Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let me share how I was able to reverse my grey hair!

 "What on earth is she holding" (you ask yourself)?  "And why is she cheesin' like that?"  Well I'll tell you why I'm so happy.  I'm smiling because in my hands is a single strand of hair that represents (what I would consider) a minor miracle.  You see, the strand of hair that is barely visible in this pic is "three-toned."   It's black/brown on the end, grey in the middle and black/brown again near the root.  That's right ladies.  This strand of hair is one that was once grey and has since reversed back to it's natural color.  Hallelujah!

As far as I know, only three of these strands exist.  The first I discovered while roller setting last week.  The hair shed as I was combing prior to rolling that particular section.  I nearly lost my mind when I saw this hair that was dark, white, then dark again.  I couldn't wait to share the good news so I set this strand aside so I could eventually take a picture of it.  Unfortunately, I didn't do a good job of securing that strand and it soon got lost among the other shed hairs that were a result of the roller setting.  I was so bummed when I thought I lost the only hair that represented solid proof in my being able to possibly reverse my grey.    Then, shortly after, I found another shed hair with the same three-toned pattern.  Later on in the week, I found a third.  This last one is actually still connected to my scalp.

I tried my darndest to take somewhat decent pics of this strand of hair as evidence of my miraculous change of events. Turns out that taking pics of a single strand of hair isn't as easy as I thought it would be.  In any case, take a look at these pics attached to see what I'm talking about. 

(up close pic of three-toned hair)

(three-toned hair taped on plastic background)

So what does this all mean?  Why are some of my hairs reversing in color?  How did this happen and how can I ensure it continues to happen?  To be completely honest with you, I'm not exactly sure.  The only thing I can do is take a moment to reflect on some of the shifts I've made to my diet and lifestyle in recent past to see if I can make some sort of correlation.

Cod Liver Oil
When I started to think back, the first thing that came to my mind was the Nordic Naturals Cod liver oil that I was taking in liquid form. Each morning, without even thinking about it, I swallowed a tablespoon of pure omega three goodness.  I started this around October of last year.  I did a quick search to see if this a viable cause of the darkening of my greys.  Wouldn't you know it, when I searched online for grey hair and omega 3 oils, many of the search results claimed that there was indeed a connection between pre-mature grey hair and cod liver oil.  I've taken fish oil in some form, on a consistent basis for a while.  But this is the first time I had taken Nordic Naturals in liquid form.  I'm sure this purified, hi quality oil, is much more powerful than the Wal-Mart brand I'd taken years ago.  And by taking it in liquid form, I feel like the body was more able to assimilate the oil than the capsule.  I'm sure I was also consuming  more when I swallowed a spoonful than when I took 2 capsules.

Wheat Grass
Looking back into my archives, I noticed that I also started experimenting with wheat grass late last year.  I went back to check the post I'd written and, in it, I'd stated that I wanted to see how long-term use of wheat grass juice would impact my grey hair.  Could it be that I'm now seeing the fruits of my labor? I think the high levels of nutrition concentrated in these tiny little grasses is the reason why hairs are able to respond so well. I've got to make a small confession here and say that I halted my wheat grass practice once I started my gluten detox.  But if this hair transformation has anything to do with "the grass,"  then I might consider reintroducing it into my routine again for maintenance.  

Let's not forget that around mid last year, I introduced silica to my hair routine first in the form of Hubner's silica gel then via the delicious bamboo tea.  I read on one site that grey hair could be caused by a trace mineral deficiency (silica being one of them).  Perhaps the introduction of highly absorbable colloidal silica to my regimen was the source of my hair's gradual shift.  If so, I need to make sure I maintain my silica consumption by having a glass of bamboo tea daily.

Honorable mentions
Although these next two actions I'll share with you may not be directly related to the changes I experienced, they both are said to positively influence grey hair.  The first honorable mention goes to nail rubbing which is said to create healthy nails, hair growth and reverse greys.  Unfortunately, I haven't been consistent enough with this practice to make an impact.  My friend who first introduced me to this method boasted not only on how thick his elderly father's hair was but also on how well it maintained it's natural color.

