[FOTD] // Summer Shimmery Lips.

For the past several years, the biggest thing in makeup was the highlight.  Your makeup look wasn't complete until you dusted your cheekbones and adequate amounts of highlight.   Heck, I even remember when the girlies were dabbing the tips of their noses with highlight just for the sake of it (is nose tip highlight still a thing?)

For the most part, the trend of overly highlighting the face has calmed down a bit. Now, it's all about a healthy, dewy face that shows off your amazing skin.  This creates the opportunity to place more focus on our beautiful features.

And what better feature to highlight than your lips?
At the end of last year, I invested a decent amount of time into reorganizing my makeup and skincare stash.  Interestingly enough, I stumbled on a slim tube of lipstick that I honestly don't even remember purchasing. When I first twisted the tube to see the color of the lipstick, I was disappointed to find that it had a frosted finish.  But when I actually applied it to my lips, I was shocked at how much I loved it.

Frosted lipstick is honestly an outdated concept.  I remember when everyone rocked shimmery lipstick and dark lipliner in the '90s.   My, how times have changed.  With the popularity of matte lips, metallic lip colors became a faux pas.

 I was almost ashamed at how much I enjoyed how the subtle shimmer enhanced the look of my lips. But, I don't need to be ashamed any longer.  Because Rihanna and the geniuses at Fenty Beauty have brought back the highlighted lip with their latest release.  Best of all, they've modernized in a way that's super wearable and stunning.  When Fenty Beauty first rolled out their now-famous Gloss Bomb, I immediately purchased.  Yes, the color was cute but I just wasn't feeling lip glosses as much as I used to.  I wanted more shimmer and less gloss...and now I can finally have what I want.

Fenty just introduced their SLIP SHINE line of hydrating shimmery lipsticks.  Basically, Rihanna has brought us the 90's shimmery lip in various wearable shades.  The Slip Shine line is described as a sheer, hydrating lip color with a hint of shimmer.  Unlike the frosted lipstick I found in the bottom of my makeup drawer, Slip Shine doesn't go overboard.  It's just enough shimmer to make your lips look amazing without crossing the ultra-thin line where shimmery lipstick looks like a joke.

I'm glad I found my old school metallic lipstick but these Fenty Beauty shades are much more up my alley.  I'm probably gonna grab at least 2 or three 'cause I love how they can be worn alone or over your favorite matte shades.    I've been on the lookout for a pink, hydrating lip color to wear over my muted shades and Goji berry might just be what I've been looking for. 


  1. You should be wearing a mask this summer when out in public, because there is a global Pandemic. So no one will see your shimmery lips.

    1. Some Fenty Beauty launches are only for a limited time so it might be good to grab them now, even if your lips won't be fully on display till Summer 21. :)


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