Strong Healthy Ends at clearance prices?

healthy ends
I'm here to make a public service announcement.  Yesterday started off like any other day.  While on my way to a get together at a friend's house, I opted for an impromptu stop at a local Target.

"Just need a few things", I thought to myself as I wandered down the aisle.  After I added a few items to the cart, I began to make my way over to the checkout.  But instead of taking the main aisle, something deep inside me told me to stroll by the beauty section.

I stopped abruptly the moment I laid my eyes on what I thought was a vision.  There before me was what appeared to be my beloved Nexxus' split end repair line, ProMend.  If you've never heard me speak of this product before, you HAVE to go back and read my post.  Basically, it has a miracle complex which actually has the ability to repair the split ends.  Claims of healthy hair are one thing but this product actually makes your hair feel smoother and more manageable.
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Anyway, so there I was standing with my mouth half open as I stared at the red clearance tags.  I couldn't resist.  Moments later my cart was filled with three bottles of the ProMend conditioner and three bottles of the ProMend leave-in (two of my favorite products from the line).  As I kept searching for more, I happened to also find Oscar Blandi's heat protectant spray on clearance.  Lastly I grabbed a bottle of Umberto Beverly Hills Collagen Pre-Shampoo Treatment.  Not sure what to expect with this product but I thought it would be good to have a strengthening Pre-poo. All the others I currently have are moisturizing pre-poo treatments (including my fave: Philip Kingsley).
I'm saying all of this so you can heed my words!  Check your local Target clearance section to see if you might as fortunate as to save a few dollars on such an amazing product.

Best of luck to you all!


  1. Sadly, these products weren't on sale at my Target (NJ) :( But I will keep checking...just in case!

  2. I was reading customer reviews about the pro-mend product line and someone said they didn't like it because it made their hair feel coated and not clean. Have you experienced this?

  3. Hi Anon! I read those comments in the reviews as well. So when I use it, I try not to be heavy handed. I think my hair can take more product because there's still alot of texture.

  4. Thanks so much for your response, Nadege. I just tried these products last night and my hair feel completely cleansed, not coated at all. I have a lot of texture as well so maybe the coated feeling only occurs in those with very straight hair.


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