Fitness Friday| Working out at Home

After too many instances of blowing off going to the gym for lack of time. I decided to change my strategy.  I couldn't keep on the path of inactivity for ever.  When worked out consistently, I had enough energy to last me through my long busy days.  My body responded and, best of all, my self confidence increased.
Then I began to miss one day here and there and, before I knew it, I back sliding  Truth be told, I was really busy and a two hour gym visit 4-5 times a week wasn't always an option. 

I weighed my options and thought about what I could do to replicate my workout experience at home.  It started small, a couple of hand weights and a yoga mat.  Then I thought about how much progress I made when I focused on resistance based exercises. 
 One day, a couple of years ago, I noticed something different about my body. Although I was relatively around the same size I always was, things were very different.  It was like my muscle was disappearing and being replaced with fat. And it was happening beneath the surface in stealth mode.  As we all know, fat takes up much more space than muscle so it wasn't long before my clothes no longer fit the same.  

A few weeks of being consistent at the gym made all the difference.  More importantly lifting weights and including resistance in my cardio.  My body sculpted into something new and different. And I loved it!  Now, it seems, that when I let myself go, the fat is quick to return. My little "home gym" helps keep this in check until I can make it back to the fitness center on the weekends. 
Instead of sitting in a chair while watching tv shows online, I do squats, jump rope or tone my arms.  So far my home gym collection consists of:
  • A jump rope
  • Two 10 lb dumb bells
  • A 15 lb kettle bell
  • A stability ball
  • A set of resistance bands
  • A barbell & free weights.
  • A weighted hula hoop.
I'd love to add a treadmill but lack of space takes away that option.  So I go for walks/run instead.  There are a few additional items I'd like to include in my small home gym but for now I'm happy.  Best of all, I have zero excuses.

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  1. I actually prefer working out at home, although I just signed up for a few classes because I got an amazing Groupon (30 classes for $20!). But you can believe that once my class pass runs out, I will be right back in my living room kicking it into high gear!


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