Mastering Your "Action Triggers" is the Key to Unlimited Motivation.



We've made it the mid-point of the year. Are you still motivated to reach all of your goals?  If not, I want to share a simple success tip that will change absolutely everything.  

We all know and understand the motivation can be the fuel that causes us to move in the right direction.  But staying motivated is hard.  Am I right?  

Sometimes I have zero drive to do anything at all.  When that happens, I can either continue to remain stagnant or I can choose to do something to change it.  Let me share with you the technique that I've been using to create motivation when there is none to be found. 

What I've learned about myself is that I don't need to have enough motivation to actually get to the end result.  Just enough to get me to the very next step.  As a matter of fact, sometimes, focusing on the end result can become a source of anti-motivation because I don't feel like dedicating hours of my time completing a certain task.  

So instead of focusing on the end result, I realized that my motivation will come if I implement the right "action triggers."

Think of action triggers as the undercurrent that will move you along the path to where you want to be.  So, let's say for example, that I want to write an article but I really don't feel like doing it at all.  No matter how much I try to convince myself to start writing, I'm met with resistance.  

Should I just give up and give in to my laziness? Not yet.... because if I take certain actions, the outcome could be completely different.  For instance, if I just simply walk over to my office and put on a Study Music Concentration video on Youtube, suddenly, I'm motivated to start typing.  Once the typing starts, the rest will handle itself.  

If  I want to make sure I go to the gym tomorrow, all I'd have to do is put on my workout clothes and spend a few minutes watching girls workout on Instagram.  Those two actions alone will trigger me to grab my keys and get a workout.   When I'm unmotivated to take on big decluttering projects, I watch a few before and after decluttering transformation videos to get me amped up.   Playing transformation videos takes a very teenie amount of motivation compared to the amount required to get up and start decluttering.

So, wherever there is resistance, think of what action triggers you can take to gently move you forward.   For me, watching videos is a HUGE trigger.  If I want to start eating healthier, my best move is to watch a bunch of "what I eat in a day" videos.  Other motivation triggers include changing your environment.  For example, if I work from a coffee shop, I find myself a little more motivated to get things done.   

 By focusing on the actions that motivate you to keep going, you bypass resistance completely. As long as you identify and implement your action triggers consistently, you will stay motivated!  

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  1. I remember last year when I was struggling with motivation and I watched a few study videos or essay writing vlogs where the person would write 2,000 words or 4,000 words and seeing how much they got done, would really fire me up to get to work. I need to start doing that again, thanks for the reminder!


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