Go To Bed Greasy with this and Wake Up with Even Toned Skin

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It won't be long until fall arrives again.  Soon we won't have the luxury of high humidity summers to help keep our skin soft and supple.  We'll have to gravitate to oils and other emollients to help seal in moisture.

One of my favorite traditions for fall and winter is to practice the habit of going to bed greasy  to wake up somewhat hydrated.  Going to bed greasy is a foolproof way to keep the skin looking healthy and young. But it's time to level up by using oils that can actually address skin concerns.
I've experimented with a bunch of different oils in my own "go to bed greasy" regimen.  Only one oil has actually produced real compliments because of how it was transforming my skin.  That oil, ladies, and gentlemen, is vitamin E.

My love affair with vitamin E began after seeing how well it worked for my brother.  After suffering a facial injury that required several stitches, he followed the advice of the doctor to apply vitamin E on the scar daily.  Every single day he popped open a vitamin E capsule and applied the thick oil directly on the injury.  Eventually, it disappeared completely without a trace.
Thanks to Nykkia3' Instagram story above, I was reminded that vitamin E needs to become part of my life again.  She encourages us all to get a bottle of vitamin E oil and use it regularly.  If we do so, we'll be rewarded handsomely with fewer scars and even-toned skin.  Honestly, if I hadn't seen the miracle-working power of vitamin E for myself, I may not have shared her message with you all.  She's absolutely right, regular use of vitamin E on the skin will help with scarring.

Vitamin E is exceptionally powerful because, while other plant oils contain antioxidants, vitamin E is an antioxidant.  It's powerful stuff.  Vitamin E can also help protect the skin against damage from UV light.  Some studies suggest that applying vitamin E to the skin following sun exposure can help minimize some of the inflammatory effects of sunlight on the skin.    Although some studies are inconclusive regarding the effect of vitamin E on eliminating scars, there are countless testimonials out there from folks who've experienced the results first hand.
I've read that vitamin E works well when paired with other skin actives like vitamin and retinol.  I also stumbled on a couple testimonials where people claimed that vitamin E helped their hairline or nape grow back. It might be a great alternative for those of you who are looking for an alternative to Jamaican Black Castor Oil.  Word on the street is that vitamin E oil also helps promote blood flow to the scalp.  Maybe that's part of the reason why some experience positive hair growth benefits with this rich antioxidant oil.  

Needless to say, I'll be incorporating vitamin E back into my regimen in a major way.  I'm putting it everywhere--my scalp, lashes, fingernails, under eyes, face, wherever I can think of. 


  1. Interesting. I always thought Vitamin C was best for scars, but I 'll give E a try.

    1. I use a vitamin c serum twice a day and a month later, my skin as cleared up a lot! Why not both am I right?


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