Halle Berry loves this Facial in a Box. Find Out What Makes it So Special.

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It's kinda rare nowadays to find a beauty secret reveal from a celebrity that isn't an #ad or #sponsored.  So any time a super-celebrity gives us a glimpse of products they adore, we have to close pay attention.  Although Halle Berry had somewhat of a late start on social media, she's constantly inspired us with her commitment to maintaining a fit-focused lifestyle.  Halle's even let us in on the fact that she enjoys ample amounts of bone broth to help further slow down her aging.

Recently, Halle generously revealed her latest skincare obsession to the world and we have to talk about it.
What's interesting is that her most loved mask is actually a combination of two treatments.  In her IG caption, Halle shouts out the Ageless Facial in a Box from Olga Lorecin's skincare line.  Olga just happens to be a celebrity esthetician with over 20 years of experience.  Her expertise has lead to the development of a system that replicates facial like results at home.

I've seen the term, facial in a jar or facial in a box thrown around loosely but this product seems to be legit.  Although I haven't tried it myself, I can see that it has the potential to create amazing skin in just a few steps.  All great facials consist of two components, exfoliation, and deep hydration.

Olga's box facial starts off with a brightening plant-based peel.  Once the peel is complete, we then move on to the second step.  After removing dead skin cells, we finish off our facial with intense  (and I mean intense) hydration mask.  The mask contains an ingredient called phytomoist which is a plant-derived moisturizing agent that's 400x more hydrating than hyaluronic acid.  Those of you who are familiar with hyaluronic acid know who it's known for its moisturizing properties.

 We're instructed to wear this hydrating mask all night to intensify its ability to penetrate the skin.  The hydrating mask is also rich in antioxidants and botanical extracts that help decrease redness and irritation.
Cynthia Bailey pictured with Olga post facial.
Apparently, Olga's services are so desired that Cynthia Bailey herself decided to pay Olga a visit.  At 51 years of age, Cynthia seems to have literally stopped the hands of time.   Her skin is pretty much flawless yet she made time in her busy schedule to experience an Olga facial first hand.  This is after a close friend of Cynthia's raved non-stop about the results he enjoyed after visiting Olga's skin studio.  Once her facial was complete, Cynthia was all smiles and glowing like crazy.

For those of us who aren't fortunate enough to be able to visit Olga at her Beverly Hills location, at least she's developed some affordable products that seem to work so well that even the great Halle Berry herself chose to give a special shout out.   There are some celebrity facialists that offer at home products for several hundred dollars.  Olga's powerful two-step mask treatment is certainly within the budget for beautiful skin. 

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