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I was scrolling through my phone, checking out old pics, when I came across some screenshots I captured from Leomie Anderson's IG story.  I hadn't seen these pics in a while and I was once again blown away by how flawless her skin was. 

As I zoomed into the pictures for a closer look, I was absolutely astounded by how poreless her skin was.  Not one flaw in sight.

Of course, the next thought that came to mind to dissect her skincare routine.  As luck would have it, there are at least two videos online detailing her skin reggie.  Years ago, before becoming a Victoria Secret Angel,  Leomie shared a skin favorites video on her little known YouTube channel.  The most recent video has a much higher production value but her regimen has pretty much stayed the same.

After analyzing her skin routine, I realize that her perfect skin isn't really just a result of hitting the genetics jackpot.  She uses a few specific products that work hard for her skin.
Leomie has the type of skin that doesn't appear to be problematic.  So my first assumption is that her facial products were probably simple formulas with no bells or whistles.

I was partially wrong.

The products themselves aren't too fancy but they are highly targeted to create the type of results that Leomie enjoys.

Years ago, Leomie washed her face daily with Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub.  The label boast of its ability to exfoliate and refine by removing pore-clogging dirt to reveal a smooth complexion. She loves this product so much that she takes it with her when she travels.

Her other favorite Biore facial product is their warming anti-blackhead cleanser which claims to "leave skin clear by targeting blackheads." It has a nice heating action which probably opens up the pores to allow for deeper cleansing. The blackhead cleanser, and the unclogging scrub, contain salicylic acid to help address any possibility of breakouts.  This reminds me of the article I wrote a while back on the reason why salicylic acid based cleansers are a must if you have acne prone skin.
My skin isn't as acne prone as it used to be (thank God). But I wonder if I could avoid random breakouts altogether by switching my cleanser.
Fast forward to today, and Leomie is still using a scrub-based cleanser.  But this time, she using Biore's Baking Soda cleansing scrub. It exfoliates using natural baking soda versus your typical microbeads.  It's pretty safe to assume that one factor that allows Leomie to have perfect skin is that she exfoliates every day.   I've tried to incorporate daily exfoliation into my routine but I always seem to fall off.  Leomie overcomes this issue by using exfoliating cleansers. She doesn't have to remember to exfoliate because her daily cleanser does it for her.  And if the salicylic acid keeps the breakouts away, she doesn't have to worry about acne scars and discoloration.  Hence the reason for her perfect skin.

Side note, even if you have discoloration, the act of exfoliating regularly is the perfect way to fade acne scarring over time. 

Besides exfoliation, Leomie has a thing for keeping her skin highly moisturized.  Nowadays, she splurges on Joanna Vargas' sheet masks to boost her skin's hydration levels.  Check out this article for more detail about why Joanna's masks are so coveted.

Leomie has a love for Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream.  I tried a sample years ago and really loved it. It's time for me to finally grab the full size. But, before I do, I vow to renew my commitment to exfoliation.  There's no telling how great my skin could look if I really got serious about it as a regular practice.


  1. My pores have been WIDE OPEN lately. I was blaming it on getting older (although Im still 28) I realized just now that I havent exfoliated for maybe the last few years!~ ah! I'll try and see how it changes things for my skin

    side note, what happened to your youtube channel? I dont have any other social media other than youtube and I wanted another way to keep up with you but you havent touched that channel for nearly a decade hah.


    1. Hey Daphne,
      Exfoliation will change your entire life! Play around with different types of exfoliating products and see what your skin likes the most.
      I gave up Youtube a long time ago when I took on jobs that required a lot of traveling and left very little time to record and edit videos. Who knows, I may jump back into it one day. In the mean time, I do post IG stories on a somewhat regular basis.

  2. while i use a physical exfoliate (scrub) once a week or so, i prefer chemical exfoliation via glycolic acid and it works wonders.

    btw, i dont know how i feel about you calling pores "flaws"... we all have them, literally. and they have a function.

    1. Leomie's skin has no acne scars, pimples, discoloration, uneven texture...nothing. It's pretty flawless. Pores are perfectly normal but some people (me included) have hyperactive pores that tend to clog easily. When I allow my pores to get congested, it takes away from the overall look of the skin. Exfoliating doesn't get rid of pores but it helps diminish the look thereby helping the skin to appear more flawless.

  3. That is just way too many products back-to-back. One product on top of another, on top of another. She used a serum, an oil, a moisturizer and a mask. Come on, no one needs that many products clumped on their skin at once. The entire video was nothing but a commercial for upscale overpriced products.

    1. Most of the time they show an enhanced routine (with multiple steps) when recording a video. I'm sure she adjusts her routine depending on her skin's needs.


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