There's A Japanese Hair Dryer That Shoots Collagen Directly Into Your Hair.

Healthy Hair

If you're a long-term reader of this blog, you know that I'm a massive fan of technology in the beauty industry.  I'm particularly interested in the progress and development of beauty tools.  Especially since, when it comes to hair, most styling tools inadvertently result in damage. 

Manufacturers understand that creating a healthier version of a flat iron, curling iron, or hairdryer, is a key to success so they're constantly trying to outdo themselves.  Enter a Japanese beauty supplier by the name of Tescom.  They are the originators of healthier heat styling.  And now they've outdone themselves by developing a line of styling tools that could potentially create healthier hair.  

Here's the kicker, they have a blow dryer that claims to "promote hair growth" and "protect the hair" via the power of collagen.

We're all familiar with collagen and its ability to promote healthy hair growth....but only when it's consumed internally.  

How on earth can a hairdryer promise to create healthier hair through the power of collagen?  

The Collagen-Platnium dryer is uniquely designed to hold a small cartridge aka "the collagen box".  This cartridge emits an ultra-fine mist of hydrating ingredients made to penetrate and reinforce the strands.   The dryer also features negative ions which drastically reduces drying time.  Another desired effect of negative ions is their ability to seal the cuticle layer, helping keep the hair moisturized & shiny. 

So far, Tescom's Collagen hair dryer technology hasn't flooded the U.S market but it is available on Amazon so I was able to find this review.

I finally bought this bad boy after months of reading the reviews and justifying the cost. I used this blow dryer for the first time yesterday morning, and it’s a game-changer. I can’t believe what a dramatic difference it did to my hair. My hair is looking healthy, soft, sleek, silky smooth, and Holy Shiny Hair with no additional products applied! The price is nothing compared to the end results you get when you blow-dry your hair. I have paid way more on the other brands before this, which has completely dried my hair out and damaged my hair. They talk about healthier and I didn’t think that was even possible in a hairdryer! Where has this been all my life? Best investment EVER. It is worth every penny, and more!!


Over the years, I've collected a myriad of hair dryers but I still haven't found the one.  

Could this nano-collagen dryer be the one? 

I've been heat styling regularly and, so far, I haven't experienced much damage.  But avoiding damage is doing the bare minimum.  I want to experience healthier, more resilient hair every time I blow dry.  

Nowadays, a lot of hairdryers boast of negative ion technology as a selling point.  But Tescom introduced negative ion dryers all the way back in 1992.  Now, every reputable heat styling brand offers this technology.  Does this mean that collagen-infusing hairdryers will be commonplace in the future? 


But if you don't want to wait around for brands like Revlon to adapt to this revolutionary advancement in blow-drying, give Tescom a try. 

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