Halle Berry's Secret to Eternal Youth is Finally Revealed!

A couple of winters ago, I went public with my newfound love for an up and coming superfood.  Unlike most superfoods on the market, this one isn't an exotic fruit found natively in an exotic jungle.  Arguably, it's one of the most nutrient dense superfoods known to man.

Bone broth has lots to offer from a nutritional support perspective.  What's interesting is how bone broth is emerging as one of the most powerful anti-aging foods available. You'll be hearing a lot more about bone broth now that one of the most beautiful women in the world swears by it as her beauty secret.

Recently, Halle Berry went public for her love of bone broth.  Her endorsement serves as a perfect reminder of why we should be consuming bone broth as much as possible.

The 52-year-old beauty took to social media earlier this year to share an in-depth post on why bone broth has become her fave.  Finally, after decades of looking absolutely flawless, Halle decided to share her "secret weapon" with the rest of the world.  This weapon has helped Halle to "defy her age."  She then goes on to say that, not only does she look much younger than a typical woman in her fifty's, she feels absolutely amazing.

Bone broth is gaining popularity on a huge scale right now, so it's pretty easy to get your hands on prepackaged bone broth.  But, Halle prefers to create her own from scratch by placing bones in a crockpot and allowing them to simmer for hours.  She urged her readers to give bone broth a try because it'll "slow down the inevitable race to the finish line."
Halle just celebrated her 52nd birthday yesterday.  I've noticed that in the past couple of years, she's been aging backward.  She's endured some personal trials in the past which started to take a toll in her outward appearance.  But, as of late, Halle seems to have reconnected to her natural beauty.  Her body looks amazing and her skin is perfectly flawless.  I can't think of a person in their fifties who looks more youthful.  There are no signs of her skin breaking down or any evidence of collagen loss thanks to the mighty power of bone broth.  That coupled with maintaining her low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle has pretty much put a halt to her aging.

Just a few days ago, I was saying to myself that I couldn't wait till winter to bring warm cups of bone broth soup back into rotation.  But, thanks to Halle's reminder, I've decided not to wait.  It's time to bring bone broth back into my diet to reap the numerous benefits.  Last year, I watched a slew of videos on YouTube on the benefits of bone broth.  One woman, in particular, had written several books on the topic and recommended all of her patients to incorporate bone broth into their diet.  She talked heavily about how much bone broth had impacted her external appearance.  I'm of the impression that by the time we realize external benefits, our internal mechanisms have already benefited.  What we see on the outside is the result of an overflow of benefits that have occurred internally.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can head over to your local grocery store and pick up a carton of bone broth.  But, in all honesty, I can't find a store bought brand with as much gelatin as homemade.  The thicker and more gelatin-y the broth, the higher its nutritional content.  I also find that homemade broth is tastier. Drinking a warm bowl feels like a hug.

You guys know that I'm a huge proponent of taking collagen supplements to support healthy joints, skin, and hair.  Collagen is cool and all but consuming all natural bone broth is like collagen supplements on a new level.  You're consuming it straight from the source which makes it bioavailable for the body to process the nutrition.

Don't take my word for it, Halle Berry's youthful qualities are proof enough of the mighty power of bone broth.


  1. I'm not vegan, but I also love Irish/Sea Moss. In fact, let me put some to soak. Been slacking...and then head to the local butcher shop :-p


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