Why Saying "I need to" is a Form of Limiting of Self-Talk


This year, I didn't create a ton of resolutions.   Instead, I decided to simply to observe my behaviors in real-time to determine what areas I needed to make a change.

My main focus this year is maintaining a high level of vibration as often as possible.  This means carrying around positive energy that helps me to attract more of what I desire.  

Last week I experienced a breakthrough.  I uncovered a limiting habit that was holding me back.  On the surface, this habit doesn't seem all that bad.  We probably do this without even a second thought.  If you have a tendency to say to yourself "I need to do xyz," I invite you to alter this habit slightly, and here's why...

Last week, I had an epiphany.  While executing my morning routine,  I silently recited a list of tasks I needed to complete.  As I complete the list, I realized that a lot of the action items were carried over from previous days (and weeks).  

This made me pause and reflect.  Why was I not completing my list of to-dos?  My schedule isn't super-busy, I don't have a ton of obligations. The main reason why I wasn't doing what needed to be done was simply because of internal resistance.  


I resisted taking certain actions because they felt more like obligations versus desires.  Let me explain the difference.  Language is very powerful.  The tongue has the power of life and death.  For this reason, we have to be very aware of our internal conversations.  

When I say, "I need to work out,"  I'm creating an obligation and obligations can sometimes feel burdensome. Which is why we sometimes avoid doing that which we need to do?  By saying, I need to work out, I'm also reinforcing the fact that I rarely work out.  

Need only exists in the absence of something. 

What's a better alternative? 

One option is to mentally shift your obligation into desires.  So instead of saying, I need to work out, you might think to yourself, I want to work out today because I enjoy the rush of energy I get after a workout.

See the difference?

Instead of:  I need to clean my closet
Try: I want to organize my clothes and create a closet that inspires me

Instead of:  I need to work on my business
Try:  I want to learn a new marketing strategy that I can apply to my business today

Think of all the things you need to do but have been avoiding for whatever reason.  I'm sure you can come up with a shortlist.  Next, try reframing each item on the list in a way that motivates and inspires you.  I've been using this technique for the past couple of days and it works beautifully to minimize internal resistance.  By fully expressing my desire to complete the task (and why) my mindset makes a complete shift which makes the tasks easy to complete.  

This method works well if you're taking on new habits/routines.  Anytime you notice any internal resistance, you simply have to reframe the conversation in your mind into one that is more desirable, empowering, and motivating.  

Give this method a try and see how quickly you can change things around. 

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  1. THIS!!! I literally had the same epiphany a week or so ago regarding work. I've been doing more work shifts than usual, and I kept hearing myself saying "I HAVE to go to work today". I realized that I could rephrase that to " I GET to go to work today and earn some funds towards my goals". It was powerful for me!


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