This Technique could improve your Results Exponentially.

As we all know,  daily action is the recipe for success.  We're officially kicking off the last 60 days of 2017 and there's no better time to start a 30-day challenge then now.   I'm fully committed to putting in the work necessary to drive real results.  And, since time is limited, we have to focus on the type of action that creates our desired outcomes in the fastest ways possible.

Recently, I watched a video on Youtube that featured some network marketing folks discussing their wins.  As one of the participants shared his reason for success, I was instantly inspired to draft this post because his advice mirrored what I did to created success in my business.

The first part of his conversation revolved around the practice of taking daily action.  Without daily action, our dreams will suffocate.  This is a given.  But's it's what he said next that made my ears perk up.  His method to success was simple: track, monitor, and create accountability.

He then shared this quote:

"If you monitor/track your activities, your results will improve."

"If you track/monitor your activities and report them to someone else, they'll improve exponentially."

I'd like to share a story. The same year that I quit my job, I hired a coach to work with me 1 on 1 to help me reach my goals.  One of her first requests was that I do a time log of all of my activities.  Every week, I completed the time log of everything I did, every hour,  and we discussed the record of my activity on our weekly call.

Unfortunately, our professional relationship didn't last too long because I was looking for a coach that would hold me accountable to reaching my outcomes.  But, the best thing that came out of our sessions was this tracking of my activity on an hour-by-hour basis.

Having to report my results to her added an extra layer of urgency to make sure that I handled the important things on my list.  Even though our sessions ended, I kept a mental reminder to always value my time. It's probably no coincidence that the same year I started tracking my activities is when I finally manifested my dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

The guy on the YouTube video said something else that is absolutely critical to this process.  He urged the viewers to track their income-producing activity.  Doing so makes a huge difference in the type of action you take.   All action is not created equal.  Some of the things we write on our to-do list makes us feel good but don't produce any real results.  Get off that hampster wheel and shift your energy towards what really matters.  Even if it feels super uncomfortable.

These next 60 days can be absolutely magical if we put his advice into practice.  I need to get back into the habit of monitoring and tracking my activities.  I've been tracking my results (which is also good) but I've forgotten the fact that the right actions will create optimal results.   Basically, my next steps will look something like this:

1. Identity the outcomes I want to achieve.
2. Determine which (daily) actions will produce these results.
3. Track activity to ensure that I'm following through and taking action.
4. Assess results.
5. Determine if I'm taking the right actions or if I need to course correct.
6. Share results with an accountability partner on a routine basis.

Step 6 is important but if you don't have someone to report your activities, you can still be your own accountability partner.  I do this when I record my results into a voice recorder on my phone. You can also journal the process.  Just make sure you challenge yourself on some of your actions. That's what accountability partners are for. :)

Sixty days left.  Are you going to try this or nah?


  1. Girl you should be a coach!! This is incredible and because of your motivational component to your blog I have started taking action!! My house looks a bit but I am focusing on income producing action the bulk of the time. It showing really potential. Therefore, I am in!!

    1. Hi Anon! Nothing excites me more than hearing that you're in the process to taking action towards your goals. I wish you a tremendous amount of success. :) Thanks for being an inspiration.


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