The Overnight Lip Mask that's Better (and cheaper) Than Laneige


 The amount of lip products I own kinda worries me.  I feel like I'm stuck on this endless search for the most perfect lip hydrator known to man.  Last year I invested a small fortune into various iterations of Laniege's lip sleeping mask. I actually like their sleeping lip mask.  It's creamy, soft and does a pretty decent job of nourishing my lips.  

Only one problem.

It's kinda iffy as an overnight sleeping mask.  I can't remember a time when I wore Laneige before bed and actually woke up to find the product still on my lips.  For this reason, I reverted back to using Aquaphor at night and Laniege during the day.  Once I discovered the existence of "the gym lip,"  I took the idea and ran with it.   Wearing Laneige during the day has been working for me but I still crave something similar to use at night.  Aquaphor is great but not as nourishing as I'd like.  

The good news is that I think I stumbled on the perfect Laniege dupe. 

According to the internet, Klavuu is the cheaper and better version of Laniege's iconic lip mask.  

Let's discuss. 

I first learned of Klavuu when someone asked for a recommendation for the best lip treatment. A lot of the replies were recommendations for Aquaphor & Laneige.  But what perked my ears were the comments that introduced me to a brand I'd never heard before.  Apparently, Klavuu "blows Laneige away."  

Klavuu Lip Sleeping Mask
Klavuu Lip Sleeping Mask

I needed to know why Klavuu's lip mask was so well regarded by those who've used it.  Here's what I found after diving headfirst into the reviews.  The number one reason why I hit the "buy now" button was because those who loved Klavuu's lip mask said that it stayed on all night.  This is my one qualm with Laneige so it seems that Klavuu is the answer to my Laniege woes.  

Those who love it boast about the non-sticky formula.  They also can't get over how soft and moisturized their lips become after using Klavuu.  The formula is so good that they also wear it as a lip balm during the day.  Several reviewers had no problem declaring their love of Klavuu compared to its counterpart.


Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 7, 2021

I like this more than Laneige


The reviews are cool, but I wanted to know more about what makes this different (better?). I think I found the answer in the ingredients.  At first glance, it appears that Klavuu's formula contains more oils. Specifically, Klavuu has avocado, castor, sweet almond,  apricot oil, and vitamin E.  For those who prefer a dimethicone-free formula, Klavuu is your best bet.   The addition of plant oils could be a reason why Klavuu has lasting power. Plant oils are exceptional for sealing in moisture.  And, unlike my beloved Aquaphor, Klavuu also contains water which means it can add moisture to my lips while also sealing the moisture in with yummy oils.   

If this lip mask outperforms Laniege like everyone is saying, it'll immediately become my go-to daily lip product whenever I'm chillin' indoors (spf lippies whenever I leave the house). The timing of my finding out about this superior lip treatment is perfect because dry lips aren't only a winter problem.  Being indoors in AC all day is also drying 'cause air conditioning units work hard to pull humidity (moisture) out of the air.  

Don't get me wrong, Laneige is still a great formula and I plan to continue using whatever I have left on hand.  But, it's no longer my go-to nightly lip treatment because Klavuu appears to be the superior choice.  

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