Be Inspired // The Visualization Process That Can Help You Manifest You Life Long Dream.

One major factor that helped achieved goals in the past was visualization.  I was introduced to the concept of visualization after watching The Secret.  There's a brief moment in the movie where they ask you to see yourself driving your dream car....imagine your hands around the steering wheel, etc.

As I attempted to complete the exercise, I found myself struggling to create a clear image which left me frustrated.

That was a problem.

Because I couldn't fully immerse myself into the experience, I had a hard time engaging the power of visualization to help me manifest. Although visualizing didn't come naturally to me, I kept trying.  Eventually, I was decent enough to utilize mental images to help me realize intentions.  But, because visualizing still doesn't come naturally to me, I tend to utilize other LOA tactics instead.  Recently, I stumbled on a video that inspired me to become an avid visualizer once again.  The video features a woman who manifested her lifelong goal through the power of visualization. 

Let's dissect her visualization process so we can apply it for ourselves.

If My Cleanser Doesn't Give Me Glowing Skin.....I Don't Want It.

For the longest time, I gave absolutely no though or attention to the type of cleanser I used on my face.  After experiencing dermatitis related skin peeling, I finally started looking for gentle cleansers that didn't irritate my skin.  This was a suitable solution.  But after a while, I noticed the need to rev up my exfoliation routine because the extra gentle cleanser wasn't doing a complete job of removing dirt and oil.  If I neglect my exfoliating routine, my skin kinda goes haywire with congestion and breakouts.

Nowadays, I use the help of apple cider vinegar toner to help keep my dermatitis at bay.  So an extra gentle cleanser is no longer an absolute must.  So now I have the opportunity to experiment a little to find an ideal cleanser that'll help me reach my overall skin goals.

Try This // The Hair Oil Recipe that Jumpstarts Major Growth.

Last year, I didn't focus much on my hair journey.  With the exception of chopping off a few inches of length late in the year, my journey was pretty uneventful.  So now that the new year is here, I'm thinking about what I can do to make up for lost time.

My strategy, this year, is to focus on scalp health.  If the scalp is thriving, our hair will thrive.  Just as I was putting my thoughts together around what I can do differently to promote healthy hair growth, an idea appeared on my timeline that I couldn't ignore.

Is Collagen Loading The Key To Experiencing More Beauty Benefits in Less Time?

It's that time of year where everyone is posting their newly formed health-based habits on social media.  Pretty much everyone is back in the gym preparing heavily to reveal their summer bodies.   Obviously, starting a workout routine right now is an excellent idea. But I'd also like to encourage you to also consider building your nutritional beauty routine before summer arrives.

This article is inspired by all the studies I've read over the years.  Most often, these studies are conducted within a 12-week timeframe.  Three months is typically the amount of time where people start experiencing measurable changes from their consistent efforts.

One thing we all want to experience for summer is healthy hair and glowing skin. My goal is to have my healthiest, most vibrant skin ever by the time summer rolls around. How will I do this? One of the many strategies I'll execute is "collagen loading."

So what is collagen loading exactly and what type of results can one experience by trying out a collagen loading protocol?

Let's Talk About What Drinking Green Tea Does For Our Skin.

I jumped on the green tea train a little late in life.  If you aren't a tea connoisseur, the taste of green tea can get some getting used to.  Last winter, I decided to get serious about my green tea consumption after studying some of its wonderful benefits.

At the time, I only focused on one beneficial aspect of enjoying green tea but now that I've learned of yet another positive attribute, I'm ready to become a regular green tea drinker for life.

Facial Rollers are Cool, But Have You Tried the Gua Sha Scraper?

Some years ago, I was introduced to jade facial rollers.  It was a neat little tool that designed to help with lymphatic drainage on the face.  When I first received my roller, I loved it! But, eventually, my jade roller took a back seat as I searched for more intense methods of lymphatic detox.

I veered back to manual facial massages because I found them to be a bit more intense and effective. But, in the back of my mind, I wish there was a better version of the facial roller out there.  It didn't take long before I was finally introduced to a new tool that revolutionized lymphatic facial toning.

2019 Intentions// Doing More of What You Love.

Since it's the last day of the year, you're probably doing some reflecting and focusing on the year ahead.  Typically, we tend to look back at everything that didn't go as planned and make promises to make different choices for the upcoming year.  This is a solid strategy that most of us are familiar with.  But since we're close to entering into a new decade (a new era in our lives), may I offer up another alternative?

The Single Ingredient Green Juice that Everyone is Obsessed With!

Not long ago, I wrote about focusing on "healthy drinking" when our diet isn't up to par.  Literally days after publishing the post, I was introduced to my newest healthy beverage.

While casually scrolling through Instagram stories, I happen to land on an image that featured a glowing review for a single ingredient green beverage.

Found! The Mystery Teal Mask that Everyone is Wearing.

In my opinion, very few experiences compare to the feeling of looking in the mirror immediately after masking.   Because masks have such a profound ability to impact the skin in such a short period of time, I've always had a love for them.

I've tried to stay abreast of the up and coming masks that appear on the scene.  'Cause you never know when you'll stumble upon something remarkable.  An interesting looking mask has been popping up on my Pinterest feed lately. What first stood out was its unique color.  Eventually, curiosity got the best of me and I just had to know more about this mysterious mask.

A couple of weeks past, and wouldn't you know it, someone shared an IG story showcasing their face covered in the elusive teal mask.

Finally, the mystery has been revealed.

Here's What You Should Be Drinking When Your Diet Sucks.

