[style elements] The Little Red Belt Bag.

Every once in awhile I notice a micro-trend that really catches the eye.  I consider a micro-trend as a trend within a trend.  It's about noticing the style mavens who elevate a specific trend with their own unique twist.

As someone who loves to dress in basics, one of the most powerful ways I can enhance my look is by accessorizing to perfection.  Experimenting with jewelry and shoes seems like the obvious choice.  But I find myself enamored with the idea of wearing a beautifully designed red belt bag as a signature statement piece.

A belt bag is on my list of items to acquire....but as always, I was deadset on grabbing a solid black one.  Black is a classic color but a bag that is meant to be worn around the waist has a different purpose. It should serve as a focal point for your entire outfit.  A friend and I attended a fashion show then visited the showroom to check out the designer pieces available for sale.  Her eyes immediately gravitated towards a grey snakeskin belt bag. It was stunning.  The minute she tried it on, her entire look took on a different vibe.

It was an absolute must-have that she couldn't pass up.

Masking This Weekend? Make Sure You Do This First.

When winter rolls around, I sometimes tend to kick back and take it easy with my skin regimen.  Oil production slows and my skin isn't as hyperactive so I'm not as diligent as in summer.  With colder weather, activity in the skin seems to slow down.  This can be good and bad.  I don't experience the same amount of breakouts but it feels like the stuff in my pores don't reach the skin's surface.

Because we don't sweat as much, perhaps that affects our skin's ability to purge via our pores.  One way I'm combating this issue is to mask more frequently.  Masks are awesome, aren't they?  In just a few minutes they have the ability to erase a multitude of skin sins.  What I love about clay masks that they're diverse.   You can try a drug store priced brand like the cult fave Aztec Healing Clay or you can splurge a little and try a multi-mask like Glam Glow.

Whatever product you decide, make sure you include this step for maximum results.

The Case for Orange Blush on Brown Skin.

I'm a child of the 80's.  Back then blush was a really big deal.  Women loved to oversaturate their cheeks with blush to the point where it became excessive.  Even as an innocent child, I knew that what these women were doing was a faux pas they would one day regret.

 Since then I've had an unhealthy relationship with blush.  I didn't see it as useful and feared that wearing it would make me look like a clown.  Not to mention how difficult it is to find a blush that flatters deep skin tones.

Today I'm here to announce that I've finally overcome my hatred to blush.  How? This shift in my thinking is due to finding the shade blush that does what blush was supposed to do.  Blush isn't supposed to be some random bright color that contrasts with the skin, sitting atop of cheekbones.  It's supposed to replicate the look of enhanced blood flow to the cheek.

Orange blush does just that.

IG Beauty Secret \\ The Two Lip Products That Create the Perfect Nude Lip.

You may remember an article I wrote about finding a muse to emulate when you begin your glo up journey.  Well, I'm happy to report that one of my muses revealed one of her signature beauty secrets on Instagram and I can't wait to share it with you today.

The Free App That'll Get You Summer Ready Now!

Every holiday season & winter season, I find myself slowing getting softer and softer as I put on extra weight.  Typically, I wait until warmer weather to frantically lose the extra pounds by summer.  This year, I'm taking a different approach.

It's only been a couple days since Thanksgiving and I've already begun putting on the holiday pounds.   I had a choice to make...either do nothing and let the weight compound or I can take a small step that could have a huge impact.

Set Yourself Up for a Powerful 2020 By Asking Yourself This Question.

As the year comes to a close, I have this burning desire to work on myself and my surroundings.  It's been a habit of mine for years.  When I worked a traditional job, I would always ask for the last two weeks of the year off.  To me, the last two weeks were sacred.  That block of time was always dedicated to reflection + preparation.  

Reflection allowed me to look back and show gratitude for the wonderful manifestations I experienced throughout the year.  I have this weird habit of only looking forward and sometimes forgetting the achievements of the recent past.  That's why reflection is important.  Reflection helps remind us that we have successfully created before which helps build confidence that it can be replicated in the future.  

In 2020 and beyond, I'd like to do things a little differently.  Along with investing the last few weeks in the year into a massive manifestation project, I'd also like to build the daily of creating in real-time.

Don't get me wrong, setting aside dedicated time for massive manifestation is absolutely necessary.  That's how I accomplished a lot of the big goals I set for myself in the past.  A focused period of massive action is sometimes needed.  But.... I also want to make the act of creating an active, ongoing process. 

Get Into Body Serums - Cause Hydration Isn't Only For Your Face

I can't tell you the last time I purchased a bottle of traditional body lotion.  I have a few that I use on my hands and feet but body lotion just doesn't do it for me anymore.  They mean well, but aren't able to deliver the level of hydration that I'm searching for.

In spring and summer, I typically rely on whipped butters and oil-gels to do the job.  But, when seasons change my skin really craves water-based moisture.  Dry winter skin is atrocious.  Lotions try their best but they mainly coat the skin rather than hydrate it intensely.  Thankfully, there are a new line of products available with the power to banish dry skin forever.

