If you do this for 20 days, you could increase your collagen production by 14%

In 2016, I invested the bulk of my money into various facial gadgets. Some of my purchases include an LED face mask, the ultrasonic face scrubber, and various types of microcurrent devices ranging in various frequencies. 

I still use my handheld microcurrent tool practically every day while sitting in front of the computer. But the ones that emit a more powerful frequency are in my closet collecting dust.  I've been too lazy to give myself a proper microcurrent facial.  But, after reading some promising results from a study on the benefits of microcurrent, I'm ready to finally become consistent.  
Hanna Bronfman, lover of Microcurrent Treatments

The reason why I now own around 4 different microcurrent tools is that I bought into the claims that low-level currents have the ability to lift and strengthen the underlying facial muscles. It's a non-invasive way of helping the face to stay "snatched."  Little did I know that there were actual studies in place that supported the claims

Women under the age of 45 were asked to receive a microcurrent session on a nearly daily basis for at least 20 days.  The study even included some before and after pictures and which we can clearly see the improvement in facial lines.  I always thought of microcurrent as a lifting and toning tool, not as something that could so effective at minimizing wrinkles. I wondered why microcurrent had such a profound effect on their filling in lines and even diminishing acne scars. 

The reason for such a transformation is because microcurrent not only lifts muscles but it also has been proven to increase collagen production by 14%.  Not only does it boost collagen, microcurrent increases the number and lengthens elastin fibers by 45%.  Other benefits include lymph drainage and increased blood circulation to the face by 35%. 

I don't know about you but this type of information excites me! 

The only caveat is that these results are possible after multiple sessions.  The cumulative effects of microcurrent are so much greater if we remain consistent.  While we are on the topic of consistency, I want to briefly update you on my microneedling experience. So far, I've had probably around 6 sessions and my skin has never looked better.  Is it perfect? Not yet, but because I have been consistent my skin has transformed right before my very eyes. 

Currently, I have no facial lines or wrinkles.  When I go for consultations, the estheticians are shocked that I don't need any botox (at my age).  I attribute some of that to regular collagen intake, facial massages, and casual use of microcurrent.  Now I'm ready to get serious and take on a 30-day microcurrent challenge.

While I'm at it, I'm already planning on which treatments to focus on in 2018.  I'd love to see how my skin responds to a regular series of hydrafacial sessions.  Also, need to get back to bi-weekly massages.  The cumulative effects were so worth it.  If you're ready to get serious about your self-care routine, my advice to you is to pick 1-2 areas to focus on and STAY CONSISTENT.  The results will come.

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