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A while back, I received a recommendation from a friend to get into sea moss gel.  Once the package arrived, I tried it once then promptly put the container in the fridge and completely forgot about it.  I didn't rediscover the jar until an impromptu decluttering session.  Somehow the glass jar landed in the back of my fridge.  

Once the sea moss gel and I reunited, I lost all motivation to consume the gel internally.  But, at the same time, I didn't want to throw the package away.  To compensate for my lack of effort with the gel, I opted to pick up some sea moss gel capsules on Amazon and find a better way to put this jar to use.  
More time went by before I was finally introduced to a new way to implement sea moss gel into my routine.  Thanks to my mindless habit of scrolling on TikTok, I was shown the way to create glowing, healthy skin, literally in minutes.  

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One simple TikTok provided the answer to my burning question of "what should I do with my sea moss gel?"   This idea of wearing sea moss as a mask was extremely appealing to me for multiple reasons. 

First, it's a simple one-step mask that can be applied and rinsed off with ease.  Secondly, I love how it's an all-natural mask with no harsh or toxic ingredients.  Better yet, I consider sea moss gel masks as skin food. The older I get, the more I want to use products that actually do something wonderful to my skin.  In the past, my only focus was avoiding breakouts.  Then I turned my attention toward maintaining adequate moisture levels.  Now that I've amassed a stockpile of hyaluronic acid serums, I want to give my skin something more.  Ideally, I'd love my skin products to actually provide nutrition to my cells. 

Sea moss gel gained much of its popularity because of its nutrient density.  It's said to contain 92 of the 102 trace minerals found in the human body. Some of the beauty minerals containing sea moss that caught my attention are sulfur, silica, and zinc.  

According to webMD, sulfur has antibacterial properties which is a plus if you have acne-prone skin.  They also suggest that sulfur may promote the shedding of dead skin. Is this why the creator in the TikTok video is experiencing such smooth skin after her sea moss mask?  Sulfur also helps decrease the oil production of our skin and can help reduce hyperpigmentation (due to its ability to help shed old skin cells).   

Basically, sulfur is a healthy skin powerhouse.  And when you add silica the benefits double.  Like sulfur, silica is also anti-inflammatory.  When taken internally, the benefits of incorporating silica multiply. The benefits range from increased collagen production, and fewer wrinkles, to reduced scarring after breakouts.  This study suggests that, on the skin, silica helps the activation of certain enzymes that improve the skin's strength and elasticity.  Several reviewers of Beautifully Bamboo tea have boasted about the skin benefits they've noticed after replenishing their silica levels.  

The trace minerals found in sea moss are reminiscent of the same skin-loving minerals that made dead sea masks so popular except it's a bit more hydrating and nourishing.  I love how it's a one-step mask that doesn't require any mixing (although you can still add boosters like turmeric, etc for even more skin benefits).  It's super easy to use while providing the skin actual benefits.  Sea moss gel masks are a no-brainer.  

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