a complete stranger because of the captivating nature of my favorite fragrance.

I  categorize my perfumes into two groups.  Group #1 is comprised of the date night/evening scents. The rest are the fragrances that fall into my everyday rotation.    My day time fragrances were hand selected to play an important role in my feel-good routine

The only problem is that some of my favorite every-day scents have very little lasting power.  Yes, I know that budget-friendly fragrances don't last as long. but I still want to extend them for as long as possible.

Thankfully, I've learned of a simple & effective hack that several people proclaim is a solid strategy for a longer lasting fragrance.




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