The Daily Design // Hugh Jackson's Must Try Manifestation Technique.

I love learning about manifestation techniques.  The secret to manifesting successfully is finding the right technique that's simple and works.  Today I bring you a new method to practice.  And this one is pretty awesome.

This manifestation tip is brought to you by Australian actor Hugh Jackman.  Hugh has an extensive career that spans over 20 years.  In a recent podcast interview with author, Tim Ferris, Hugh revealed the advice from his dad that led him to craft a powerful daily manifestation practice.

His dad's instruction was clear, he urged Hugh to "always check in that everything's ok."  Most of us simply respond "yes" to that piece of advice and move on.  But Hugh opted to create an entire manifestation routine to ensure that he'd always follow his dad's words of wisdom.  Trust me, this routine is so good that you'll definitely want to try it for yourself.
Hugh then decided to implement "The Daily Design."  It's a simple daily habit that goes something like this:

"I do a daily design every day. I create, as if in the past tense, what the day had been.  At the end of the day, I score it (on a scale of 1-10) to keep my self accountable to what I was trying to manifest or make happen."

There's so much to unpack here...

In previous blog posts, I've made the suggestion to imagine your life 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years into the future.  Hugh took the same concept and adapted into a daily practice.  Basically, he visualizes (and maybe verbalizes) his ideal day.  Condensing the timeline from 1 year to 1 day makes a world of difference.  Picturing your next 12-16 hours adds a layer of urgency that sparks immediate action.  It also increases the chances of your vision actually coming to pass.

A lot of people probably create a picture of an ideal day, but how many of us are following through to gauge how if we actually created our desired outcome?  This added step of holding himself accountable by rating his results is what makes Hugh's method so effective.

If I were asked to assign a rating on how well I designed yesterday, I'd probably give it a measly 5.5.  Why?
 Because I was only able to create about half of what I wanted.  I left a lot on the table because I wasn't moving with intention.  Today, I'll move differently.  Even if the outcome isn't perfect, I can start again tomorrow and make course corrections throughout the day as needed. 

My favorite part of Hugh's manifestation technique is that we can condense it even more.  If you're reading this at 1:00pm, you can start creating a mental picture of how you'd like the next 8 hours to go.  Heck, you can even design and rate your day on an hour by hour basis.

The more we practice this method, the greater the opportunity we'll have to become masterful creators.

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