Do Something That Sucks! How To Fight The Resistance That Holds You Back.

We're close to entering the last 60 days of the year.  This is the perfect time to do a little reflection on those goals that we set months ago.  Two months is more than enough time to get hyperfocused and make huge progress on manifesting our intentions.

But, in order to make up for lost time, we have to utilize a certain strategy.  This strategy, when applied properly, can completely change everything.
The primary reason why a person doesn't make much headway with their goals is because there wasn't a meaningful change in behavior.  Our past behavior created our current results.  So if I want to alter my results, I need to engage in a new pattern of behavior.

Sounds simple enough.  But what should this new behavior look like?  The easiest approach, in my opinion, doesn't involve changing everything about your day to day.  All you have to focus on is doing "one thing the sucks" every day.  This concept of doing something that sucks on a daily basis is a mantra made popular by Navy Seal and mental toughness expert, David Goggins.  This guy transformed his body and his entire life simply by taking the kind of action that creates the most internal resistance.

Typically, when something on my to-do list generates internal resistance, I tend to simply swerve around it and move on.  If I avoid the important for long enough, things will predictably start to go downhill.  But, I can quickly turn things around simply by taking on any of the following mantras:

  • Do something that sucks every day.
  • Do something that scares you every day.
  • Do one thing different every day.

I've discovered that I don't necessarily have to do something I've been avoiding every day to make an impact.  Even if I take 1-3 major actions a week that I've been avoiding, it makes a world of difference.

Over the next 60 days, I plan on participating in an experiment where I routinely identify and target actions that I've been avoiding.  For instance, I'm currently working on developing a new product for my brand.  It takes a lot of effort and energy to develop & launch a product so I typically put it off for a while.   Eventually, I get around to it but it takes way too long.  There is no urgency and intensity in my action.

The concept of doing something every day that sucks will help to desensitize us around certain actions that we deem to be scary.  The reason why we don't move forward is because we are reacting to our internal feelings of fear.  By constantly exposing ourselves to the uncomfortable, we lessen the resistance.  Eventually, the resistance subsides when we realize that the action we need to take isn't as scary as we think.  This technique of desensitization will dismantle the resistance that stands between where we are and where we want to be.

It's all about creating a balance.  Some of us have lived in our comfort zone for way too long.  We need to venture outwards to see what else life has in store for us.


  1. I see it this way: I am the way I am now because I've been doing what I want since 18, when I moved out to go to college. Doing what I want to do doesn't help because it isn't getting me closer to my goals. I love TV, but I know for school I need to let it go for my grades. Great article! I want to apply this to my weightloss journey.

    1. I’m the same way. This year I decided to finally lose weight. I’ve lost my motivation so far, been out of town every week due to partially caring for my grandmother, but, I’ve lost 40 pounds so far this year. I need to get back to it as I’m in a wedding in a month and I wanna get as small as possible in the next two weeks before I Getty bridesmaid dress altered. We can do it!!! We can finish the year strong. I used to love tv too, but rarely watch it live anymore. I’ve gotten to the point where I pick maybe 3 shows to catch up on on the weekend and that’s it.


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