Blac Chyna Takes "Going To Bed Greasy" to a Whole New Level

Beauty Secrets
Blac Chyna is known for her bold makeup looks and extensive wig collection.  Her entire brand is all about being ultra glam from head to toe.  Underneath it all, Chyna has impeccably beautiful skin.
Even without a stitch of makeup, her skin is blemish free, even toned and has the most healthy glow. I'm sure some of it is genetics.  But after studying the regimen's of women with pretty skin, I learned that most of them have at least one beauty secret responsible for their perfect skin.

 Chyna is no different.
She's currently featured on the cover of Elle Magazine.  As part of the feature, the interviewer asked Chyna to divulge her private beauty rituals.  Chyna doesn't reveal much regarding her skin reggie on social media so I was all ears.

One part of her interview, in particular,  really stood out to me. One of her non-negotiables with regards to her routine is her obsession with moisturizing.

"It all started when someone said, "You have really nice skin." And I was like, "Oh you know what? I actually do." I never realized it until somebody said it to me. I never used to really moisturize my body. I would take a shower, but I wouldn’t really lotion up. I don’t know it wasn’t a thing, but now I have to oil my whole body. So now I'm OCD with the oil. My sheets are oily, my robes are oily. Skin is really important." 

I have brought up the topic of going to bed greasy so many times.  Ever since I discovered that countless women are oiling up their faces at night, I was hooked.  Going to bed greasy sounded pretty scary at first but once I learned that Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, and random flight attendant supermodels were all advocates, I gave it a shot.

It's a small step that creates a big difference.  After reading Chyna's snippet, I have to admit that I'm not as committed to greasing up all over as I should be.  Sure, I switched to using body oil gel instead of lotion and it made a world of difference.  But I only really oil up when my skin is exposed or when I'm headed out.  I don't really put much attention towards oiling my skin before bed like Chyna.

Perhaps I should.

Imagine waking up with soft, ultra-hydrated skin that retained some of the moisture from last night's shower.   That's how life should be.

Winter's coming and it's bringing the dry, crisp air with it.  Now is the time to develop habits that  protect our skin for months and years to come.  Although Chyna didn't elaborate on which oil she prefers, I think I have an idea.
Months ago, Chyna posted this image on Snapchat with no caption.  I quickly took a screenshot and saved it hoping to one day have some context.  The Elle article basically explains the significance of these two products.  I'm guessing that Chyna applies coconut oil all over her skin post-shower.

And, for her face, she opted to splurge on the infamous LA Mer moisturizing soft creme.  According to Chyna, La Mer is "super expensive and ridiculous but worth it."  I wonder if she was influenced to try La Mer by her former bestie Kim K who's a die-hard fan of the brand.

La Mer's claim to fame is the "miracle broth" which is derived from sea kelp and various nutrients.  As you may have heard, I've started blending a tiny pinch of chlorella powder with my daily moisturizer.  We all know that chlorella is from the algae family and is loaded with nutrition. So perhaps I've created my very own variation of a miracle broth cream.  My skin has been looking pretty good lately and I give some of the props to my new and improved superfood moisturizer.

It's worth giving it a try and you don't have to invest hundreds of dollars to try it.


  1. Hi dear. I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up. Can you do a post on diy gelatin hair mask and how effective it is as a protein treatment. Also when you talk about skincare equipments that you use, do you mind putting up personal photos so we can see the transformation for ourselves. Thanks.

    1. That's funny that you mention this! I'm actually doing some research on collagen facial masks and looking into using it as a hair mask as well. The post will be launched within the week! Stay tuned.

  2. Can you also do an article on hyperpigmentation for black women ? Suffering and need suggestions, I love the advice you share!

  3. Hi Sweetpea! I've written several articles on hyperpigmentation. Try searching for acne scar or hyperpigmentation using the search feature at the top of the page.
    Also, microneedling has helped me with the real deep acne scarring that I dealt with for years.


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