Monday, June 29, 2020

For the past several years, the biggest thing in makeup was the highlight.  Your makeup look wasn't complete until you dusted your cheekbones and adequate amounts of highlight.   Heck, I even remember when the girlies were dabbing the tips of their noses with highlight just for the sake of it (is nose tip highlight still a thing?)

For the most part, the trend of overly highlighting the face has calmed down a bit. Now, it's all about a healthy, dewy face that shows off your amazing skin.  This creates the opportunity to place more focus on our beautiful features.

And what better feature to highlight than your lips?

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Wearing protective face masks every day has really caused me to finally focus on the part of my beauty routine that I've been pretty much eyes.  When the bottom half of your face is covered up, all attention land on our eyes by default.

At my big age, I should have a robust anti-aging routine for my eyes.  But I don't.  Sure, I rub a little facial moisturizer into my eye creases, but that's about it.  Before I invest hundreds into eye creams, I thought I'd take an internal approach instead.

Thankfully, I've stumbled on a supplement proven to improve eye wrinkles in weeks....

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Back when my skin was an absolute mess, it was darn near impossible to find a skin expert who also specialized in treating dark skin. I put in countless hours of research to discover a woman on the other side of the country who was revered for creating beautiful skin for black the biggest names in Black Hollywood.

 Times have certainly changed.  There's a beautiful uprising of black women who've entered the professional skincare beauty space.  Some have gained notoriety via social media.   Others are quietly doing their thing at a nearby skin studio.   Today, we're talking to Samantha, a skin therapist who immediately caught my attention.  It wasn't just her interesting and electric Instagram feed that drew me in, but also the fact that she's a skincare professional working alongside a WOC specializing in surgical and non-surgical treatments. 

I haven't stepped into a skin treatment spa in nearly a year. I wanted to find out which new treatment to experience once I make my triumphant return.   Keep reading to find out the answer to that question and more.

Monday, June 1, 2020

I couldn't wait for summer so I could take advantage of longer days.  In my mind, longer days would provide the opportunity to fit in everything I wanted and needed to do within 24 hours.  Unfortunately, this hasn't been case.  I often find myself wishing I completed a few more items off my list. 

Most of what needs to get done falls into two categories.  The tasks that come with little/no resistance and the ones that I have a mental struggle in getting done.  Honestly, getting over the resistance is half the battle.   Most of the time, the task itself isn't that bad.

How many times have you forced yourself to do something only to realize that it wasn't as dreadful as your mind pictured it would be?

If getting started on a task is something you struggle with, I have a super-easy solution for you.
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