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Ever wanted a product so badly that you were willing to delay wash day until you got your hands on it?  That's exactly what's happening to me right now.  I'm litterally counting down the hours until the UPS man drops off my bottle of Maxtrix Biolage's Pro-Keratin Renewal Leave-In Spray.
Not sure how I happened upon this product, but the moment I saw it on Amazon (and noticed the favorable ratings) I immediately purchased.  No reading the ingredients list, no searching Youtube for reviews.  Matrix and I have a long history.  In fact, their Daily Leave- In Tonic has been a staple of mine for many, many years.  Knowing that there could possibly be a "better" version of their already incredible leave-in makes me gitty inside.  The reviews only served as validation for what I knew I had to do.

Statements like "In love!" "Amazing!" "Love this stuff!"  "Best product I ever used!" "Thankful this stuff exists" are commonplace if you check out the reviews.  What impressed me the most was how the lowest rating was four stars.  This weekend should have been wash day but I couldn't pull myself to go through with it not knowing what I could be missing.  So now I wait.  In less than 24 hours I will have my coveted leave-in and will finally get to allow my hair to experience the softness and conditioning qualities this product claims to bring.

My package can't come soon enough.


  1. Nadege, you have turned me into a product junkie. Whatever you recommend I rush to amazon to buy lol. Please review this product if you dont mind.

  2. Hi Yumzi,
    I used it this morning to moisturize my bun then sealed with oil using my Misto sprayer. The outcome was magical. Will do a full review after washday.

  3. Oooh I'm so excited to find your blog. I think I found it last night on my phone and now I'm looking at it at work. I can't wait to try this!

  4. It's really an amazing product . It works very quickly . I use it also .


  5. Oooh I wonder if they have at Ulta, I need to wash this weekend and would love a bottle!


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