Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I discovered the existence of cleansing balms back when Jourdan Dunn first revealed her entire skin care regimen.  Her cleanser of choice was moringa cleansing balm by Emma Hardie.  That was over a year ago.  I vowed to pick up that cleansing balm but never followed through.

Fast forward to this week when I a received notification that Teyana Taylor had launched an Instagram live video.  She was sitting in the back of an Uber, on her way to the airport to meet her idol, Janet Jackson.  Teyana was super nervous that she might miss her flight so she had a somber, serious look on her face.  The weather was cold & gloomy which explained why she cozied up under a dark hoodie jacket.  Even with poor lighting and her serious face, the girl was glowing. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

As we all know,  daily action is the recipe for success.  We're officially kicking off the last 60 days of 2017 and there's no better time to start a 30-day challenge then now.   I'm fully committed to putting in the work necessary to drive real results.  And, since time is limited, we have to focus on the type of action that creates our desired outcomes in the fastest ways possible.

Recently, I watched a video on Youtube that featured some network marketing folks discussing their wins.  As one of the participants shared his reason for success, I was instantly inspired to draft this post because his advice mirrored what I did to created success in my business.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Weekends are made for masking.  With a little more free time on hour hands, we have the opportunity to get more creative.

You've already grown accustomed to all the clay masks in your collection, it's time to try something different.  Seasons are changing and the air is getting drier by the day.  Those clay masks aren't as relevant as they used to be.

Try this mask instead.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I've experienced it time and time again.  After a long day of trying to get everything done, I finally get a chance to sit down and scarf my dinner.  Next thing I know, it's time for bed.  My belly's full, I'm happy and ready to drift off into dreamland.

Over the next several months, the days will grow shorter which means most of us will consume our dinners close to bedtime.  This isn't ideal. We've all heard the advice of not eating our last meal too late. But how many of us really abide by those rules?

If you knew the full impact of late night eating, I'm sure you'd think twice.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

In the summer, dewy skin just sorta happens.  Once winter rolls around, we may need a little help.  So now, more than ever, I'm starting to reach for my skin mists once again.  I've amassed quite a collection but I always keep my eyes peeled for potential new additions.

It seems that I may have found the next product on my hit list. My intention was to find a facial mist that does  more than just hydrate.  Don't get me wrong, instant hydration is a good thing, but I want my facial mist to provide even more value.  I want it to leave me looking flushed and glowing.

These new facial mists, I was introduced to, might be exactly what I'm looking for.

Monday, October 23, 2017

I was on Pinterest the other day when a motivational quote appeared on my timeline that immediately caught my attention.  The message was written in bold font and said something to the effect of "this month's diet is next month's body."

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks.  That sentence was filled with truth and I couldn't ignore it.  I understood that if I took those words to heart, I could easily alter my future.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

We're in the last quarter of the year. And, like clockwork, I always dedicate the last 90 days or so towards decluttering and improving my home environment. Last weekend I was inspired by an image of this perfectly organized fridge.  Immediately, I wanted to recreate my own version of this at home.

Do you remember MTV cribs back in the day?  It  featured various celebrities who willingly gave us a glimpse into their opulent homes.  Whenever we got to their kitchen, every one of them opened up their fridge to show us what was inside. Most of the time, their fridges were pretty empty.  Who needs to do any grocery shopping when you have celebrity chefs preparing your meals?  Even though they didn't use their fridge to store food, they almost always kept an organized assortment of various beverages on deck.  

Their fridges didn't look like ours mainly because theirs were super-organized. I'm sure they enlisted the help of some eager assistant to transform their fridge for national tv.  I've always wanted an ultra organized fridge but never took any action towards it.  This weekend, that all changed.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

I love hacks! Any little tweak that can improve my results, I'm all for it!  Today I've learned something that I have to share with you.  Recently, I've started working out again and I want to see the fruits of my labor as soon as possible.  I wondered if there was a way to maximize each workout for enhanced results, and I think I've stumbled on the answer.

What I discovered today could change everything.  It doesn't require extra time in the gym. In fact, adding one simple beverage to your daily routine could help you lose more weight than working out alone.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How was your weekend?  The highlight of my Saturday night was doing some light housework while jumping on random Instagram lives.  When the notification came in that Megan Milan was live, I decided to join.

