Lymphatic Massage Update // Weight Loss & Other Benefits

Yesterday was the second installment in a series of lymphatic massages that booked after seeing the transformational power of these wellness treatments.  I actually didn't intend on booking a series, but after my first experience, I had to go back for more.

Now that I've multiple experiences, I'd like to share some updates on the benefits I've received thus far.

Feature// An Aesthetician Explains How Chemical Peels Are the Key to Perfect Skin.

I'm a sucker for amazing before and after skin transformation pics.  So when I stumbled on an Instagram story featuring a woman's skin that seemed to win the battle of hyperpigmentation, I stopped in my tracks.  The pictures were shared by a someone I followed and interacted with in the past so I immediately sent a DM.  

Turns out, the images belonged to a client. My curiosity peeked.  After a few follow up questions, I realized that she was very knowledgeable of the skin care questions I was throwing her way.   Eventually, I asked the obvious...."are you an esthetician?"  Once she confirmed that skin care was her job, I immediately got excited and mustered up the courage to ask she would answer some skin care related questions....specifically on the topic of hyperpigmentation and how to address it.

If you're curious about the most effective method to even-toned skin.  Keep reading.

All The Beauty Essentials You Need for Your Vacation

 I received an email from a reader asking about tips on what beauty items to pack while traveling.  Honestly, I thought it was such a great question that warranted dedicating an entire article on the topic.

 I traveled a bunch for work and basically had to live out of my travel bag.  I've also renewed my passport and have been traveling overseas a bit more.

I still have a couple more trips to knock out this year.  Here's a list of the must-have beauty products I always have in my travel bag.

Tracee Ellis Ross Let's Us In on Another One of Her Beauty Secrets

Don't you just love it when celebrities voluntarily reveal the tools and tricks their makeup artists are using as a part of their beauty routine?

I know I do!

This week, we've been blessed by Tracee Ellis Ross.  I admire Tracee's decision to age gracefully without the use of procedures that are commonplace in Hollywood.  Without the help of botox and fillers, one can get pretty creative with alternatives that help promote similar results.

Before Tracee goes on set, her makeup artist prepped her skin by first doing a mini-beauty treatment.  Typically, you'll notice celebrities often receive some type of mask before the makeup application process.  This time was no different. Instead of a full sheet mask, they opted to focus mainly on the under eyes.

What really caught my attention were the beauty tools her makeup artist used.  The blue orbs served as tools to help facilitate a quick facial massage.  Unfortunately, Tracee didn't tag the brand so I had to do some digging to find them for myself.

Feeling Stressed? Try This 15 Minute Activity That Makes You Feel Like You're On Vacation

Mondays can be stressful.  The thought submerging yourself back into a potentially unpleasant work environment can seem overwhelming.  I used to hate Mondays with a passion.  Lately, I've engaged in multiple conversations with friends who constantly express their disdain for Mondays. 

Sometimes it seems like our anxiety levels can get out control and we just have to endure.  Thankfully, I have some positive news to share.   It's possible to recreate feelings similar to taking a vacation simply, even while working, by incorporating one simple habit.

I Thought Oil Highlighter Sticks Couldn't Get Any Better....I Was Wrong.

I've noticed a pattern that I've been developing over the past couple of years.  Any beauty product that I find in the form of a solid stick, I want it.

It started innocently enough.   First I fell in love with the idea of acquiring concealers and other skin correcting items in an easy to carry stick packaging.  From then I learned of a moisture-enhancing stick by Korean skin brand Etude House.

It wasn't long until I was introduced to Glossier's Haloscope sticks which are highlighters that feature an oil-based core surrounded by light reflecting highlight. Of course I had to get one.

I thought I was set....but I still longed for something more.

One random visit to Sephora introduced me to Milk's oil stick which was like a dream come true.  I thought my days of hunting for makeup sticks were over. Until I learned that a better version of Milk's oil stick was in existence.

Natural Deodorant Not Cutting It? I Have the Ultimate Solution

The warmer it gets, the more I have a sense of dread of what's to come.  Not only do I have to worry about how my skin will react to the change in temperatures, I have to face my other fear.....managing sweating and body odor.

I often tell people that I hate sweating.  That's only partially true. What I really hate is feeling uncomfortable about whether my sweat is producing a noticeable scent.  Even if others don't notice, I hate wondering if will.

Add to that the fact that my husband has a sensitive nose...that makes me more self-conscious than anything.  This whole situation is compounded by the fact that I gave up traditional deodorants for natural alternatives.  The natural ones are great in theory, but they don't really perform well when it comes to sweat and odor protection.

But, today I'm here with good news.  I have officially found a solution that attacks sweating related odor at the source!  It works amazingly well and it's all natural.

