If My Cleanser Doesn't Give Me Glowing Skin.....I Don't Want It.

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For the longest time, I gave absolutely no though or attention to the type of cleanser I used on my face.  After experiencing dermatitis related skin peeling, I finally started looking for gentle cleansers that didn't irritate my skin.  This was a suitable solution.  But after a while, I noticed the need to rev up my exfoliation routine because the extra gentle cleanser wasn't doing a complete job of removing dirt and oil.  If I neglect my exfoliating routine, my skin kinda goes haywire with congestion and breakouts.

Nowadays, I use the help of apple cider vinegar toner to help keep my dermatitis at bay.  So an extra gentle cleanser is no longer an absolute must.  So now I have the opportunity to experiment a little to find an ideal cleanser that'll help me reach my overall skin goals.
Right now, I've got my eye on exfoliating cleansers. Let me explain why.

There are days when we have all the time in the world to execute a multistep facial routine that adequately cleanses, exfoliates and preps the skin for our serums and potions.  But, most of the time, I find myself in a rush and not doing everything possible to create my best skin ever.

That's where exfoliating cleansers come in.  In one step, I'm able to cleanse (deeply), while removing dead surface cells that are the culprit for dull skin.  Every time you wash your skin, you can potentially, lighten hyperpigmentation, create brighter skin, and reduce the look of wrinkles.  Oh, and did I mention that exfoliating cleansers can also help address acne concerns as well? Who wouldn't want that?  Everything an exfoliating cleanser can provide is perfectly aligned with my skin goals.  My current cleanser is great, but it only cleanses and I need it to do a little bit more.

When I started looking around for exfoliating cleanser options, I quickly realized that there are two main groups.  The ones that exfoliate using enzymes and those that are acid based.

Acid-based (aha/bha) cleansers work to lower the pH of the skin while dissolving the bonds that hold dead skin cells together.  Certain acids, like salicylic, have the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin to unclog dead skin in the pores that could lead to breakouts if left unattended. Salicylic based cleansers don't have to sit on the skin for a long period of time to be effective.  This makes it a perfect ingredient for cleansers.

Enzyme exfoliators are typically a gentler option but are still quite effective.  They do a decent job of removing dead cells at the surface of the skin. Enzyme derived exfoliators are an ideal ingredient for cleansers because they're meant to be applied to damp skin and left on for a few minutes to fully complete their mission.

I'm thinking that I may try both an enzyme and acid-based cleanser and see what my skin prefers.  Perhaps, I use the enzyme-based cleanser during the winter when my skin isn't as oily and active then switch to an acid cleanse when spring rolls around. This year, I'm placing on heavy focus on daily exfoliation since Beyonce's dermatologist swears by it.   I'd talked at length about how many of the women we envy for their perfect skin maintain a habit of daily exfoliation.  Chilli does it, Cynthia Bailey does it, Leomie Anderson does it, Taylour Paige does it.......everybody does it!

p.s....If you're going to try incorporating exfoliating cleansers on a regular basis, please make sure you're applying sunscreen religiously.  Also, I urge you to focus on moisturizing the skin properly post wash.  One wonderful benefit we can also enjoy from acid cleansers is that our hydrating products may work even better.  Lastly, try introducing acid-based cleansers into your routine by using them at night so you can wake up to glowing skin in the morning.

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