Saturday, July 10, 2021

Netflix recently released the second season of their breakout show, Too Hot Too Handle.  The premise of the reality program is to collect a group of attractive single people, put them in a beach villa, and forbid them from engaging in physical contact so they can focus on building emotional connections.  

The breakout star of this season is Miss Melinda Melrose, a tiny model who went viral for turning the streets of New York into her personal runway.  Melinda's confidence and charisma led her into becoming one of the most popular stars on the show. 

I'm excited to see how her career progresses from here, but what I'm more excited about is that Melinda generously gave us an *unsponsored* sneak peek of her simple skin routine.

Let's discuss.

Friday, July 2, 2021


We've made it the mid-point of the year. Are you still motivated to reach all of your goals?  If not, I want to share a simple success tip that will change absolutely everything.  

We all know and understand the motivation can be the fuel that causes us to move in the right direction.  But staying motivated is hard.  Am I right?  

Sometimes I have zero drive to do anything at all.  When that happens, I can either continue to remain stagnant or I can choose to do something to change it.  Let me share with you the technique that I've been using to create motivation when there is none to be found. 

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