It was pretty casual with no real agenda. She did the IG live to give a quick update to her fans and answer questions in the comments.  I sat patiently and waited for the person to ask the question that has been on my mind since I first seen a pic of her.  Megan's skin is amazing.  I couldn't believe that no one asked her to divulge her secrets.
I waited long enough, I finally jumped in her comments and asked her to reveal her favorite skin products. As soon as she read my question, her whole demeanor changed. Suddenly, her voice was full of excitement and energy like she was waiting for someone to ask.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Happy Monday.  I hope your weekend was amazing.  I spent most of Sunday organizing and decluttering.  Whenever I spend a little time organizing, I'm always rewarded. Sometimes it's in the form of a few dollars found in the pocket of a pair of jeans.  Other times, I'm reunited with a long lost item I thought I'd never see again.

Yesterday was no exception.  But instead of finding cold hard cash, I stumbled on a brand new journal that I purchased years earlier.  Apparently, I planned on taking journaling seriously again but somehow fell short.  Since then, I've sat through various seminars where people shared amazing stories about how journaling has changed their life.  They've used the journaling process to manifest wonderful results.  That's the journey that I would like to embark on.  And here's how I'm going to do it.

Friday, October 13, 2017

My Vintage Store Shopping List
One of my favorite past times is driving to the other part of town and check out the rare finds at my favorite thrift store.  Thrifting became a tradition for me back in middle school when my mom first introduced me a huge thrift store that was always packed on the weekends. 

For her, it was a way of saving a few extra dollars on purchases that would normally cost much more. But I fell in love with thrifting because of the unique items that I wouldn't come across in your typical retail store.  I had an eclectic taste in clothing so the thrift store became my favorite place. A couple years ago, I purchased several amazing outerwear pieces from the thrift shop that I absolutely love. 

I'm way overdue for another trip, but this time, I've got a laundry list of exactly what I want.  Let's discuss.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Blac Chyna is known for her bold makeup looks and extensive wig collection.  Her entire brand is all about being ultra glam from head to toe.  Underneath it all, Chyna has impeccably beautiful skin.
Even without a stitch of makeup, her skin is blemish free, even toned and has the most healthy glow. I'm sure some of it is genetics.  But after studying the regimen's of women with pretty skin, I learned that most of them have at least one beauty secret responsible for their perfect skin.

 Chyna is no different.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

In 2016, I invested the bulk of my money into various facial gadgets. Some of my purchases include an LED face mask, the ultrasonic face scrubber, and various types of microcurrent devices ranging in various frequencies. 

I still use my handheld microcurrent tool practically every day while sitting in front of the computer. But the ones that emit a more powerful frequency are in my closet collecting dust.  I've been too lazy to give myself a proper microcurrent facial.  But, after reading some promising results from a study on the benefits of microcurrent, I'm ready to finally become consistent.  
Hanna Bronfman, lover of Microcurrent Treatments

Monday, October 9, 2017

This weekend I received a direct message on Instagram.  The young lady was full of excitement in her message as she encouraged me to join her team to earn a side income.  I told her that I loved her mission to help others earn extra income then wished her well on her journey.

It excites me to know how easy it is to earn a side income.  The barrier to entry for some of these business opportunities is very low.  That's a good thing but, on the flip side, the journey for growing your side income could lead to a dead end if you don't take the right approach.

Here's my best advice for taking on the challenge of earning additional income while having a full-time job.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A few weeks back I ranted about the need to focus on scalp health now that winter is approaching. Promptly after writing that article, I picked up a bottle of Hawaiian Silky's Vinegar Scalp Rinse.  I love the stuff.  To make it even better, I add a little peppermint and tea tree oil for the cooling sensation and to stimulate hair growth.

I thought I had my scalp regimen down packed but, last night I stumbled on a product that I absolutely have to incorporate on wash day.

Monday, October 2, 2017

If you're someone who enjoys my motivation articles, chances are it's because you wish to fill your life with inspiration/motivation.  Perhaps you're developing some clear goals you'd like to reach.  The big challenge we aspiring goal achievers face is maintaining enough motivation to move from desire into action.

One big obstacle to goal achievement that folks rarely talk about is brain fog.  In my opinion, brain fog is a huge contributor to that feeling of helplessness that keeps you stuck in the same place.  I've suffered from immense brain fog, in the past and also times of mental clarity.   There is a world of difference between the two.  When my mind is clear, I easily take action on things that I've been putting off for months.  This past weekend, I came to the conclusion that I must be an active participant in creating clarity of mind at all times. Because this is so important, I put together a list of the best ways to clear the mind so I never fall into the brain fog trap again.
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