How acid water will make my hair and skin absolutely beautiful

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A few posts ago, I hinted a little bit about my new-found gem.  This new addition to my hair product arsenal is a really big deal.  I am beyond excited!   It all started with a recent visit to my local alkaline water supplier.  For those of you who aren't familiar, alkaline water is said to be a healthier alternative to most of the water we drink which tends to land at a neutral pH  level.

This matters because our bodies are said to be at a healthier state when it has a slightly alkaline pH.  When our internal bodies are alkaline, the likelihood of ideal health is much more attainable.  Unfortunately, the foods we commonly eat and the stressful environment we live in, promotes an acidic internal environment.  For this reason, many have looked to alkaline water as a suitable aid to achieving a healthier ecosystem.  I've been drinking alkaline water on and off for a while now but there was a time when I hardly drank it because my nearest supplier shut down early last year.  Since then I've located another specialty water shop and now I'm back on track to bringing nourishing water into my life.

Alkaline water is great and all but what I'm really amped up about is alkaline's evil twin "acidic water."
O.k, I'm being a little dramatic when I say "evil twin" because acidic water isn't evil at all.  As a matter of fact, acidic  (or beauty) water can highly beneficial to us.  As I stated before, our internal environment thrives at a slightly alkaline pH. Our external bodies do well when it's more acidic.  This means our skin, eyes, and (yes) hair.  

Some of you old timers to this blog may have remember this post on the proper pH balance for hair.  In it I described how the cuticle layer of our hair responds directly to the pH of the environment.  At an alkaline pH,  (like when we touch up our hair) the cuticle layers open, creating a rough surface.  When the environment is acidic, the cuticle layers will constrict which creates smoother, softer hair.  

At a cost less than a gallon of milk, this acidic water is a steal when you think about the benefits I will receive overall.  When I first brought my gallon home, I immediately began using the water to wash my face.  As some of you many know, I'm on a skin care journey that will ultimately lead me to having glorious skin.  Eliminating gluten and receiving a couple of professional facials have been a great help for my skin.  Adding the acidic water is like the icing on the cake.  In the pics below, I have on no makeup.  In the past, I would rarely take bare faced pics without attempting to camouflage the dark spots and acne. 

One big difference in my skin since using the acid water, is smoothness.  My skin looked brighter and healthier after my just first experience.   Of course my skin isn't perfect but I'm just estatic about that I'm seeing so far. For years I've been applying ACV on a cotton ball to help treat the dermatitis that was appearing on my skin. I know that this acid water will work perfectly with what I'm currently doing to compliment my skin and scalp care regimen. 

I've had one experience using acidic water on wash day which was four days prior to these pics being taken.  I did everything as I normally do except I conducted my final rinse using the acidic water.  Instead of just pouring the water over my head and allowing it to flow down the drain, I added the water, in small amounts at a time, and massaged it into my strands as much as possible. 

The biggest difference I noticed overall was softness and moisture.  I wouldn't say that this water sealed my strands perfectly.  That's probably because, according to the guy I brought it from, the pH level of this water is somewhere between 5.5 and 6.0.  If I could have my way, I would have liked the water to be slightly more acidic.  But hey, beggars can't be choosers in this hair game.  I will say this, since using this water, my moisture levels have been off the chain!  So much that I think I'll incorporate some protein next wash day to balance everything out.  I'm approaching 4 months post and prior to the acidic water, I was contemplating touching up a little before I hit 5 months.  Now I think the possibility of stretching to even six months could actually happen (fingers crossed).

There are a myriad of uses for this "beauty water."  From now on, only acidic water goes into my steamer when I do facials, steam set my hair or when I'm steaming in my deep conditioner.  The look you see in the pics is after I set my hair on steam rollers using the acidic beauty water.  Normally, my hair would be set in a few short minutes. But because I was using a different type of water, the hair took longer to dry than normal.  Overwhelmed with excitement about how it would turn out, I took the rollers out a bit early (hence the frizz you see in the pics).  But oh well,  I learned from the experience and when I do it again, I'll leave the rollers in a till my hair dries completely.  
This acidic water excites me like none other because I believe it will be the foundation to many other wonderful things to come.  Perhaps my hair products will work better now that my hair is closer to being pH balanced.  I'm exploring the uses for this but I see much more possibilities such as a final rinse when I touch up.  Or I may use this water when I dilute my leave-in conditioner.

Hair and beauty aside, this wonderful water can also be used to rinse my veggies prior to juicing.  The water can also be used to sterilize surfaces after cleaning. The uses are endless.  I'm so glad I stumbled upon such a great find! 


  1. This is my favorite post from you yet! I too am on a skincare journey and am going to look into this water immediately, thank you SO MUCH for sharing!

  2. Means a lot to me Ebony!

  3. What's in the water that makes it acidic and is this something that could be made at home? You mentioned its relatively inexpensive, but if its something I could recreate at home without having to make a special trip to a special store, that would be even better.

  4. Now you have me wondering where I can find this in my country. I am plagued by adult acne. It started at 22 for the first time in my life, and 8 years later, it is still a struggle especially during the past year and a half.

  5. Acid water draws blood to the skin; enhancing circulation. Diabetics can fix feet nauropathy by soaking them daily in acidic water. Also, take fish oil tablets daily. It makes your nails and hair grow and shine. Your eyes and skin just glows as well. I've been complimented by strangers on the street about my skin... and it's good for your heart, too.

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  9. Couldn't you buy a gallon of distilled water and add some organic apple cider vinegar to it for slightly acidic external usage? That should be about $1/gal. Then you can drink some apple cider vinegar as well for the internal health benefits. Best of both worlds :)

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