Work Hard, Play Hard. The Recipe for a Successful Life?

I spent the better part of yesterday binge watching vlogs of a young couple who have a 7 figure net worth.  Their wealth comes from a variety of sources.  He was once a professional extreme sports athlete that drew endorsements from well-known brands. He then went on to launch a successful travel bag company.  She's a high earning influencer with over 1 million followers.

Their daily vlogs share a glimpse of their lifestyle.  I'm sure that most of their audience tune in to see their luxury lifestyle and travel adventures.  I took the opportunity to look for what I call "success clues."  I wanted to find any takeaways that I could apply to my own life.

After watching a few episodes, one thing became evident.  The guy seemed addicted to getting things done.  Being productive kept a huge smile on his face.  By sunrise, he was already at work shooting a sponsored campaign for a major brand.  Later that morning, he staged another photoshoot for his upcoming clothing label. Once that was done, he moved on to tackling yet another thing on his to-do list.

 I saw his mood elevate higher with each completed task.  It was a joy to watch. Something magical happens when we tackle our to-do list.  With each accomplishment, we receive a surge of energy and motivation.  Ryan Serhant said, in one of his vlogs,  that when we're feeling productive & motivated, we should ride that wave and get as much done as possible because we don't know when the surge of inspiration will strike again.

 That's exactly what I observed in the vlog.  Over an over, he kept referencing how good he felt when he was getting things done.  At one point, he compares his actions to his friend Richard and says, that "he starts to do something and can't stop."  Mind you, Richard's net worth is nearly 1 billion dollars.

At the end of the vlog, the entire gang goes out to enjoy a delicious dinner at the favorite restaurant (that just happens to be owned by Richard).  As I replayed the elements of the video in my head, I realize that if this is a representation of a typical day, it's no wonder that he was able to launch a successful travel gear company and is set to create a thriving clothing brand.  The man is fueled by the desire to experience several accomplishments throughout the day.

Each time we knock out a task from our list of to-dos, its a mini-victory.  With each accomplishment, we move deeper into a state of flow.  If we take Ryan's advice and take advantage of that rush of energy, we'll be shocked at how much we can create in a short time frame.  I love the fact that wrapped up their successful day with a reward.  As you know, I'm a huge fan of using rewards as a way to drive behavior.  Typically, my actions are driven by avoiding negative consequences.  This is not ideal because I don't push myself as hard unless I'm trying to avoid something from bad happening.

Ending your day productive day with a reward is a sure fire way to keep you motivated to repeat it all over again tomorrow.  If you string enough fruitful days together, you'll essentially change the direction of your life.  One last tip.  Many of us are very productive at our jobs but don't keep that same energy when it comes to our personal goals.  If you applied the same drive and determination to the rest of your life that you do on your 9-5, the possibilities would be endless.

I leave you with the video blog that inspired this post so you can see for yourself. Don't get too hung up on the high-end lifestyle, that's just the surface.  Their luxuries represent the manifestation of their personal goals.  Look for the lessons that you can apply to your life and see what happens when your hard works pays off.

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