Misto Olive Oil Sprayer | A better way to seal your hair?

Last week I boasted about a new method of oil application which really helped my hair's moisture levels.  If your hair loves oils like mine, you should check this post out. A wonderful reader by the name of "Emelia" left me a comment about the Misto Olive oil sprayer as an alternative to my makeshift spray bottle.  

Immediately I was intrigued and wanted this sprayer to step my game up.  So I immediately went out and got it!  As soon as the Misto sprayer was in my possession, I began to fill it half way with jojoba oil.  After filling, I utilized the nifty cap to pressurize the Misto ensuring the oil comes out in a mist instead of a stream.  
First impressions, I love it!  The Misto far outperformed my spray bottle.  There were times when it would produce streams of oil, instead of a mist. I quickly rectified that issue by using the cap to aerate my Misto once again.  It's a small price to pay for what I get in return.  The result of when I use the Misto vs. my spray bottle is that my hair doesn't feel quite as oily and weighed down.  I think this method may work better for more people than my previous suggestion. My spray bottle gave a "heavy" sealing. This one is just right. I'm gonna get another one in a different color to house my coconut oil once it's melts as the weather warms up.  I'm predicting that both my spray bottle/w oil and this Misto Sprayer are going to be life savers for me as the weather heats up and humidity rises. 

*whispers in your ear* "My favorite thing to do in the world now is spraying my ends with oil. It makes them so buttery and yummy."

Who's going to try this?

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  1. Another great tip! Thanks for sharing Nadege!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. LOL my name is Emilia not Dav (no harm done)but I'm glad to see you tried the sprayer and loved it :)

    It works best if you don't fill it more than half way. Keeps the pressure and maintains a steady misting.

  3. wow, this sounds amazing hopefully its available in the uk

  4. I bought the Misto Sprayer and put my DIY castor oil in it but it wont spray :(. Not sure if its just suitable for light oils

  5. Awa, is the oil still coming out? When it streams, I keep pumping it with the cap until it comes out as a mist again. If not, try a lighter oil mixed with castor.

  6. Found mind wandering around in home goods today for $4 in the kitchen gadget aisle. I cannot want to go home and put my jojoba, grapeseed, and olive oil mix in it.

  7. Bought mine Friday! Already in love. I think I didn't pump it enough, it sprayed like the end of a bottle of Pam, so I'll try it again tomorrow, but, I definitely didn't overdo it!

  8. Thanks for the response Nadege, but no it drips instead of spraying. I will try a lighter oil, and if it doesn't work then maybe I got a bad bottle.

  9. Awa, when I pump, I do it until the cap no longer is able to pump up and down. That's when I know that the bottle is fully pressurized and will produce the best mist.