[Weekend Plans] It's Time to Stylize Your Fridge.

We're in the last quarter of the year. And, like clockwork, I always dedicate the last 90 days or so towards decluttering and improving my home environment. Last weekend I was inspired by an image of this perfectly organized fridge.  Immediately, I wanted to recreate my own version of this at home.

Do you remember MTV cribs back in the day?  It  featured various celebrities who willingly gave us a glimpse into their opulent homes.  Whenever we got to their kitchen, every one of them opened up their fridge to show us what was inside. Most of the time, their fridges were pretty empty.  Who needs to do any grocery shopping when you have celebrity chefs preparing your meals?  Even though they didn't use their fridge to store food, they almost always kept an organized assortment of various beverages on deck.  

Their fridges didn't look like ours mainly because theirs were super-organized. I'm sure they enlisted the help of some eager assistant to transform their fridge for national tv.  I've always wanted an ultra organized fridge but never took any action towards it.  This weekend, that all changed.
Between now and 2018, I vow to take on small weekend projects that improve my life in one way or another.  This weekend was dedicated towards organizing my fridge.  


Because I'm on a mission to raise my vibration.  I believe there are legit benefits to be had by organizing our fridge.  Ever stay in a really nice luxury hotel?  One thing you might notice is their ever-so-perfectly stocked fridge.  They do this for two reasons:

1.) So you can indulge in snacks and beverages at insane markups. 
2.) To enhance the feeling of abundance that comes with the high-end experience. 

Don't you want to recreate the feeling of abundance every time you open your fridge?  Well you can. And it's easy to do so.  All it takes are a few tools to help you get your organization project underway.  A few days ago, I visited Amazon and bought a starter set of 3 fridge organizers.  They arrived days later and my weekend project began.    

This small, deliberate action is going to create a slew of benefits.
1. All my food is visible and organized which means less spoilage and waste.  
2. I eat healthier when my fridge is in order. When it's a mess, I tend to go for take out.
3. Every time I open the fridge, I get a tiny jolt of energy. Not literally, but mentally. Subconsciously, every time I see my newly organized fridge, I reaffirm that this was an intention which is now become reality.

It's such a small gesture that makes a world of difference.  Every time I open the fridge, my crazy, monkey mind is filled with a sense of calm.

 Next on the wish list are bins that will proudly display my veggies.  I watched a slew of videos of others who've successfully stylized their fridge and got a ton of ideas.

Check it out. 

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