[Try This] Make Your own Collagen Face & Hair Masks @ Home

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Weekends are made for masking.  With a little more free time on hour hands, we have the opportunity to get more creative.

You've already grown accustomed to all the clay masks in your collection, it's time to try something different.  Seasons are changing and the air is getting drier by the day.  Those clay masks aren't as relevant as they used to be.

Try this mask instead.
If you've ever attempted to purchase sheet masks, you've probably seen several have the word "collagen" on the label as a selling point.  The idea is that these collagen sheet masks can help plump your skin.  But, one has to wonder, how much collagen is in those things anyway?

I have this drawer that houses all of the sheet masks I've collected along the way.  One in particular, from Masqueology, is a Collagen Hydro Gel mask.  When I flipped the packet over to read the ingredients, I discovered that it contained hydrolized collagen along with other high-end ingredients like caviar and pearl powder. There's also some super-ingredient that allegedly activates the production of vitamin D levels in the skin.  Sounds fancy. Maybe that's why this mask retails for over $30.00!

That's quite a chunk of change. And maybe it's worth it? I dunno but I wondered if there was a way to incorporate hydrolized collagen into my beauty routine without breaking the bank.
Hydrolyzed collagen is special because the particles are small enough to penetrate. Does this mean that applying collagen topically will magically make your skin appear younger & firmer?  Who knows.  But, according to multiple reviews of collagen-based products I looked into....probably.   Many reviewers are claiming to experience toned, lifted skin from using collagen infused masks.

I have a tub of collagen peptides that I like to add to my beverages.  This stuff easily disappears into any liquid at room temperature (or warmer). Once dissolved, it leaves no traces of grittiness or taste behind. That's a testament to how tiny the particles are. Taking collagen internally has served me well, but I felt it was time to see if there were any benefits possible from using collagen topically.

The first phase of this project involved adding a scoop of collagen peptides to my Kanechom conditioner.  Unfortunately for me, temperatures recently dropped, cooling down my products so the powder didn't dissolve as it normally would. *Mental note, warm up the conditioner slightly next time to see if that makes a difference.*  After a bit of stirring with my Sprush, everything eventually blended together.

As expected, there was no grittiness or any other physical changes to the conditioner.  I applied as normal and waited until the entire process was completed to assess the results.  I didn't know what to expect other than to experience a slight improvement in the "health" of my hair.  If the collagen did its job, it would penetrate the strand and strengthen it from within.  It's been over 24 hours and I love the way my hair looks and feels.  The only thing I did differently was adding collagen to my conditioner and it made a noticeable difference. This is will be a permanent part of my routine.

Next, I'm envisioning ways to build collagen peptides into my skin routine.  One of the most obvious ways is to dissolve a little into my daily moisturizer.  I'm already mixing it with chlorella powder, what's one more ingredient?

Since collagen peptides are in powder form, it'll be easy to blend with any DIY clay mask mixture.  This will help your mask to lift and firm while it clears out your pores.  Collagen easily dissolves in liquids too so I might add a little bit of it into a homemade facial mist.  My first experiment will probably be a rosewater/collagen blend.

Lastly, I'm  thinking on how to make my own collagen sheet mask.  A brand called Huwala has these plain sheet masks that are perfect for DIY projects.  Sometimes, I'll look at an ingredient in a mask and wonder how much of the key ingredients are really in there.  With these plain masks, you whip up your own concoction for a fraction of the price.  You get 60 masks for one low investment.  When I get these, I'm making a brightening mask with enough of the active ingredient to make a real difference.

I'm daydreaming of making a green tea sheet mask soaked in 100% green tea!  Or maybe an aloe vera collagen mask. The possibilities are endless and I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

I also love this DIY video of how to make your own GEL SHEET MASK at home.  Getting some spring roll rice paper today to make a bunch of gel patches for my under eye and smile lines that I can use every day. Check it out.

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