Be a Dior Lip Oil Girl with These Exact Dupes for Less


Not long ago, I invested an unspecified amount of time organizing all my lip products.  After filling a small acrylic tower with various glosses, balms, and lipsticks, I decided that maybe it was time to retire from buying lip products until further notice.  

I held firm to my promise of exercising constraint until I learned of the existence of the holy grail of lip products "Dior Lip Glow Oil."  I resisted temptation for so long -partly because I already owned Dior's Lip Glow Balm-and thought that getting another lip product, from the same brand might be a little excessive (especially at Dior prices).  

So I quickly squashed the idea and attempted to move on with my life.  

...but the internet wouldn't allow it.  I would be minding my business, scrolling on Twitter, when a random Dior Lip Oil tweet would come across my timeline.  

After the 10th "Dior Lip Oil is the best thing ever invented and I will never live without it again" tweet, I developed a serious case of FOMO.  I was already a fan of their Lip Balm, what if the Lip Glow was even better?

Before Taking the plunge, I posted a story on IG asking y'all what I should do?    
By a narrow margin, the "get a dupe" option came out on top so that's exactly what I did. One of the first options that came to mind was Elf's Reviver Lip Oil.  The second- and I mean the second- I applied the Reviver Lip Oil across my lips, I knew that oils would be taking over my life.  The rich, non-sticky texture combined with the subtle yet noticeable pigment made for a perfect combination. 

Best of all, Elf's version was 1/5th of the cost of the original.  I was ready to go back and purchase more varieties of these Elf oils when I learned that other budget-friendly options existed.  NYX jumped into the lip oil game with their Fat Oil Lip Drips which come in various yummy shades.  There are also a ton of Dior Lip Oil dupes on Amazon that look and feel similar to their designer counterpart. 

The reviews for the Amazon lip oil dupe seem pretty legit so I have to grab one for myself.

Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2024
This definitely gives the Dior lip oil a run for its money! Literally less than half the price and it’s the same formula IMO! Smooth not sticky and last for hours! It gives a pretty effortless shine. This will stay in my purse. My new go to gloss.

Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2024
Just like the dior lip gloss but for a fraction of the price. Love it!

Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2023
Dior dupe! Shade, Scent, texture, packaging. Not sticky at all and is the exact same as the original.
Thanks to Elf, NYX, and this brand on Amazon, we don't have to miss out on the lip oil craze that Dior created.  Like I said, I already have a bunch of lip glosses but this oil feels different. The consistency is thicker, richer which makes it last so much longer. None of my glosses last as long. Perfect for dry winter weather.  

With so many options, there's no excuse to not add a nourishing lip oil to your collection.  

*Disclaimer: I might still get Dior's lip oil anyway cause...I don't know if my mind will rest until I've tried it for myself.*

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