Motivation Monday| A revolutionary way to set your goals

I'm a goal oriented person always focused on achieving one goal or another.  In some ways, this works in my favor.  But other times, it can become a weakness.  It's like as soon as I reach a goal, I instantly feel the need to achieve more.  After a while, this type "always striving for more" can get tiring and cause burnout.

Until recently, I thought this was the only way to achieve goals.  I'm truly grateful to have stumbled upon a new idea in goals achievement by Daniel LaPorte author of the Desire Map, A guide to creating goals with soul.  On New Years Eve, years ago she, most of us, wrote down her list of goals.  After looking at them she felt uninspired.  The cycle of going after goals, achieving them, and wanting more was not how she wanted to live her life.  So instead, Danielle focused on how she wanted to feel.

Her concept of seeking the desires and feeling a certain way instead of looking for an outcome makes a lot of sense.  When most people say they want to have a million dollars, it doesn't necessarily mean they want a million pieces of paper sitting in a room. What they mean is that they want to feel truly abundant. If they had a million dollars, they would spend it on things to make them feel good.  So instead of going after the million dollars, we move towards actions, people and situations that move us toward how we want to feel.

I've been practicing this technique for the past week.  Everyday, I think about how I want to feel and do things that help create those feelings.  Sometimes those things are in reality, sometimes I visualize what  I want in order to create those feelings.  One realization I made this week is that I keep setting goals because I want to feel "accomplished."  So I ask myself "what can I do to feel accomplished right now?" Most often, the answer came with doing some simple things that were right in front of me, instead of reaching for some grandiose goal.  Now I feel accomplished numerous times a day.  

Side note, the more time you spend creating feelings the way you want. The closer you get to achieving.  What I love the most about this process is how good it feels while doing it.  Enough of my chatter, check out this video and listen to Danielle explain it to you for herself.


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    Cool Stuff ! thank for that information . i bookmarked this blog . keep updating

  2. I bought the Desire Map at Christmas and worked. Y way through it during my holiday. I def recommend it. Love Marie Forleo as well!


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