How To Turn Your Daily Cup of Tea into the Ultimate Anti-Aging, Beauty Brew.

Not long ago, I shared a timely reminder from Halle Berry to incorporate a certain food into your diet as a part of your anti-aging and beauty regimen. Her favorite youth-inducing food just happens to be bone broth.  I'm sure Halle consumes lots of freshly brewed bone broth on a routine basis.  Bone broth advocates recommend that we indulge in this superfood every day.

That's a wonderful idea in theory but is it practical?

I love a homemade cup of broth as much as the next guy but it's really time-consuming.  After spending a few moments in reflection, I think I finally came up with a suitable alternative that will easily allow me to get my dose of collagen every day.
Now that fall is approaching, I've quickly reinstituted my daily habit of enjoying a large cup of tea.  After researching the benefits of drinking green tea, I decided to finally become a regular tea drinker once and for all.  Enjoying a daily cup of green + bamboo tea seems to really have a positive impact on my well being.  It's a personal ritual with a multitude of benefits.

I'm ready to add one more HUGE benefit to the list because I've learned that I can lace my hot beverage with hydrolyzed collagen without worrying about impacting its integrity and effectiveness.  Apparently, collagen is very heat tolerant and maintains its potency even in high temperatures.

This is excellent news!

Because collagen protein does so well in hot liquids, hydrolyzed collagen is the perfect choice to pair with your tea or coffee.  Not long ago, I purchased some collagen in individual packets.  Each packet was generously filled with ample collagen powder.  After weeks of taking it, I happened to check the instructions and realized that the recommended serving was 2 packets of powder per day!  That's a lot.  Much more than I initially assumed.  This meant that I had to really step up my consumption.

The easiest solution that I can think of is to pair collagen with my tea.  So far it's been working out beautifully.

But then I wondered if powdered hydrolyzed collagen is comparable to the nutritious gelatin that we find in bone broth.  Based on what I've learned so far, both bone broth and hydrolyzed collagen are rich in amino acids. Hydrolized collagen just happens to be in a more absorbable form.  Knowing that adding collagen powder into my tea provides a similar nutritional benefit to slow-simmered bone broth makes me very happy. And, because the hydrolyzed collagen powder is processed into a highly absorbable form, we may start to notice external benefits sooner.  This means that thicker hair, plumper skin, less cellulite, and improved digestion awaits us.  All of these benefits can be had just by adding an extra ingredient to your coffee, tea, or smoothie.

You have no idea how excited I am.  Now, I have no excuse for not following Halle's advice of binging on bone broth on the regular. The easier it is for us to execute, the greater the chance that collagen consumption will become a life-long habit.


  1. This is awesome news! So glad this would be eaey to add to my health and beauty regime!!

  2. This was a good read. I will try bone broth. I had heard of it, but it's nice to hear the beauty benefits as well.

  3. Been using pure gelatin(found in the dessert section) which is the exact same thing as collagen but with different chemical properties, with my green tea for a while. Im enjoying great benefits to my skin. Of course I use it with other things in my health routine, I do see an improvement in cellulite and the the appearance of stretch marks.

  4. Great post. Will definitely look into these alternatives.


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