The Unlived Life You Desire Is Possible If You Overcome This.

Take a moment and reflect back on the goals you set for 2018.  How's the progress going? Do you feel like you're steadily working towards the realization of your desires?  If this isn't the case.  I'd like to suggest a solution that will unlock your ability to accomplish all of your goals.

The one thing that stands between you and what you want is resistance.  Our job is to identify then dismantle our resistance so it no longer stands in the way of what we want.

The Beauty Bias// How Embracing Your Femininity Could Actually Make You Happier

I've received a few requests to write about the topic of femininity.  I often hesitated because, growing up, I wasn't taught to nurture my feminine energy.  In fact, I can't recall a single conversation with my mother on the topic, with the exception of the typical talk covering hygiene.

She was the oldest girl in a family of seven. Much of her girlhood was spent helping to raise her siblings.  To her, it was important to be hardworking and industrious.  Those qualities were passed on to me and I'm grateful for that.  But, on the flip side, I was almost completely ignorant when it came to being comfortable expressing my feminine nature.

As a child, I recall examples of extreme feminity on television. Most of them portrayed ultra-feminine as hyper-sexual or how they used their womanly qualities solely for the purpose of attracting a man.  Because I was focused on getting good grades without the distraction of dating, I made the decision to suppress my feminine qualities.  My teachers always praised me for being smart so I took full ownership of that and decided to make it my main attribute.

In the back of my mind, I was still enamored with the idea of fully embracing my feminine attributes. In 10th grade, I transferred from a predominately white school to one with more diversity.  Once there, I was introduced to a whole new world of black women who were fully aligned with their femininity.

Summer Glow Project // Acid Toners Make Poreless, Perfect Skin Possible

We're getting into that time of year where we have to make shifts in our skin regimen.  Winter is all about hydrating with ultra-moisturizing products. But, as we transition to spring, we must be mindful of our skin's changing needs.

In staying true to the goal of replicating perfectly poreless skin by summer, I've decided to incorporate a product that can refine the skin & eliminate imperfections each and every single day.

Feature// The Side Hustle that Doubled her Income & Allowed her to Quit her Job

I love reading about the entrepreneurial journeys of others.  I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for those who shared their wins and struggles.  Today I bring the full story of someone you might be familiar with.  I featured Nikki in a previous article where she talked about how the Compound Effect helped inspire the launch of her business.

Today she's back and sharing her entire story.  She was faced with the difficult decision of leaving her long-term career for her passion.  Stepping out into the unknown is never easy.  Especially when we have the comfort of what we already know.  I believe in learning from those who have experienced what we want.  Nikki is one of those people.  Let's learn from her journey to success.

Everyone's Digging This Cucumber Hydrating Mist & So Am I!

A while back, this image showed up on my Pinterest feed. After reading the enthusiasm contained in the caption, I decided to file the image away for later.  I thought to myself that if I ever came across the item at Marshall's, I may give it a shot.

Fast forward a few months and I just so happened to be rummaging through the aisles at a random Marshall's.  There, staring back at me was a bottle of Pearl Essence Rose Water.  "Cool, I thought.....but I wonder if they have the cucumber version?"  Sure enough, they did!  After grabbing both bottles, I made my purchase which added to my facial mist collection.  

Little did I know that this facial spray would be one of my current favorites. 

3 Entrepreneurs Who Provide Endless Girl Boss Inspiration.

While I was in corporate America, I dreamt of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.  At the time, everyone I knew was also a part of the system.  Thank goodness for the internet.  There I found countless examples of successful people who launched their own company.  Back then, the silicon boom was still in effect. So all of the stories featured 20 something males who lived in San Fransisco.

Times have changed. Now pretty much anyone can launch and scale their own brand. This is good news for us because there's tons of inspiration available.  Even though I've been on my own for 3 years, I still look for women who are out there doing their thing!  Today, I'd like like to share a few of my entrepreneurial inspirations and why they're each so amazing!

Working Out? Make Sure You Do This to Supercharge Your Hair Growth

I'm back and ready to discuss a wild theory.  I've been thinking a lot about this and wanted to share with you all.  The topic today is related to an article I wrote long ago.

Basically, I discussed the premise of how physical exercise could spark hair growth.  When the idea first crossed my mind,  I tried to validate it by searching for the personal experiences of others.  Sure enough, I read multiple accounts of folks who claimed to have experienced increased hair growth once these started working out regularly.

Heck, even Adriana Lima attested to it.

In researching the experiences of others, it was evident that some reaped the healthy hair rewards of exercise while others didn't.  Genetics is sometimes blamed as the culprit for the disparity. And they could be right. But I think there's another factor at play.

Diddy and I both do this before bed. And it's changed my life.

It began about a month ago.  Cold temperatures meant that I had the heater on full blast.  An unintended side effect was extremely dry air.  The job of any good heater, or AC unit, is to control humidity.  This isn't a bad thing during summer.  But, when humidity levels are already low, plucking what's left of it out of the air is disastrous for the skin.

There were nights when I'd wake up extremely uncomfortable.  I thought that removing layers of clothing was the solution to help improve my rest.  But that wasn't the answer.  What I was dealing with was an onset of dehydration as I slept.  And it was pretty bad.

To solve the problem, I implemented a simple solution and have experienced a multitude of benefits ever since.

