Find out which Skin Mists were used to create this Glowy Finish.

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In the summer, dewy skin just sorta happens.  Once winter rolls around, we may need a little help.  So now, more than ever, I'm starting to reach for my skin mists once again.  I've amassed quite a collection but I always keep my eyes peeled for potential new additions.

It seems that I may have found the next product on my hit list. My intention was to find a facial mist that does  more than just hydrate.  Don't get me wrong, instant hydration is a good thing, but I want my facial mist to provide even more value.  I want it to leave me looking flushed and glowing.

These new facial mists, I was introduced to, might be exactly what I'm looking for.
Social media influencer, Christina Caradona, shared an Instagram where she revealed a couple of  facial mists that the described as "the best skin mists, I've ever used."

Take a look.
  (click on box on bottom right corner of the video to watch in full screen).

As you have just witnessed, Christina starts off by proudly reviewing the result of her makeup application.  The light hits her just right revealing the most perfect, effortless glow.   She doesn't have "the look" of having applied a bunch of highlighter to replicate a glow.  Instead, her skin just appears luminous.  She's in New York, it's fall (when she recorded the video), yet her skin is still beaming like it's summer.

This dewy finish was created by two skin mists from Tarte. Ready, Set, Radiant and the other was from their Sea Collection.

Ready, Set, Radiant is loaded with a bunch of extracts including cucumber, peppermint, and raspberry extract just to name a few.  There are also various oils and humectants combined to make the facial mist darn near perfect.

The second, more colorful spray bottle is Tarte's Marine Boosting Mist.  This one's a blend of algae and marine extracts coupled with plant and essential oils to create an all-in-one setting spray and skin refresher.  Honestly, I want them both.   Looking at the ingredients, they both offer something different.  The skin could definitely benefit from from.  I'd like to see how they compare to my beloved "dewy skin in a bottle" spray from Missha.

At the very least, I might consider experimenting with adding a few boosters to my water only facial sprays to make them more beneficial to the skin.  I don't just want to add water to the skin, I want to feed and nourish it.  Most of all, I want it to leave my skin looking amazingly radiant.  And I won't stop until I have the perfect facial mist in my possession.

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