This Might Be the Most Genius Sheet Mask Hack Ever Invented.

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 Fall and winter months really trigger my skin-related anxiety.  The second that humidity levels start to drop, my skin goes haywire. Dry skin becomes my enemy and I dedicate all of my waking hours trying to combat it.  One of my not-so-secret weapons to address intensely dry skin is the mighty sheet mask. I've written countless articles about sheet masks routines and how to master them.  But this might just the most important one I've written yet because I'm about to share a simple hack that will make all the other sheet mask tips more effective.

I have a drawer of sheet masks tucked away that I barely use.  Part of the reason why I don't mask that frequently is because my scarcity mindset took over which led me to rationing my sheet usage to only when my skin is absolutely parched. Yes, it's a good idea to save sheets for when you need them, but then I'm missing out on the cumulative effects of consistent sheet mask usage.  

Yesterday morning, I engaged in my normal morning cleaning routine that involves using a couple of Clorox wipes to disinfect my countertops.  Once I was done, I asked myself "wouldn't it be awesome to have packaging like this that dispenses pre-moistened sheet masks once at a time?"  Minutes later, I took my question to Instagram, and much to my surprise, I got several responses informing me of the existence of sheet masks that come in an easy-to-use dispenser.  

Thankfully, the skin care enthusiasts in Korea have already come up with the exact product I was looking for.  This revolutionary new way to store and use sheet masks will change the entire game.  For instance, instead of filing my sheet masks away in a drawer, they'll be placed in a prominent location where I'm able to see them and actually use 'em.  Instead of the sheet masks being reserved for specific occasions (like before a night out) they'll be integrated into my regular skin routine.  

One concern I had, once I discovered the existence of these pop-up sheet masks, was whether the quality would match up to the individual-wrapped sheet masks I currently use.  The only way to find out was to check out the reviews and see to see what people were saying and I was not disappointed.
I've been neglecting my skin due to depression. I stopped my skin care routine, and my face routine was literally just using bar soap on my face when I showered with no moisturizers or anything after. My skin started getting really bad due to my lack of care. I started washing my face properly and moisturizing but it still wasn't enough to fix the damage. But after adding these to my routine the difference is crazy. My skin is starting to really improve in less than a week. I think these helped a lot. I will continue to use these from now on. My skin is so much softer and looks so hydrated. Thank you for making such a great product!
I am not one for these types of disposable face masks b/c they typically cost too much-- sold individually for like 4/ 5 bucks each. However, this cute, and safely sealed container has 30.. There is even a pair of tongs so you don't contaminate your masks with any hand bacteria. I like that a lot.

The mask itself is AWESOME! The directions say to leave it on for up to twenty mins after cleansing. I put it on and ate my dinner. It didn't fall off or sag at all. I honestly expected to have to rinse off residue or maybe a leftover film and then maybe put on my regular moisturizer before bed. NEITHER OF THOSE WERE NECESSARY.

After peeling away the mask, let your face air dry. No stickiness is left over. Just a nice supple feel and healthy glow. I WAS SHOCKED! I suffer from chronic dry skin and followed up a AHA peel pad with this mask. Let me tell you my face is KRAZIE SOFT right now. I just had to hop on a write a review in real-time. That's just how awesome these are. I don't anticipate using more than a couple times a week- when I want a real treat for my skin. But after this pack runs out I WILL BE ORDERING MORE
I like the fact that they didn't skimp on the ingredients.  These sheet masks are just as powerfully hydrating as your faves.  They contain nourishers such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin as well as coconut oil and argan oil.  They even included active ingredients such as copper peptides and ceramides along with ingredients that protect our precious skin barrier. 

The ingredients seem legit, the packaging is exactly what I'm looking for, and the price is right, so I will 100% be getting these Dewytree collagen sheet masks asap. If you're not ready to commit to buying a pack of 30 sheet masks, they also offer a 2 week starter pack that comes in travel friendly packaging. My skin flourishes when it's properly hydrated, it looks plump, smooth, and super healthy.  I can only imagine how great my skin will look once sheet masks become a staple in my regular routine.  

Can't wait. 

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