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I'm pretty sure I was on Kahlana Barfield Brown's Instagram feed for less than a second before quickly hitting the follow button.  The woman's amazing sense of style instantly drew me to her.

It wasn't until I stopped to read her bio that I realized Kahlana is an editor at Instyle Magazine.  This made me happy because she's living her dream by working at a company that's perfectly in line with her personal vision.
Although we don't know her, one thing we can quickly tell is that she has a serious appreciation for gorgeous shoes and handbags.  Beyond that, Kahlana is giving us endless outfit inspiration. Her style is both glamorous and classic.  I like that she's not afraid to embellish her looks for that extra bit of drama. I'm also digging her signature shoulder length tresses and red lip she's been rocking lately.  

This look is absolute flawlessness.  You can never go wrong wearing all black with a pair of colorful statement heels & carefully selected accessories. I'm creeping her feed on the low waiting for the day she reveals any beauty secrets, but until then, I'm perfectly happy enjoying her gorgeous fashion pics.  If your feed has been lacking inspiration lately, be sure to check out Kahlana's Instagram or you can read some of her works on InStyle.com.

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