The other honorable mention will have to go to my new gluten-free lifestyle.  I'm mentioning this now because, like in the wheat grass post, I sincerely hope this new way of eating will continue to attract multiple benefits into my life.  A gluten intolerance is said to inhibit the proper absorption of nutrients. My hope is that all the other nutritional changes I've made in the past will only be heightened by the shifts in my eating habits.  Since I've only been gluten free for a few months, I know it's too soon to say it's had any impact on the three-toned hairs I've discovered.

Looking back, I'm glad that I was able to incorporate some of these changes to my routine.  Some of these, I've slacked on but I'm completely motivated to bring them back as part of my daily habits.  Overall, the greatest lesson I've learned from all of this is the power of nutrition on the on the health of our hair.  Happy hair growing!

  1. I fell off taking my fish oil. But this has inspired me because last week a saw I had a few new gray hairs. I need to slow those babies down LOL.

  2. That's amazing!!! I don't like seafood so I probably should be taking supplements... Can't wait to try that tea too!


  3. your camera is pretty good. For close up shots of stands of hair, use macro mode. Your current settings probably can't focus well enough on the strand. Check your camera manual.

  4. I am a raw food chef and I have recently had this happen to me as well. I can also attribute it to green smoothies (which include wheatgrass, spirulina, and chorella) as well as a balanced omega profile of 3-6-9. Hemp seed powder, cod liver, and evening primrose are oils I began to take on a regular basis, and I see a difference in how my skin heals from bruising as well.

  5. found this to be true for me as well. I eat a hi raw diet which includes a lot of green smoothies, wheatgrass, spirulina, chorella and omega fats -- fats help with mineral absorption.. i can definitely see quite a few greys reverting back as well

  6. When I went raw vegan, I noticed my hair doing this as well. I am no longer raw vegan but I LOVE LOVE LOVE green smoothies/drinks and big, leafy green salads. Greens are anti-inflammatory and very healing foods, packed with vitamins and nutrients! They help our bodies heal themselves. When your body is being taxed, hair color isn't important on a grander scale, so it's one of the things that is sacrificed. I showed my boyfriend one of my reversi-hairs the other night and he was amazed, LOL.

  7. happened to me too. i have few grey hair reverting into black (original color) so at the ends is grey, and at the root is black. i dont remember to do anything special, i eat bad, poor sleep and lot of stress that caused many grey hair. too bad only few of them are reverting and so many of them are growing grey... i hope all of them will revert to black....

  8. Great job, thanks for posting your story....and let us know of any updates. Also, I think vitamin D in the Nordic Naturals is also a critical supplement that is the foundation for alot of these enzymes processes to work properly in our body.

  9. I am doing wheat grass every morning for over a month now. Some of my gray seem to be growing black from the root. I can't remember if this was so before the wheatgrass. Will keep you posted. I know gray is a sign of wisdom, but I can't embrace it yet

  10. Great info thanks, I want my grey hairs to change colour!! xx

  11. hii.
    kindly explain the full wheat grass procedure, i mean how should i use the wheat grass remedy to turn my grey hair naturally black...and please share more remedies that are fast & effective... i'm only 32.
    please help.

    warm regards.

  12. That was a great story. These good practices have helps you in reversing your gray hair. I've already started taking wheatgrass juice along with taking other vitamins and minerals so that I can prevent or reverse my gray hair. Though I didn't hear about any connectivity between cod liver oil and gray hair, but I will sure give it a try. In fact I will try everything you have done so far to get back the natural color of your hair. Wish me a very good luck

  13. Hi there - Thanks for the tip on the Nordic Naturals cod liver oil. I'm going to get a bottle based on what happened with your hair. I too am getting more and more grays and would like to experiment with this to see what it does. I've been taking a high quality fish oil in capsule form, but even four capsules a day doesn't compare to a full tablespoon, and obviously hasn't been enough to make a dent in the grays. Just a note that I've been doing greens powders and liquid silica religiously for years, but they haven't reversed the grays. However...I've heard about people who have experienced rapid gray reversal when consuming large amounts of fish. This happened to my dad actually. So it definitely seems to be the fish oil that does it. I just need higher quantities of it.....

  14. 100% organic black strap molasses! The truth took about 4 months though ��

  15. This weird thing was happening to me too. My hair seems to be getting darker. I started going gluten free a couple of weeks ago.