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Every summer I'm faced with the same dilemma.  How to remain stylish & comfy as temperatures rise.  The crazy heat and humidity forces me to live in tanks and sleeveless tops.  Fall and winter makes it easy to layer stylish pieces.  Just throw on your most flattering outwear and you're set.

But what's the summer alternative to cashmere cardigans and tailored coats?
In my humble opinion, it's the kimono.

As someone who loves to wear basics (in black, grey or white), a kimono is the one item that adds a bit of flair to my wardrobe.  I love the diversity of options ranging from muted tones to the brightest and boldest of shades.
Nikki looking absolutely amazing in her multicolored kimono
Obviously, kimonos are the ultimate stylish beach cover up, but they look just as amazing even when you aren't lounging at a pool party.  Simply opt for a shorter length for an everyday look.

What I love the most is how lightweight and flowy they feel.  As you move, it moves with you drawing the attention of onlookers.  Kimonos aren't a part of everyone's wardrobe so you will definitely stand out as someone who put a little extra thought into putting your looking together.
Not only are kimonos practical, they're gorgeous.  Which makes them the perfect summer accessory.

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