Thursday, January 31, 2019

I've been a fan of button-down skirts for ages.  I currently have at least 4 of them in my wardrobe.  The buttons act as a simple accessory that adds a little something unique to a plain skirt.    Recently, I've stumbled on to some major inspiration on how to completely transform your boring button downs in a modern and feminine way.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

It's kinda rare nowadays to find a beauty secret reveal from a celebrity that isn't an #ad or #sponsored.  So any time a super-celebrity gives us a glimpse of products they adore, we have to close pay attention.  Although Halle Berry had somewhat of a late start on social media, she's constantly inspired us with her commitment to maintaining a fit-focused lifestyle.  Halle's even let us in on the fact that she enjoys ample amounts of bone broth to help further slow down her aging.

Recently, Halle generously revealed her latest skincare obsession to the world and we have to talk about it.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

One style trend that I could never get into was matching sets.  For some reason, I hated the idea of wearing a printed top and matching bottom.  I thought that matching from head to toe was tacky, gaudy, and hard to execute.

But, recently opinion has shifted. Because I've fallen in love with the newer, more modern version of matching sets.  It turns out that I didn't hate the idea of wearing separates that coordinate as long as it's done in with style.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Shortly after I wrote the article on transitioning to using acid-based cleansers, I received a comment that would change my entire mindset when it came to cleansing.   This is what the commenter shared:

My cleanser wasn't giving me glowing skin at first until I started using the 60second rule. You have to give yourself time to let your cleanser seep into your skin. Massage your cleanser into your face for 60 seconds then wash. 

This person had my fullest attention. Why had I never heard of this 60-second rule and what difference could this simple change make to my skin?

Saturday, January 19, 2019

One major factor that helped achieved goals in the past was visualization.  I was introduced to the concept of visualization after watching The Secret.  There's a brief moment in the movie where they ask you to see yourself driving your dream car....imagine your hands around the steering wheel, etc.

As I attempted to complete the exercise, I found myself struggling to create a clear image which left me frustrated.

That was a problem.

Because I couldn't fully immerse myself into the experience, I had a hard time engaging the power of visualization to help me manifest. Although visualizing didn't come naturally to me, I kept trying.  Eventually, I was decent enough to utilize mental images to help me realize intentions.  But, because visualizing still doesn't come naturally to me, I tend to utilize other LOA tactics instead.  Recently, I stumbled on a video that inspired me to become an avid visualizer once again.  The video features a woman who manifested her lifelong goal through the power of visualization. 

Let's dissect her visualization process so we can apply it for ourselves.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

For the longest time, I gave absolutely no though or attention to the type of cleanser I used on my face.  After experiencing dermatitis related skin peeling, I finally started looking for gentle cleansers that didn't irritate my skin.  This was a suitable solution.  But after a while, I noticed the need to rev up my exfoliation routine because the extra gentle cleanser wasn't doing a complete job of removing dirt and oil.  If I neglect my exfoliating routine, my skin kinda goes haywire with congestion and breakouts.

Nowadays, I use the help of apple cider vinegar toner to help keep my dermatitis at bay.  So an extra gentle cleanser is no longer an absolute must.  So now I have the opportunity to experiment a little to find an ideal cleanser that'll help me reach my overall skin goals.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Last year, I didn't focus much on my hair journey.  With the exception of chopping off a few inches of length late in the year, my journey was pretty uneventful.  So now that the new year is here, I'm thinking about what I can do to make up for lost time.

My strategy, this year, is to focus on scalp health.  If the scalp is thriving, our hair will thrive.  Just as I was putting my thoughts together around what I can do differently to promote healthy hair growth, an idea appeared on my timeline that I couldn't ignore.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

It's that time of year where everyone is posting their newly formed health-based habits on social media.  Pretty much everyone is back in the gym preparing heavily to reveal their summer bodies.   Obviously, starting a workout routine right now is an excellent idea. But I'd also like to encourage you to also consider building your nutritional beauty routine before summer arrives.

This article is inspired by all the studies I've read over the years.  Most often, these studies are conducted within a 12-week timeframe.  Three months is typically the amount of time where people start experiencing measurable changes from their consistent efforts.

One thing we all want to experience for summer is healthy hair and glowing skin. My goal is to have my healthiest, most vibrant skin ever by the time summer rolls around. How will I do this? One of the many strategies I'll execute is "collagen loading."

So what is collagen loading exactly and what type of results can one experience by trying out a collagen loading protocol?

Saturday, January 5, 2019

I jumped on the green tea train a little late in life.  If you aren't a tea connoisseur, the taste of green tea can get some getting used to.  Last winter, I decided to get serious about my green tea consumption after studying some of its wonderful benefits.

At the time, I only focused on one beneficial aspect of enjoying green tea but now that I've learned of yet another positive attribute, I'm ready to become a regular green tea drinker for life.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Some years ago, I was introduced to jade facial rollers.  It was a neat little tool that designed to help with lymphatic drainage on the face.  When I first received my roller, I loved it! But, eventually, my jade roller took a back seat as I searched for more intense methods of lymphatic detox.

I veered back to manual facial massages because I found them to be a bit more intense and effective. But, in the back of my mind, I wish there was a better version of the facial roller out there.  It didn't take long before I was finally introduced to a new tool that revolutionized lymphatic facial toning.
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