Ameriie has a Youtube Channel and says that we all NEED this hair product!

Pop singer Ameriie has resurfaced in the public light after a long hiatus.  I'm a fan of her music so I was happy to see her back in action again.  Unfortunately, she isn't releasing a new album.  Instead Ameriie has decided to launch her own Youtube channel.

This means that we'll get behind the scenes access to her life and beauty secrets.  Turns out that she's a voracious reader and most of her channel is filled with videos of her discussing her favorite book titles.  What's most obvious when you first land on her channel is how amazing she looks. Ameriie is 36 and looks at least 10 years younger.

Since she has really sensitive skin, Amerie has to be selective about the products in her skin regimen. But what really caught my attention is when she revealed her holy grail hair product.

The item she's holding proudly is Redken's CAT Extreme Treatment.  It's a reconstructor that's formulated to provide "a triple line of defense; proteins that penetrate deep into the hair strands, ceramides that reinforce the cuticle layer and lipids similar to those found naturally in our hair to leave our strands smooth shiny and protected."

It's no wonder the superstar reiterates that "every girl needs this product in their hair arsenal."  I love the story she shares about bringing Redkin with her to the salon to use as a reconstructor after her color treatment.  Because of Redken's CAT Extreme treatment, her hair endured the chemical bleaching with very little breakage.   Even her hair dresser was impressed with how well it worked.  In fact, Amerie beleives that Redken outperforms Olaplex.

Technically, the product should be rinsed out after 15 minutes. Ameriie uses it as a post-wash, pre-deep conditioning treatment.  Meaning, she washes her hair, mists clean hair with the treatment, allows it to sit, the applies the deep conditioner.  Of all the years that I've been on this journey, I have yet to experience a pre-deep conditioning treatment.  And I think I'm ready to try.  Maybe not every wash but it seems to be a great product to use post touch up.  Summer is typically the only time of year where I'm tempted to reach for my steam flat iron.  I love having fortifying products on hand to ward my hair from potential heat/manipulation damage.  This product sounds ideal.

I'm gonna trust her on this one and take the plunge.  A product with proteins, ceremides and MEA-18.....that's the holy trinity of healthy hair ingredients.

 I can not pass this up.

But don't take my word for it, check out her video for yourself.  She highlights Redken's Cat treatment at the 6:25 mark.


  1. I am colored/bleached natural but any time I am about to straighten, bleach, or blow out my hair, I reach for this. I never thought of it as a pre-deep conditioning but I do the exact same. I spray it on prior to my deep conditioner.

    Honestly, the anti-snap leave in (I use every time under my mixxed chicks leave in), and the actual CAT deep conditioner (prior to applying heat, it gives you the smoothest, frizz-free hair) are worth every penny! I have gone from blue to blonde and currently pink with not a setback. I am currently bsb. The three are amazing!!

  2. Thanks for cosigning on this product Ebonee! I definitely have to try it now.

  3. Life saver : Redken Anti-Snap Leave in conditioner! Immediately when applied it softens the hair and detangles.

  4. I haven't used the CAT conditioner but I use the Anti-Snap weekly and it is a life saver. I am transitioning and haven't had a relaxer in close to a year. Before I get my roller set I have the shampoo lady spray in Anti Snap and my hair comes out silky and bouncy. I get my roots blown out weekly and I have not experienced breakage at all. I will definitely try the CAT deep conditioner next week. Thanks for sharing!


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