/Fit Friday/ The Super Detox drink that helped my friend quickly lose 10 lbs

I have a few friends from high school that I still keep in touch with.  We send random group texts to each other from time to time.  One of my gal pals recently revealed her recent weight loss and the secret technique that worked so well for her.

This friend in particular didn't have a history of struggling with her weight.  In high school she had a slim, athletic body. And when we caught up, several years back, she seemed to maintain a healthy weight.  But, life happened.  Stress from life changes caused unexpected weight gain. And before she knew it, she was 40 lbs over her desired weight.

With that much to lose, she opted to start by incorporating one simple habit. That small tweak in behavior has paid off for her in a big way.

All she had to do was incorporate a healthy beverage into her regimen before each meal.  The weight loss drink was comprised of a few simple ingredients. But it changed the direction of her life.  Best of all, 99% of us already have the ingredients needed to make this health drink.
Apple Cider Vinegar (2 Teaspoons)
Lemon Juice (1 teaspoon ) -She uses powdered lemon when she's on the go.
Cranberry Juice (1 teaspoon) -You can also substitute with honey or stevia.
[Optional: add some cinnamon or cayenne pepper]

That's it. Then you dilute the concoction in a large glass of water and drink up.

She sipped on this beverage 30 minutes before each meal and, a couple of weeks later, she's already 10 lbs lighter.

What is it about this ACV/lemon combination that sparks weight loss? According to my friend, this simple beverage really helped curb her appetite and manage sugar cravings.  Conventional advice tells us that drinking a cup of water before a meal helps you feel more full. Imagine who much more satiated you'll feel after enjoying a large glass of lemon vinegar water.  Smaller portions are a sure fire way to lose weight because it immediately creates a calorie deficit.  If one was to include this drink before meals and replace juice/soda with water, weight loss would be inevitable.

Along with feeling full, this drink can also help improve digestion and promote clearer skin.  Vinegar activates AMPK which is an enzyme that amps up energy production while telling the body to stop storing fat and to start burning it.  Which might explain why study participants who consumed two tablespoons of ACV a day lost more weight than their counterparts who consumed the same diet as them.  Let's not forget the alkalizing effects of lemon and vinegar which is said to provide multiple health benefits.

You might be wondering why the recipe above is for 2 teaspoons when the study determined that weight loss was more prominent in the group that consumed 2 tablespoons of ACV a day.  My friend consumed her beverage 3 times a day which equaled to 2 tablespoons. This seems to be the magic number for optimal results.  I'm a big fan of healthy beverages whether it's loaded smoothies, chlorophyll water or silica rich bamboo tea.  I believe they have a huge opportunity to really impact the body because the digestion process isn't involved.  We should already be enjoying yummy lemon water. This is just taking your healthy drinking experience to the next level.

Who's in?

(*the video that inspired my friend to start this new habit*)


  1. I'm definitely in. I'll picking up tge ingredients this evening.

  2. Hmmmm. I fell off the ACV wagon a couple of weeks ago and just now realizing that's probably why I feel so sluggish and low pm energy. I wouldn't say it helped me lose weight but did cut my appetite and cravings.

  3. Have you tried adding water kefir to your drinks, I've seen a huge improvement in my skin

    1. Hi Anon! I haven't but you're not the first person to recommend it to me. Kefir has been on my radar for years. Maybe it's time to give it shot.

  4. Has your friend been able to reach her goal weight?


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