Meet the Skin Therapist Who's Mastered the Art of Multimasking

Back when my skin was an absolute mess, it was darn near impossible to find a skin expert who also specialized in treating dark skin. I put in countless hours of research to discover a woman on the other side of the country who was revered for creating beautiful skin for black the biggest names in Black Hollywood.

 Times have certainly changed.  There's a beautiful uprising of black women who've entered the professional skincare beauty space.  Some have gained notoriety via social media.   Others are quietly doing their thing at a nearby skin studio.   Today, we're talking to Samantha, a skin therapist who immediately caught my attention.  It wasn't just her interesting and electric Instagram feed that drew me in, but also the fact that she's a skincare professional working alongside a WOC specializing in surgical and non-surgical treatments. 

I haven't stepped into a skin treatment spa in nearly a year. I wanted to find out which new treatment to experience once I make my triumphant return.   Keep reading to find out the answer to that question and more.

Tell us a little about yourself 
  My name is Samantha Mims, I'm 28 years old and I'm a Skin Therapist/ founder of skincare service, Dermasaa. I work within the practice of Brooklyn Face & Eye alongside Dr. Chaneve Jeanninton, an oculofacial plastic surgeon, and our services are designed to complement one another. 

 What got you interested in skincare? 
I've always been someone who's taken interest in beauty and wellness. From a very young age, I've explored the world of beauty by reading and applying ingredients from my kitchen onto my skin. I dealt with acne in my teens and I never had a Dermatologist to treat any of my skin conditions. I basically treated my own acne and got my skin to good health. That was a defining moment for me. 

I see that you developed a "wholistic skincare service" (DERMASAA). Can you go a little into what that service entails and your inspiration behind it? 
Dermasaa is made up of a combination of services specific to each skincare need and type. As a Skin Therapist, commonly known as an Esthetician, my work requires me to analyze and perform a variety of treatments focusing on the skin's appearance. I studied Health Promotions and Science for 4 years at Saint Francis College and afterward went onto obtaining my license at Christine Valmy School Of Esthetics. I can say that my time in college really helped solidify my path to doing the work that I do now. Before I created Dermasaa, I started out making body salves and exfoliants for close family and friends. This was the start of me discovering my love for customizing treatments for people and various skin concerns.  

I was reviewing your list of services and came across one that I've never heard before (Microinfusion).  Can you talk more Microinfusion and the benefits? 
Microinfusions deliver a customized cocktail of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to just below the skin surface for improved texture, smaller pores, and overall glow via a small stamp-like tube with microneedles. It's nice because there's no down-time and it's the perfect pick me up for the skin. 
Sam chillin' at her Skin Studio
Of all the services you provide, which one(s) do you think can transform the skin the most? 
I think all of the services provide great benefits for the skin in its own way but my signature facial is really special. It includes most of our add-on enhancements like hydrodermabrasion, microcurrent, microinfusions, and LED light therapy.

What's your current skin reggie (day & night)?
 My morning routine is slightly similar to my evening routine but specifically, in the morning, I'll start with a good cleanse, followed by a toner/essence. I've been incorporating gua sha (a natural alternative therapy to improve circulation)  during my morning regimen, paired with treatment serums like vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, or face oil. Afterward, I'll finish with my moisturizer and lastly an SPF no matter if it's rain or shine. At night essentially I'll do the same steps but I'll include retinol, followed by a hydrating serum and a night cream. 

 I cleanse with Epi.logic Glycolic Clean Reveal Brightening Glycolic Cleanser, followed by their Even Balance Toner. After I've cleansed and toned I'll reach for my treatment serums (Daily Dose Vitamin C Serum and the Master Plan Collagen Renew Growth Factor Serum)  I'll typically use the two right before I do some gua sha and I'll finish with a Waterfall Glacier Water Cream by Saturday Skin as my moisturizer, and Elta MD Translucent SPF 40 as my last step. 

In the evening, I'll follow the same steps from cleanser to toner then I'll incorporate the Double Feature Retinol prior to applying the Master Plan Collagen Renew Growth Factor Serum. Essentially, I'll alternate between using a moisturizer ( Total Package Moisturizer) and an overnight mask a few times out of the week. If I decide on a sleeping mask, I'm usually using the Skin Regimen Overnight Pro-Vitality Mask

Your skin is gorgeous, has it always been flawless? What's your go-to for dealing with hyperpigmentation? 
Thank you! It hasn't always been good to me but I try to keep my skin in a good place by doing monthly treatments and updating my regimen from time to time.  When hyperpigmentation arises, I typically rely on acids like AHAs and BHAs to address the scarring. It really increases exfoliation which is essential to brightening the skin.

I noticed that you'll sometimes whip up "specialty masks" by mixing/combining ingredients & products.  What's the benefit of blending masks together and what advice would you give if someone wanted to try that at home? 
Multi-masking is my thing. It's something I always do in my services, as the skin differs in certain areas of the face. Some people deal with a combination of oily and dry skin and that requires two different treatments. This is definitely something that can be practiced at home with any of the treatment masks you have. My advice would be to know what you're targeting and treat it accordingly. 

Do you have a regimen to nourish your beauty from the inside?
My diet consists of a large consumption of vegetables and fruits however I enjoy seafood like fish and shrimp on special occasions. I also take multivitamins daily along with herbal and probiotic teas for gut health. Every now and then I'll indulge in what I consider "unhealthy choices" but primarily, I'm a conscious eater.  
You're stuck on a desert island and can only bring 3 skin products with you, which do you bring?
Great question. I'd definitely bring a cleanser as that is the most important part of a skin routine. An exfoliator would be my second pick and lastly but certainly an SPF to protect my skin from daily exposure to the sun. 

These are a few of my takeaways from Samantha's interview:
1.  I NEED to try a microinfusion skin treatment. 
2. Gotta try multitasking this weekend (I'll play around with using a hydrating mask on my forehead and clearing masks on my cheeks and chin).
3. My quarantine diet consists of too little fruit or veggies.

Be sure to check out Samantha on either of her Instagram pages @samsaa and @dermsaa.  Feel free to give her a follow or reach out to her with skin-related questions or to book an appointment. 

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