[who to follow] 6 Instagram Socialites Living their Best Life of Luxury

Instagram gives us access into the lives of people that we don't typically interact with in our every day lives.  I love that Instagram is tool that allows us to experience a bit of inspiration every day.  One of the ways I fill up on inspo is by following some ladies seem to be doing it big.  These women enjoy the finer things in life and they aren't afraid to show it.

By checking out their feed, and stories, I'm whisked away to exotic locations, fine restaurants, and luxury shopping experiences.  May I introduce you to some of my favorite IG luxe socialites?

My Challenge to the Advice That Women Should Make The First Move.

Today I watched a lovely presentation by a woman who gave a multitude of reasons why women should make the first move in approaching potential suitors.  Honestly, she made a lot of great points. She even wrapped up her talk by giving a simple, easy to follow method for starting conversations with potential boo-thangs.

When the video was over, I felt a little unsettled.  Not necessarily because I disagreed with her method, but I felt like there needed to be a little more conversation on how to approach this strategy in a way where the woman avoids any potential pitfalls.

Here's what I mean....

How to Use Oil to Get Your Most Flawless Skin Ever.

While on the phone with a friend, she informed me of the skin woes that she's been experiencing recently.  Her normally perfect skin was going haywire.  Suddenly she was breaking out and her pores were constantly congested.

Without looking at her skin, I made the uneducated hypothesis that her skin was reacting to newly warmer weather.  A lot of things happen when temperatures rise.  Hot weather prompts our pores to produce excess oil which can lead to blockage and breakouts.  Not to mention that our skin might be a little congested from the dead skin cells that accumulate over the winter.

Warmer weather wakes the skin up again. And if we aren't careful, it could mean whiteheads and breakouts that seem to come out of nowhere.

Today, I'm here to offer a solution.  And that solution is possibly the opposite of what you might have in mind.

Use It or Store It! What To Do After High Carb Eating to Avoid Putting On Extra Weight.

What do you typically do after a big meal or after splurging on sweets?  If you're like me, you might experience a post-meal crash that leads drives you to lay perfectly still on the couch.  We're also bombarded with suggestions telling us to sit still after a meal to allow the food to digest. 

Resting after a big meal may like solid advice but, thanks to modern research, we're learning that this may not be the best approach....especially if you are trying to manage your weight. 

Here's why.

My First Lymphatic Drainage Massage Experience.

Not long ago, I talked about how celebrities were all flocking to experience a Brazilian lymphatic massage by a woman who's becoming very popular on IG.  These massages seemed to offer more than therapeutic benefits, they also made a drastic noticeable difference in just one treatment.  You can imagine my level of excitement to find out that someone nearby offered a similar service.

 No need to book a flight to LA!

Today I'm happy to announce that I had a chance to finally experience the infamous lymphatic massage first hand.  Here's a breakdown of what I liked about the massage and what I didn't.

Try This // The Pre-Swimming Treatment that Protects Your Hair from Chlorine.

I would love to learn how to swim.  But one thing that's prevented me from taking the plunge is the harsh effects of chlorine on the hair.  And chlorine is just half the battle.  There's also the concern of having the hair strand over-expand from too much exposure to water. 

I don't wanna risk it.

But, on the other hand, I'd love to have a pool in my back yard so that's even more incentive to learn to swim.

What about my hair?

 I can only imagine the possible long term damage from spending extensive time in chlorinated water day after day. What can be done?  Is there any way to sidestep the potential damage?

How to Transform Your Travel Experiences Into a Lifestyle

Last year I experienced some roadblocks that prevented me from traveling.  I had a close family member suffer a medical emergency and much of the year was dedicated towards the recovery process.  Thankfully, things are finally back to normal.  Once my schedule began to free up my very first thought was to take a short getaway.

Traveling is awesome. I wish I could do it more often.  One day, traveling will be a more frequent part of my life. But, until then, I've developed a plan to infuse my everyday life with elements that mirror my travel experiences.  In doing so, my life will have a similar vibe to an exotic getaway. 

Here's how I'm transforming my life to incorporate elements from my most recent vacation.

Here's My Perfect Strategy for Protective Styling.

Last month took the plunge and self-installed goddess locks as the first of many protective styles I plan to experiment with this summer.   I've been really hands-off with my hair lately.  So I decided that I need to officially put my hair away in hopes of giving it some much-needed rest. Hopefully, I'll be rewarded with some wonderful length retention.

A few weeks later, I removed the locs and did a quick mental assessment of how the experience turned out.  Overall, there were some pluses and minuses.  I'm ready to install a new set of goddess locs but this time, I'm doing things differently so I get the most out protective styling.




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