New In.

Now that spring is upon us. I'm finding myself moving away from grey and neutral polishes to brighter colors.  Recent additions to my collection include China Glazes' "For Aubrey" (as seen in a past craving post), Essie's "Style Hunter", which is the perfect shade of pinkish red, and Butter's "Slapper."
Speaking of collections, this month I welcomed a new addition.  I got her a little sooner than expected. Due to the laws of supply and demand, I almost lost out of my opportunity to acquire this gorgeous handbag that I've been coveting for oh so long.  But somehow the stars aligned. And now we're together.

I'm most excited about the arrival of my Biolage Keratindose.  I couldn't wait to encounter experiences like those I've read online.  Two uses later and I'm just finishing off my review post which will go live later this week.

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  1. hahaha, the stars are aligned and now you are together. classic. congrats, she's a beauty.


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