Temi Otedola Shares Her Fat Burning Morning Tonic

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I've been thinking a lot about how I barely drink apple cider vinegar anymore.  I keep telling myself how I need to get back to drinking it again but haven't followed through.  Thankfully, I just so happen to come across some much-needed inspiration that will help me get back into an ACV routine.  

 I've veered away from drinking ACV because it sort of felts like a chore.  Vinegar is not exactly easy to drink.  But thanks to Temi Otedola, I'm ready to try again.   

Temi is a Nigerian actress and influencer with over a million followers on Instagram.  Her feed is filled with professionally shot images and promotions for her acting roles.  But her recent IG stories revealed a behind the scenes glimpse of her favorite apple cider vinegar drink tonic.

Without going into too much detail, Temi posted a snapshot of her "new favorite morning drink."  On the granite counter, we see a bottle of mineral water,  a nearly empty jar of apple cider vinegar, some honey, and organic cinnamon.   

Then she proudly shares a pic of the finished product.  Her drink looked so appetizing that I had to try it for myself.  I'll be honest, I didn't love the AVC/cinnamon combo at all.  

But it did make me think about how non-creative I've been when it comes to drinking ACV.  One of my favorite beverage flavors is peach.  If I could have a peach flavored ACV tonic, I'd drink it every day.  So I rushed to my cupboard and poured another cup of ACV diluted in water. This time I added a splash of sugar-free peach simple syrup and voila!  I created my new favorite drink.   If peach isn't your thing, they have sugar-free syrups in vanilla, raspberry, mango, and a bunch of other flavors

I'm really excited about getting back to drinking ACV regularly again.  It helps me so much with bloating and curbs my appetite like nothing else.  My friend lost 10 lbs just by adding ACV to her routine. 

Crop top season will be here before we know it so anything that helps with excess bloating and weight loss is much appreciated. 

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