Hemi-Squalane Might Be the Most Lightweight Beauty Oil in Existence.

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 A couple years ago, I was introduced to one of my favorite hair and skin oils--squalane.  The moment squalane entered into my life, everything changed.  This oil is phenomenal because of its lightweight texture and its ability to feel silky and non-greasy.  

Once squalane came into my life, I thought nothing else could be better.  But perhaps I was wrong. 

Little did I know that squalane had a close cousin by the name of hemi-squalane. But unlike the original, which is sourced from olives, hemi-squalane is derived from sugar cane.  You're probably asking yourself, "what difference does that make?"

It makes all the difference in the world.

Apparently, sugar cane derived squalane has a much lower molecular weight.  This makes it much more lightweight, easier to spread, and even less greasy than the original.  Now, if you're familiar with squalane, you know how lightweight it is compared to other carrier oils.  Imagine an even lighter weight oil?

Think of the possibilities.

My very first thought was "this would be a great summer oil!"  Imagine an oil that so lightweight that you can wear in the summer without looking/feeling greasy.  Someone referred to hemi-squalane as the "the least greasy oil of any she ever tried."  I even heard some describing it as almost having the consistency of water.   

People who've tried hemi-squalane can't stop raving about how much their hair loves it.  I'm guessing that the lightweight consistency allows it to better penetrate.  Plus, squalane leaves behind a silky texture similar to silicone which makes it optimal for styling and reducing frizz.   

Squalane is my absolute favorite bed-time oil (#gotobedgreasy) so I CAN NOT WAIT to get my hands on hemi-squalane

~ I'm gonna put in on my body after a shower.

~ I'm gonna put some in my hair after moisturizing (I might even blend with my hair moisturizer).  

~I'm going to pour some into my leave-in spray bottle. 

~I might even add it to my Misto Olive Oil Spray Mister.

I'll basically be covered in hemi-squalane from head to toe. 

 If you've been afraid to use oil on your face, hemi-squalane is the answer.  Now is your time.  

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