Sprush! A review of the Spatula-Brush Hybrid

Deep Conditioning

I'm big into technology.  Anything that advances to become better, faster, more effective, has my full and complete attention.  Sadly, there doesn't seem to be much revolution in the world of hair care. At least that's what I thought until I stumbled upon these babies!  I finally found Sprushes! The geniuses who created these combined the idea of a brush and spatula together and voila!


So in order to give the sprush a proper review, I thought I would systematically go over all the claims listed on the back of the packaging and give my perspective based on my first experience.  I should say that I only used the green one so far. I'll use the pink on with the rounded tip next go around.
Let's get started!

Closer to Scalp I thought my old applicator brush did a decent job of getting close to the scalp, but it does not compare to the amount of precision I had using the sprush. Once green tip touched my scalp, I knew exactly where the product was placed.   And yes, I did feel like I was able to get my product really close to the scalp just as promised.

Reduces application time I'm sure this will be a bi-product of using the sprush long term but for my first experience, I didn't feel like I saved a bunch of time.  Probably because I was analyzing everything as I went along.  Plus I had a ton of detangling to do along the way.  I think the precision offered by the sprush will help to create a more effective application process overall which will automatically mean less time with future uses.

Less overlap Agreed.  Again, it has to do with the precision offered with this tool.  With the green sprush in particular, I feel like I can apply relaxer, color, or whatever to a specific part of the hair without having concern of overlapping or worse, over processing.  Long term, this will be huge in the creation of healthier hair. 

Use less product Every week when I deep condition, I fill the same small bowl with a mix of conditioners.  Usually, I don't mix enough and I have to go back and mix another smaller batch just to make sure I get the level of saturation I want.  This week, I tried filling the bowl with less than usual to see if I could do the job with less. In the end, I still had to make a second batch but I'm pretty sure that even with the second batch I probably did use a little less than I normally do.  I really like the possibility that I could be using less product weekly and achieve equal or better results. 

No residual contamination Cross contamination is a big deal in the restaurant world.  One wrong move and you can be making hundreds of people sick.  Same goes for our hair. I was using one applicator brush for touch ups and deep conditioning. Even though I washed the brush out with neutralizing shampoo, I still couldn't help but wonder if traces of the chemical relaxer remained on the brush without my knowing about it.  With the sprush, the product rinses clean away without the fear of small traces of product hiding behind the bristles or in other crevices.  Once it's cleaned, it's cleaned.

Long lasting The picture below shows my two applicator brushes, the one with the dark bristles is damaged from repeated use.  It likely suffered the effects of having repeated contact with chemical relaxers.  The one on the right is a new one I purchased to replace "old faithful."  I have no doubt that in the future, the white brush will eventually meet the same fate as it's predecessor.  But when I look closely at the sprush, I'm pretty confident that they'll last forever.  So even though, they cost a little more up front, I get my money's worth in the long run.

 I was never aware of this until I got the sprush, but look how much space is between the bristles of my old brushes. Looking back, I think this can promote the likelihood of uneven application (especially during deep conditioning).  When I applied by product with the sprush, I noticed that the product was pretty evenly distributed throughout that section of hair.  The only drawback was that I had to re-dip my sprush and reapply conditioner when I got to the ends of my hair.  Because my ends are a bit thinner than the rest of my hair, the green sprush wasn't able to flex to the change in hair thickness. Bristled brushes offer a little more flexibility.

One I finished applying conditioner with my sprush, I allowed the conditioner to marinate under a plastic cap overnight.  The next morning, I washed and roller set.  I'm not lying when I say that I lost the least amount of hair during the roller set than I have in a very long time.   Was it because I deep conditioned overnight or did the sprush have something to do with it? Perhaps everything worked together like a musical symphony to create a wonderful masterpiece.  Either way, I'm very pleased and I can't wait to take these babies for a spin on relaxer day. 


  1. Thanks for the review! I've been very curious about sprushes, I think I will purchase one :)

  2. these look really great. I'm always on the lookout for things that will make my life easier when it comes to my hair. This would be especially useful for hair colouring.

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  4. Awesome review Nadege! I used the sprush for the first time a few weeks ago for my touch up. All I can say is FABULOUS! I really don't know how I did touch ups without it before!


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