[Bedside Beauty] The Essentials that'll Save My Skin This Winter

With winter around the corner, I'm scrambling for ideas on how to proactively treat my skin.  Last winter, I realized that the biggest area of opportunity to really infuse moisture into the skin is before bed or early morning hours.

I can't tell you how many times I've woken up overnight feeling parched from head to toe.  My lips were dry, I was thirsty, and my skin was suffering.  I just don't do well at all in low humidity conditions.  This winter I'm winning the war on dryness thanks to my new little beauty kit.  Last year, I made sure to keep a bottle of water within arms reach of my pillow at all times.  The benefits I experienced were numerous. Now I'm ready to take things to the next level.

Let's have a chat about the bedside beauty essentials that'll save my skin this winter.

Living Collagen-- the Most Powerful Form of Collagen in Existence.

I've discussed my love for collagen here at length.  Ever since I learned of the existence of a product with the ability to help restore lost collagen, I was sold.  As the years passed, I learned more about how to best incorporate collagen into our regimen for maximum benefits.  My journey first began with finding high-quality collagen products.  Then I learned of collagen loading which involves making sure we consume enough collagen peptides to experience visible benefits.

I thought I knew everything possible about how to enhance my collagen regimen until recently.  While searching for natural energy supplements on Amazon, I found some product recommendations that have pretty much changed my life.

Micro Needling Patches // The Evolution of Sheet Mask Proven to Fight Wrinkles

The other night I had a conversion with a friend who was in the process of researching botox as an option to treat her forehead wrinkles.  While botox is an effective solution for dealing with (and preventing) wrinkles, it's expensive.  There's also the unwanted side effect of looking like botox face from overuse.  Botox might work but I like first seek out more natural solutions.

As luck would have it, I happened to stumble upon a treatment option that is much more natural, and less expensive than botox.  Best of all, this product is readily accessible and was shown in studies to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How to Ensure that Your Life Thrives in 2020.

This weekend I randomly jumped on a life-changing Instagram session.  Her intention was merely to catch up and share some life updates but something she said really struck a nerve.  At one point during the Live, she talked about how her life was now thriving and how life was good before but now she was experiencing a new level.

Once the Live ended, I did a little self-reflection and asked myself, "am I thriving?"

The honest answer....."no."

Don't get me wrong, things are good.  But good isn't the same as thriving.  With a new year coming soon, I'd like to set myself up to thrive in 2020.  Let's talk about how to do that.

Justine Skye's Morning Beauty Routine + The Product that Gives Her That Glow.

If I had to compile a list of all the women who I think have amazing skin, Justine Skye would absolutely make the list.  I've been patiently waiting for the day when her skincare routine was fully revealed.

That day has come.

Elle reached out to Justine for her to give us a glimpse of her morning wakeup routine.  After reviewing the video a couple of times, it seems pretty legit.  Justine pretty much rushes through the products she used and doesn't take time to fully explain the names of each product used.  That leads me to believe this is an #unsponsored reveal of her actual skincare faves.

Best of all, I've stumbled on a couple of recommendations that I'll probably add to my own collection.

Quantum LOA -The Art of Manifestation at a Masterful Level

Most of us have been familiar with L.OA. principles for a while now.  If you've practiced the Law of Attraction, you've probably manifested some wonderful outcomes into your life.  I enjoy incorporating the Law of Attraction but I think it's time crank things up to the next level.

How will we do this?

By practicing Quantum Manifesting.  Basically, it's like a more powerful version of the Law of Attraction by introducing the principles of quantum physics.  Although the concept may sound complicated, it's actually pretty easy to execute if you know the fundamentals. 

Found! My *New* Morning Gua Sha Routine.

When it comes to low-tech facial tools, the gua sha has got to be one of my favorites. I loved picking it up, while bored, and completing a series of strokes to get the blood flowing.

Where I messed up was that I didn't have a dedicated routine to follow.  As a result of that, I found myself using my beloved gua sha less and less.

Then things changed when I logged into YouTube, recently,  and was greeted with a video recommendation that would get me back on track.

How an Electric Tea Kettle Is Elevating My Wellness Routine.

Years ago, my brother's fiance bought him a fancy electric tea kettle for his birthday.  As a tea connoisseur, this gift made perfect sense.  Although it was a great gift, I thought spending over $100 for a specialty tea kettle was over the top.

Recently, I asked him how he and his fancy tea kettle were doing.  To this day, he still claims that it's one of his favorite and most prized possessions.  When he wakes up in the morning, there's hot water waiting for him at a specific temperature the creates the perfect cup of tea.  I snickered at his adoration for an overpriced electronic and continued to boil water the old fashioned way.

Not long ago, my husband interrupted my work asking if I had something on the stove.  Suddenly, I remembered boiling water to enjoy some tea.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten all about it and allowed the water (once again) to completely evaporate.  Begrudgingly, I came to the conclusion that I probably should cave in a get a tea kettle that would prevent me from falling into the same predicament over and over.

Best decision I ever made.




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