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One of new finds from my last Instagram Beauty Secrets posts that I was most excited about was CapriClear.  If you've been reading my blog over the past few weeks, you know that I've been fascinated with the idea of spraying oil on my hair instead of using manual application.  The Misto Sprayer has changed my life.  Incidentally, I was planning on investing on a second sprayer to house my coconut oil when I learned of CapriClear.  Right away I placed my order on Amazon, and from the moment my package arrived, we've been inseparable.

Girl, this stuff has been sprayed on my hair, my cuticles, my scalp, my feet, my elbows, my face, everywhere. This morning I even sprayed a little on my finger tips and rubbed on my lips as an all natural lip conditioner.  When my dermatisis strikes again on my scalp and hair line, I'll be ready.

 It's made of 100% coconut oil and nothing else.  It sprays in a fine mist that releases just enough product.  Because it's fractioned coconut oil, it doesn't actually carry the coconut oil scent.  So, no matter how many times I sprayed it, there was no trace of coconut scent to be found.  Fractioned coconut oil also doesn't become solid in cooler temps so it's perfect for nourishing dry skin in the winter. 

I love this product so much.  Instantly, it became an item that I will carry around with me at all times.  I knew I was sprung when I left home for an overnight trip and went out to buy a replacement after realizing that I left my CapriClear at home.  Now I have the travel size an the 5oz bottle. Honestly, this is the most versatile product I own.  Often, when I travel, I battle drier skin and hair due to the change in climates.  I can't tell you how long I've dreamed of having a way to bring coconut oil with me on the road.  Finally, my dream has come true.   What I appreciate most about CapriClear is the liquid consistency.  Since warmer weather is coming upon us, I'm not looking forward to slathering on lotions that cause build up and feel heavy on the skin.  I can keep a bottle in the fridge and mist to refresh my skin while creating a nice glow (not greasy).

Because of my obsessive excessive use, I suspect that it won't be long before I'm repurchasing again (for a third time).  I think I'll experiment will buying larger bottles of fractioned coconut oil to refill when run out (which won't be long).  The convenience of this packaging is worth it's weight in gold.  Add to that to how versatile this product is and you have the recipe for a must have beauty product.  Everyone needs this......even you.

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  1. lol. I've been carrying around a small spray bottle of coconut oil for the past 4 months. It never leaves my work bag. I use it all over - cuticles, under eye, my eyebrows, eyelash, even as my hand lotion after washing. Sometimes I would even quirt some in my mouth.

    one morning i was rushing and forgot to lotion my feet when I opened my bag there it was- my ever faithful!


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