Eat More Fruit for Prettier, More Hydrated, Firmer Skin.


 This summer has been especially hot.  Just recently while running errands, I decided to run into a nearby grocery store to grab something hydrating.  But instead of reaching for a cold beverage, I opted to grab a bowl of pre-cut fruit.  While snacking on the cold pieces of fruit, I noticed that my thirst was quenched.  I'm not a big fruit eater (I typically snack on salty treats), so this experience gave me a bit more motivation to reach for more fruit.  To add to that, I've stumbled on a couple of studies that fully converted me to consuming fruit on a regular basis. 

Besides the antioxidants, fruit's claim to fame is its water content.  That's why my craving for fruit was off the charts on that sweltering hot day.  I opted to grab some fruit for immediate hydration, but if I were to turn this into a habit, I'd enjoy an unexpected beauty benefit as well. 

For the past few years, all of my skin related purchases have focused almost solely on skin hydration.  The older I get, the drier my skin appears.  My skin seems to look its best when at peak hydration levels so I invested a small fortune into stocking up on my favorite sheet masks.  Sheet masks are amazing but I'm turning my attention back to internal skin hydration.  
...and increasing my fruit intake might just be the answer.
Researchers have tested this theory out and the data looks extremely promising.  In one study, they found that women who consumed reality small amounts of fruit daily enjoyed significant statistical increases in skin hydration along with a noticeable decrease in transdermal water loss....meaning their skin was able to retain moisture longer.   So basically, eating fruit on a regular basis means that your skin will be more hydrated from the inside out.  
Now let's talk about the other potential skin benefits possible with more fruit intake.

I'm a huge proponent of drinking more water for healthier skin.  But now I'm going all in on doing both.  Water is great and should be our main source of hydration. But fruit can take things to the next level mainly due to its micronutrient levels and antioxidants.  Fruits are notorious for being a quality source of vitamin C.  I've talked at length about the visible effects that high-quality vitamin C supplementation can have on the skin.  Vitamin C is good for a healthy immune system which is a plus.  If take collagen supplements, make sure you're also getting enough vitamin C because it's necessary for collagen production.  

At a cellular level, increased fruit consumption also means that we're supplying our bodies with more antioxidants.  Think of antioxidants as foot soldiers that help fight free radicals that cause cell damage. When free radicals get out of control, the aging process accelerates.  Taking on simple step to incorporate fruit into your daily diet will help combat unnecessary aging.

For instance, they did this study where women aged 27-73 were asked to eat one avocado daily for 8 weeks. The control group continued to eat their normal diet.  After the 8 week process, researchers used a device to analyze the skin of the women.  They particularly looked at the skin of the undereye and the forehead.  What they found was the avocado group demonstrated a significant improvement in elasticity and firmness of the skin...particularly on the forehead.  Skin elasticity is important because it can help in slowing down the appearance of wrinkles.  If you're someone who gets Botox on the forehead, maybe adding avocado to your daily diet can help extend the results.  If botox treatments aren't part of your beauty budget, try adding avocados as part of your strategy.  

I remember a time when I checked Facebook marketplace and saw people with avocado trees selling a ton of avocados at a low price.  At the time, I was like, who needs to buy that many avocados at once?  Now I'm rethinking everything.  I've done a decent job of avoiding forehead wrinkles by staying on top of my facial massage routine.  Imagine how much better my results could be if I supplemented the skin with ample amounts of healthy fats and vitamin E from a simple avocado?

Moral of the story: eat lots of water fruits and veggies to increase skin hydration (internally) and throw in lots of avocados for firmness and elasticity.  

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