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 I was a Sephora the other day looking for the perfect pink blush. As I stood around, with a slightly confused look on my face, a helpful associate rushed to my aid.  She enthusiastically recommended a pink blush from the Sephora collection but I could barely keep my attention on the topic at hand 'cause I was distracted by her nails.  After I interrupted her twice during her sales pitch to compliment her nails. Finally, she says "I do them at home and it saves me so much money!"   She recommended her favorite top and base coat, but deep down inside, I doubted if I could replicate the same results on my own. 

Days later, I came across a step-by-step at-home manicure routine that guarantees perfect results.  

Let's discuss.  

Before we get into the exact process that'll give you perfect looking nails at home, I'd like to introduce you to a new type of manicure that's currently trending.  I first learned of this manicure via an Instagram story from an influencer who was desperate to achieve healthy nails. 


After seeing her stunning nails, the first thought that came to my head was "what's a Russian manicure?"  

A little research helped me to better understand this new nail technique everyone is raving about.  From observation, the Russian manicure process involves a meticulous focus on removing the cuticle.  They're not just pushing the cuticle back and softening them, they're clipping or drilling the cuticle layer away completely to produce a perfect result.

While the end result of a Russian manicure is darn near flawless, the process of removing the entire cuticle is a bit risky.  Some experts warn against it because the cuticle layer can protect the nail bed against infection.  Getting a Russin manicure from an unskilled nail artist might be asking for trouble.  

Take a quick look at the Russian manicure cuticle removal process in action. 


@_gabbyhuffman Replying to @bgr84 come with me to get a russian manicure by @aiko_nails #efilemanicure #atxnails #nailinspo2023 #russianmanicure #drymanicure #nailinspo2023 #classicnailinspo #shortnailinspo #classynailsinspo ♬ original sound - Gabby Huffman

There's a Russin nail salon in my city but I'm not ready to take the plunge just yet until I see more reviews.  In the meantime, I've discovered a plan "B."  It's basically a DIY Russian manicure that can be done at home. 

Here are steps for the "Perfect At-Home Manicure": 

-Remove cuticle with Sally Henson remover.
-Shape Nail
-Remove any oil with acetone or rubbing alcohol.

-Use Essie Gel Couture 2-Step System

Let's talk about Essie's Gel Couture 2-Step System.  Don't be fooled by the name, this isn't a gel formula, meaning you won't need to cure them under UV light.  This is a regular nail polish that can be removed with any old nail polish remover.  But what makes Essie's Gel Couture line special is the finished result looks smooth and flawless like a gel manicure.'s the best part. Their gel couture top coat is top tier.  Apparently, it produces longer lasting results than your current favorite topcoat.  One Tiktoker said she applies the topcoat at day 7 so her manicure lasts a full two weeks.  That's actually pretty impressive. 

Here's a video explanation from the creator who perfected this easy-to-follow process.

@clararpeirce my secret formula for hand care #manicure #athomenails #nails #handcream ♬ original sound - Clara Peirce

So all I need to get my hands on is Sally Henson's cuticule remover, Essie's gel couture set, and I too can receive spontaneous compliments on my nails like that helpful Sephora associate. 

 I bought the gel couture top coat & polish plus the cuticle remover from Amazon. While checking out the reviews, I found a recent one from someone who followed this exact process (probably after seeing it on TikTok) and was highly impressed by the results.

I can't wait to try this. 

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