"Skin Snacking" What I'm munching on to create healthy, glowing skin

I'm a compulsive snacker.  When I'm bored, I'll reach for whatever's available.  Typically that means something sugary and devoid of nutrition.  But now I'm thinking about spring skin goals and I've made the conscious decision snack on foods that'll feed my skin from within.

I'm trying to keep everything easy & effortless. So basically, I plan to keep snack options around that I can feast on knowing that they'll bring me closer to my skin goals.  Here's the list I've compiled so far.

This Drug Store Product is the Official Lip Gloss for Spring.

The last thing I need is another lip gloss.  I have dozens of them.  With that said......I'm going to pick up one more.

Why? Because this lip gloss keeps appearing in my life and I'm finally going to take the hint.  Everyone raves about this drugstore gloss and it's now time for me jump on the bandwagon.

How I'm Leveraging The Weekends to Transform My Life.

How was your weekend?  Did you catch up on some much-needed rest?  Or were you busy taking care of errands that you can't fit in during the week? Perhaps weekends are a time for socializing and hanging out with friends.

I really want to tell you how I've been spending my weekends for the past few months......because it's changing my life.

The Highly Potent Form of Vitamin C that's Giving Everyone Amazing Skin.

As you may already know, I recently touched on the topic of incorporating the help of vitamin C in the battle for flawless skin.  The article was inspired by a comment I read on a forum where a woman who loaded up on vitamin C to battle a stubborn cold experienced glowing skin as an unintended side effect.

Once the article was published, I received a comment that was so valuable that I felt the need to continue this conversation of vitamin C and how it can transform our health & our skin.

Here's what the commenter had to say:

[trending.] Perfectly Poreless Skin & How to Create It.

Is it just me or have you noticed the flawless skin trend on Instagram?    Not too long ago my feed was saturated with heavily contoured faces coupled with an opaque matte lip.  Slowly, things started to shift and everyone wanted to show off their bare face.  Once these skin selfies started gaining traction, my timeline became flooded with image after image of the most beautiful skin I've ever seen.

My prediction is that perfectly poreless, glowing skin will be huge this spring & summer.  We need to get ready.

The Do's and Don'ts of Maximizing Your Workplace Earning Potential

There's an important conversation taking place right now about the pay wage disparity between women and their male counterparts.  This topic impacts millions of people and hopefully, the public conversations that are taking place will bring about real change in how pay wages are determined.

Until then, I'd like to give you a few tips based on my experience as an HR Manager on how you can increase your personal salary.

Fit By Spring! Hack Your Weight Loss with the Workout that Burns More Fat Than Jogging

We're approximately 60 days away from spring.  That's a little over 8 weeks.  And that's just enough time to trim down in time for warmer weather.  I dunno about you but this recent cold spell has been a disaster for my fitness journey.

Cold weather makes me eat more, wear oversized clothes, and move less.  These three ingredients create the perfect environment for extra weight to creep in.  With only 8 weeks left until we're wearing normal clothes again, it's time to ramp up our fat burning.

And I've got the perfect workout to do it.  Before you break out your jogging shoes, I want to remind you there's better workout that's scientifically proven to burn more fat more quickly.

STYLE INSPO | The Perfect Pairing of Formal & Casual Pieces.

I have a soft spot for looks that can be worn almost anywhere.  Recently, I found some wonderful inspiration via @seretix's Instagram. Actually, this look wasn't posted on her feed, it was a simple snapshot shared via a 10-second story.

When you browse her feed, you'll notice that Seretix has an impeccable sense of style.  Dressing well seems to come naturally to her.  While I love every single thing she wears, some of her styling options are more aspirational than wearable.

But as soon as this look appeared on my phone, I instantly wanted to recreate it.

Beet Juice Gives You Glowing Skin. Here's Why.

The other day, an image flashed across my Instagram stories that I immediately screen grabbed.  It featured Kayla Nicole, the fiance of NFL superstar, Travis Kelce.  One thing about this woman is that she has amazing skin.  In most of her stories, she's either sporting no makeup or ultra-natural makeup looks.

Thankfully, I happened to be on Instagram the day that she revealed her number one skin secret.

The Pitfalls of Being an Entrepreneur that No One Talks About.

I'm currently in the early stages of (hopefully) purchasing an investment property.  As a sat across the table from my mortgage advisor, I was told that my 2017 tax returns would be a major factor in whether I qualify to take on the financial burden of yet another mortgage.

Because I'm self-employed, lenders are a bit more cautious to loan me money. While sitting across the table from her, I reflected on my entrepreneurial journey.  Perhaps some of you would like to work for yourself one day.  We sometimes daydream about all the amazing wonders of self-employment. Nowadays, the dream of becoming an entrepreneur is heavily glamourized. But we should also discuss some of the realities of this type of lifestyle.

How to Live Your Best Life while Single.

The article I wrote about friend zoning your suitors received more feedback than I expected.  It seems that some of you are ready to explore the experience of being without a significant other for an extended period of time.

Welcome your new adventure! Being happily single will take your life in an exciting and unexpected direction.   But what should you focus on during this period of "being alone."

Getting Enough Vitamin C Will Give You Best Skin of Your Life!

The other day I was browsing a forum where one of the ladies wanted to share something that she noticed.  To help boost her immune system, and help fight a stubborn cold, she loaded up on her vitamin C intake.

Taking in all of that vitamin C was supposed to help her recover from her cold, but instead, it gave her incredible skin that she had to rave about.