Beauty Secrets of the Flight Attendant with Flawless Skin

My travel schedule has been especially tight lately.  All of those hours in the air are really adding up.  And, as the season starts to shift, dry skin now becomes the greatest of my worries.  Yesterday, I was on a 5 hour cross country flight.  One of the flight attendants had the most beautiful chocolate skin.  Her skin just looked so effortless and well hydrated.  I found myself catching glances of her whenever she wasn't looking.  I asked myself, "how does this woman maintain such flawless skin while being in the air most of her day?"
Hours later, I happened to get a close up of her while waiting in line to use the restroom.  No longer able to hold it, I began the conversation by complimenting her skin.  She happily accepted my compliment and began to openly share the secrets of her amazing glow.  "Coconut oil!" she proclaimed.  "I use coconut oil at night on my skin before going to bed."  First I use black soap to cleanse all of the impurities then I apply the coconut oil."  As I absorbed the information she extended out her forearm and said "feel my skin."

I ran my extended finger along the length of her perfectly even toned arm.  Silky would be the best word to describe the softness of her skin.  "On my body, I use baby oil....gel.  Not the oil, but the gel."  I put it on every morning and my skin stays soft all day."  (Mental note, get some baby oil gel ASAP).  I also noticed that she had a cup of water in hand, which leads me to believe that she keeps herself hydrated by drinking lots of water.  Unfortunately, a bout of turbulence interrupted our conversation as I had to return to my seat to buckle up. But not before I got the exact information I needed.

It's funny how she provided the tip of using coconut oil on my skin.  I recently began spritzing my skin using Evian's facial spray and sealing in the moisture with a little bit of coconut oil.  So far, I really love this practice for keeping my face hydrated all day.  Now, I want to experiment with applying at night before bed. This reminds me of the "Go to bed greasy" post I wrote about a while back.  Now, I gotta get my hands on some black soap and a tub of the baby oil gel.

By the way, if you plan on using coconut oil on your face, be sure to separate that oil in a different container (or use a spray form like CapriClear) so you aren't cross contaminating.


  1. Be careful with African Black Soap. I've tried a few different brands and in both liquid & bar form, and in general it is a very drying cleanser! It leaves your face squeaky clean, like it has completely stripped your skin of all oils. It leaves my skin feeling dry and painfully tight. I should also note that I have oily-combination skin, that's how strong it was. It could be good to exfoliate with, but I think that could do damage to your face if used daily. It works for some people and not for others. That coconut oil tip sounds promising though.

  2. I agree with above comment. If you want to use black soap, get it locally directly from west Africa. The ones they sell abroad are mass produced and only look like the originals. Even if it says they are original they are not.

    I also use coconut oil or macadamia oil at night. Any oil really is good.

  3. I began using African Black Soap on my face about 1.5 months ago (Shea Terra Organics Rose Hip African Black Soap face wash). That soap is great!
    I've got sensitive, combo skin that leans towards the dry end of combo and this soap has contributed to a turnaround in my skin. At night, I wash with the soap I mentioned, tone with rosewater or chamomile or lavender water, then seal that in with rose hip, hibiscus, or tamanu oil. My skin is balancing out, dark spots are fading, and I have less frequent acne breakouts. I agree with a previous commenter I wouldn't use pure ABS everyday but the blended one I use is awesome for daily use.

  4. That is my exact regimen African black soap followed by coconut oil! @Tay ABS is best suited for daily use by oily skin people and even then I find that it is less drying in it's diluted form. I always dilute mine to make it less drying and I have a super oily face which ABS has helped control. Other face types I would recommend 2 or 3 times a week as an exfoliator like you suggested.

  5. I use J&J shea & cocoa butter baby gel ( a dime size amount bc a little goes a long way) mix with Rinju cocoa butter lotion, and girl let me tell u my body is SOOO Soft and it has a really nice glow! not mention the mixture smells so yummy

  6. I haven't tried ABS on my face, but I do use the Nubian Heritage Black Soap in the liquid form on my body. I'm prone to back and chest acne and it's reduced my breakouts tremendously. I follow up with lotion and I don't worry about dry skin at all anymore.


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