My diet has been terrible lately.  I've literally allowed myself full permission to eat everything I want.  I don't say this proudly because I'm pretty ashamed of how I've behaved lately.  Not just because I know that my indiscretions have resulted in a few unwanted pounds.  But because I think about the effects of my choices on my health and vitality.

I won't be able to continue eating like this forever.  Ideally, I'd wake up tomorrow and swear off sweets and fatty foods forever!  But I know that probably won't happen.  My taste buds and cravings are already way off track.   Instead of relying on the power of my non-existent willpower,  I'm going to take a totally different approach.

This Tiny Beauty Tool Has Taken My Skin's Moisture to New Levels.

I've done my fair share of hunting for amazing skin products.  At one point I stopped and asked myself,  "is it possible that instead of looking for the next best thing that I should seek out the ideal method of delivery?"

For the most part, we all apply skin care products using our hands.....and there's nothing wrong with that.  But what if we could enhance the experience (and results) by incorporating other methods that could be even more effective?

Style Obsession // She Wears The Pants.

For a while now, I've been desperately on the lookout for the perfect pair of jeans.  But now, my attention has turned a bit.  Yes, I could buy another pair of jeans but would they create the same level of impact as a great pair of slacks?

Your Goals Haven't Manifested Because of This.

A new year is fast approaching.  The upcoming year means new goals! Or perhaps you might still be working on goals that seem to be lingering around for years.  I thought about the goals that I chased for years and wondered why they remained stagnant for so long.  After a bit of reflection, I realized that all of my outstanding goals had one thing in common.

Although I seemed well versed in various law of attraction principles I still had challenges in manifesting certain outcomes.  What was confusing was that I was still manifesting wonderful things in my life, but some of my desires wouldn't budge.

What was the difference?

FOTD// the Blushing Lip.

For the past few months, I've been on the lookout for the ultimate pink lip stick.  One that matched my skin so beautifully that it didn't even look like I was wearing lip color. My intention was to procure the ultimate product that could enhance the look of my natural lip while creating a beautiful blush pink tone.

When fall rolls around, everyone starts to break out their wine and burgundy lip shades.  I have something else in mind.  What if, instead of reaching for our dark rouge matte lipsticks, we try a soft pink lip for winter?

Working At this Time Creates The Most Optimal Fat Burn.

For years now I've struggled with finding a way to work out consistently.  I think one of the issues is that I haven't really set aside a dedicated time to exercise on a regular basis.  I've dabbled in working out in the mornings, as an afternoon pick me up, and sometimes at the end of the day.

Thanks to a study published in 2017, I now realize that not all workout times are created equal. It turns out that workouts, when done at a certain time of day, actually have the power to greatly crank up your fat burning abilities.

Why Black Radiance's Lip Sculptor is One of My Favorite Beauty Finds

I haven't made too many beauty purchases in 2018, but if I were to identify my favorites, included in the list would be Milk Makeup's hydrating oil stick, products from Body Shop's vitamin C line and Black Radiance's Perfect Tone HD Lip Sculptor.

The HD Lip Sculptors were purchased on a whim.  I just happened to be at a drug store and thought I'd check out their makeup selection. When I saw the sculptors, something deep down inside urged me to take the plunge.  As I left the store, I was under the impression that I  purchased just another lip product. Little did I know that I was in possession of a product that would revolutionize my lipstick routine.

Try This// The 30 Day Feel Good Manifesting Process

We're entering the last month of the year. Ready to try an experiment?  This could be the experiment that could possibly change your life.  I make this bold claim because this exact process was able to change the life the man who faithfully practiced it. 

I tried an experiment that was very similar to this and achieved extraordinary results.  Now, I'm ready to do it again. This time, I'll be more consistent throughout the duration of the 30 days.  This guy's process was a bit more systematic than mine. As a result, he was able to manifest masterfully. 

If you're with me on trying out this 30-day Feel Good Manifestation challenge, here's exactly what we're going to do for the next 30 days.

May I Introduce You to the Toner of Your Dreams?

For decades, I've suffered from a skin condition that causes excessive flakiness and peeling all over my face and scalp.  It got so bad at one point that I actually sought the help of a dermatologist to address the issue once and for all.   Unfortunately, he wasn't able to provide me any valid strategies to treat the condition.

Sometime later, I stumbled on an all natural solution in the form of apple cider vinegar.  For years, ACV has been my daily toner. The acidic nature of apple vinegar is exactly what my skin needed.  Throughout the years, I've been able to manage my seborrheic dermatitis as long as I relied on the healing properties of ACV.

This past weekend, I stumbled on a possible alternative toner that may be even more amazing for my skin.

EVERYONE Swears By These Two Products To Eliminate Breakouts + Acne Scars

One of my favorite pastimes is scrolling through my Pinterest feed. There, I immerse myself in endless amounts of inspiration.  But, sometimes, I come across valuable content.  My favorites are the beauty secret reveals. Whenever one shows up, I take note and move on.

But, every so often, the same recommendation will pop up from several different sources.  That's when I sit up in my seat and take notice.

Today, I bring to you one such example of a little-known beauty secret that comes highly recommended.

Could This Be The Reason For Your Dark Under Eye Circles?

While shopping not too long ago, I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in a brightly lit mirror only to discover that my worst nightmare had occurred.  Starring back at me were tired looking eyes with visibly dark under eye circles.  At first, I didn't know what to think. Should I chalk it up to age?  Is this something that automatically happens once a person enters their 40's? 

Eventually, I was at peace with knowing that I could never leave the house again without undereye concealer.  But then I wondered if there was something else at play.  Could there have been another reason why suddenly my under eyes looked the way they did?